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Dateiname: Ballistic Weapons: Bonus Weapon Pack 3 Download

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Dateigrösse: 2,61 MB
Autor: unbekannt
Hochgeladen von: Donzi
Hinzugefügt am: 12.01.2010
Downloads: 817
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Map - Pics
Ballistic Weapons: Bonus Weapon Pack 3

Sponsorship of SRS-900 provided by RedShift, a very loyal BW fan!

(c) 2004-2006, RuneStorm.

Thank you for downloading and playing Ballistic Weapons! We hope you have many more hours of fun with this mod!

Refer to the manual included with Ballistic Weapons v1.70 for extensive documentation on the BW mod.

1) Requirements:

To use this Bonus Pack, you will need to have UT2004 installed and patched to version 3369. You will also need to have Ballistic Weapons v1.72 installed.

2) Installation:

To install the UMOD form of this patch, just open up "BWBP3_UMOD.zip", then exctract and run "BWBP3_UMOD.ut4mod".
When UT2004's installer wizard appears, just follow the prompts to install the add-on.

To install the straight extractable ZIP form of this add-on, make sure the "Use Folder Names" option is checked and simply extract the contents of "BWBP3_ZIP.zip" to your UT2004 folder.

If you are intending to host a multiplayer game using this BW Bonus Pack, you will need to add it to your ServerPackages list.
To do it manually, first open up your UT2004.ini file, located in the "System" directory of your UT2004 folder, and find your way to the lines that read "ServerPackages=.......". Next, just add the line: "ServerPackages=BWBPThree" without the " marks, below all the other ServerPackages.

3) Files:

If there is any problem, the following is a list of the files and the folder where they should be installed to:

Name Location Desciption

BWBPThree.u (System) BW Bonus Pack3 primary code file
BWBPThree.ucl (System) BW Bonus Pack3 cache library.
BWBP3-Tex.utx (Textures) Primary weapon texture package.
BWBP3-Anims.ukx (Animations) Bw Bonus Pack3 Animations.
BWBP3-Sounds.uax (sounds) BW Bonus Pack3 Audio package.
BWBP3Hardware.usx (StaticMeshes) Static Mesh package for Bonus Pack3.

4) New Stuff

The SRS-900 Battle Rilfe; with new sounds, models, animations, skins, etc. New ammo pickups as well.

Comes with attached scope and silencer. The tactical scope, with red filter, also has a bunch of readouts, such as range finder, elevation graph, and stability meter.

To use this new weapon, players must use the Ballistic Weapons mutator, or other 3rd party weapon replacing mutators, or Ballistic Arena mutator. Support for Ballistic Loadout, and better support for the Ballistic Swapping will follow in new BW releases.

5) Credits

Content developed by RuneStorm©

Development generously sponsored by one of our loyal BW fans; RedShift. Thanks for your support

©RuneStorm 2004-2006

Visit our forums for any support questions and general BW discussion, or e-mail us directly;

E-Mail: them(at)runestorm.za.net
Website: www.runestorm.za.net

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