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Dateiname: BALLISTIC WEAPONS: Bonus Pack - 4© Download

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Dateigrösse: 32,08 MB
Autor: unbekannt
Hochgeladen von: Donzi
Hinzugefügt am: 12.01.2010
Downloads: 1139
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Map - Pics

Requires v2.1 Gold Edition
Unreal Tournament 2004© Release.

In this file:
-Getting Started-


This new publically designed but RuneStorm developed bonus pack,
includes 8 more high-quality weapons, that differ mostly from the usual BW style.
These weapons were not designed to be new BW weapons,
rather as seperate weapons based on Ballistic Weapons systems and implementable through BW.
This pack contains some strange and devastating weaponry,
including old-west style armaments, to mythical alien staves and destructive futuristic cannons.
As well as the new weapons, a brand new vehicle, the "Thor" Tank, has been included.

Installing BWBP- 4

For the ut4mod version
To install Ballistic, first extract BWBP4.ut4mod from the .zip file,
then simply run BWBP4.ut4mod by double-clicking on it, and following the instructions.

For the zip version
Simply extract the files to your UT2004 folder making sure making sure
that the "Use Folder Names" option is checked. Note: this will not add
the mod to your ServerPackages. you will have to do this manually if you intend to run a server.

To add BW Bonus Pack 4 to the Server Packages
First, open up your UT2004.ini file, located in the "System" directory of your UT2004 folder,
and find your way to the lines that read "ServerPackages=.......". Next,
just add the following lines below all the other ServerPackages:


To implement the Thor Tank using Ballistic Vehicles Mutator
Add this line to [BallisticVehicles.Mut_BWVehicles] section of UT2004.ini


Note: This Bonus Pack requires v2.1 of Ballistic Weapons.
Note: This mod requires v3369 of UT2004.

Getting Started

Any of the new weapons can be implemented through the many methods that Ballistic offers,
including Loadout, Evolution Loadout, Ballistic Swapper and Ballistic Arena.

The 'Thor' tank, can be implemented through the Ballistic Vehicles mutator (check Install section).
Otherwise, players can use their favourite vehicle replacement mutator.


Featured in this bonus pack, are some unique and devastating weapons,
from ancient staves and old-west guns, to powerful futuristic weaponry.

GRS9 Pistol
Wilson 41-DB
E-23 Plasma Rifle
Redwood 6000 Deermaster
J2329 HAMR Cannon
High Tech:
Nova Staff

"GRS9" Light Handgun

GRS9 Pistol
Manufacturer: Drake & Co Firearms

Primary: Accurate 9mm rounds
Secondary: Scorching Laser Beam
Special: Powerful Laser Pulse
FireModes: Semi-Auto, Burst

Techniques: The GRS9 is not as powerful as any other pistols,
however it is very accurate and has a magazine capacity of 18 rounds.
The Burst fire mode is effective at closer ranges, but generates alot of recoil,
so it can only be used effectively about twice. When dual-wielded,
the GRS9 is also very effective, as it remains fairly accurate and
can then fire off up to 36 rounds. The laser unit can fire out a contiinous beam which,
if held on an opponent for long enough, can cause great damage.
The unit can also fire off a one-shot, more powerful blast,
which deals great damage, but requires some good aiming.
The laser attachment does not use ammo, but drains power from the built-in rechargeable battery unit.
The beam can be held for approximetly 3-4 seconds before completely drained,
while the blast will drain about half the unit.

A reliable, yet weaker sidearm, the GRS9 from Drake & Co,
is used primarily by inner core planets for law enforcement purposes.
A fairly accurate sidearm, with high magazine capacity,
is compensated for with lower damages, often requiring several shots to an unarmored foe,
before they are brought down. The 3-round burst firemode,
can however, be an effective means of dispatching opponents at closer ranges.
The additional laser unit, adds an alternative attack to the GRS9.
The laser unit can be held down, for up to 3.5 seconds,
releasing a searing beam upon enemies.
This drains the rechargeable battery however,
which must be left to replenish when empty.
The laser unit can also be used to fire a single powerful beam, dealing alot of damage, but drains the battery significantly.

"Redwood 6000 Deermaster" Rifle

Redwood 6000 'Deermaster' Hunting Rifle
Manufacturer: Redwood Firearms

Primary: Accurate single Shot
Secondary: Melee Swipe
FireModes: -

Techniques: An excellent rifle, this accurate weapon deals decent
damage but has a slower reload time and must be cocked between shots.
Players can use the melee swipe if situations start getting dire.

Redwood Firearms, is well known for it's high quality hunting and
sport rifles and ammuntion. One of their most succesful rifles,
the '6000 Deermaster', is widely recognised as an excellent hunting weapon.
It has only ever been used by civilians for hunting and sporting competitions.
Although not used by miltary forces, for it's inconvinient operational design,
it is still a powerful weapon, using specified .341 cal ammunition.
The heavy wooden stock, also makes for an effective weapon, should the user require it in a desperate situation.

"Wilson 41-DB" Revolver

Wilson 41-'DiamondBack' Revolver
Manufacturer: Edwinson & Sons

Primary: .41 Cal Single Shot
Secondary: Small Shotgun Blast
Special: Red-Dot
FireModes: -

Techniques: This small revolver, has far less power than the D49, however it holds 9 shots,
is quite accurate and suffers less from the effects of chaos.
The secondary fire shotgun blast, can be used in more desperate moments at close range.
Use the iron-sights and special red-dot sight for more accurate shots.

An expensive remake of an exceptionally old weapon,
the Wilson 41-DB was designed for collectors and procurers of rare
items from the early days of human firearms. Manufactured by the Edwinson & Sons arms co,
this firearm is of high quality, sparse quantity and very high price.
Never used in any military or law enforcement organisation,
the Wilson "DiamondBack", is still capable of causing damage.
With a 9 cylinder revolver and single 16 gauge shotgun chamber for desperate moments, this weapon can still stop many opponents.

"E-23 ViPeR" Plasma Rifle

E-23 ViPeR Variable Plasma Rifle
Manufacturer: Frontier Tech

Primary: Varied Energy Attacks:
Secondary: Zooming Scope with stronger pulse fire
Special: Night-Vision Lamp
FireModes: Series Pulse, Multi Pulse, Laser Beam

Techniques: This weapons uses has 3 very diffirent primary fire-modes,
Series Pulse, Multi Pulse and Laser Beam. The Series Pulse fire-mode,
is an automatic projectile fire mode with decent rate of fire good at medium range.
The Multi Pulse mode fires out 8 seperate projectiles in a ring formation,
excellent at close range. Lastly, the Laser Beam mode fires
a constant beam which drains ammo quickly and works well at closer ranges.
The secondary sniper scope, features it's own fire-mode; a heavy,
semi-automatic pulse projectile. Whilst in scope mode, a thermal,
night-vision light can be activated, which will allow the user to see far better in dark areas.
(Dynamic Lights must be switched on for the lamp to work)

This experimental prototype, being developed on Earth by Frontier Tech,
fires variable high-power plasma projectiles from an advanced energy cell.
Designed for law enforcement and light infantry sectors, the E-23 is a light,
fairly compact and powerful energy assault weapon. The weapon can fire medium power,
fully automatic pulses, or a closer range multiple pulse firemode. Alternatively,
a damaging, ammunition draining energy beam can be employed by the user.
The 'ViPeR' is also equiped with a sniper scope including optional Infra-Red night-vision lamp.
When using the scope, the weapon fires more powerful single plasma pulses.

"JL21 MRL PeaceMaker" Rocket Launcher

JL21 MRL "PeaceMaker" Automatic Rocket Launcher
Manufacturer: NDTR Industries

Primary: Fast, Drunk Mini-Misslies
Secondary: Very Fast, Fire all Barrels
FireModes: -

Techniques: A terrifying sight when in the hands of an enemy,
the JL-21 can pump out drunken missiles at a frightening rate.
The secondary can fire all 18 barrels at once and then continue
to pour rockets out at alarming speeds, however this will really
burn through the users ammunition supplies and is only really effective at closer ranges.
The MRL also occasionally fires off dud rockets,
which will fly out at odd angles, spinning far off course and endangering the user.

An experimental product of NDTR's ballistics wing, the JL21 missile launcher
is yet another armament in a long line of anti-Krao weapons designed by the terrans.
A powerful, heavy and highly volatile construct, the 'PeaceMaker' has thus
far proved it's worth in field tests. The 18 barrelled monster, can fire small,
short ranged missiles very quickly via several feed mechanisms supplied by 2 large ammunition containers.
A very distinctive attribute of the MRL lies in it's missles flight paths,
more often than not, following a drunk path and flying about in an apparently random manner.
This has proved very effective against hordes of Krao, yet not as efficient against single opponents.
The latest feature of the weapon, allows an even faster rate of fire,
at the greatly increased cost of ammunition. Despite much effort from the engineers,
the JL21 does occasionally fire off 'dud' projectiles,
which simply come spinning dangerously from the weapon, a hazard to the user.

"J2329-HAMR" Artillery Cannon

'J2329-HAMR' Heavy Artillery Cannon
Manufacturer: UTC Defense Tech

Primary: Single Artillery Shell
Secondary: Deploy Turret
Special: Prediction Mode
FireModes: -

Techniques: A truly devastating cannon, the HAMR holds up to 5 high-powered shells.
Capable of firing great distances with an arced shot and having a very high damage,
especially with a direct hit, the HAMR is indeed a feared weapon on the battlefield.
Mounting the HAMR can greatly decrease it's recoil, however it also leaves the user in a vulnerable position.
Firing from hand, can even harm the user from the extreme recoil,
thus mounting is a favourible act.
Individual shells are fed into the weapon like most shotguns.
Using Iron-sights, will bring up the weapons scope mode which also displays an angle indicator.
Special fire, which can only be used in scope mode, fires a simulated shot,
which will tell the user exactly where the HAMR shell will hit.

This heavy construct was designed for infantry use, to combat vehicles and large Cryon troops.
After several failed designs and attempts, resulting in weapons which were far
too heavy and cumbersome for infantry use, the J2329 HAMR was built.
This new weapon could be carried by infantry, and could be deployed with the
sturdy legs mounted underneath the weapon. The weapon can still be fired when
mounted on the soldiers shoulder, but it generates extreme recoil,
and leaves the users aim in complete disarray.
The optical and range assist system mounted on the weapon,
allows the user to viem from a remote screen attached to the soldiers helmet.
This new model, features a prediction simulation, which can help the user easily aim the weapon appropriately.

"Nova Staff"

'NovaStaff' Alien Staff
Manufacturer: Unknown

Primary: Varied Energy Attacks
Secondary: Prepared Stab
FireModes: Slow Charge, Fast Charge, Lightning

Techniques: The Nova Staff is a strange relic of great power, harbouring deep secrets.
Primary fire can cycle through several fire-modes. Slow Charge, is a powerful,
slower charging, slower moving shot with good splash damage and uses 3 ammo.
Fast Charge is a faster, weaker projectile and only drains 1 ammo.
The Lightning mode attack is quite similar to that of the HVC mk9 Lightning gun,
but with shorter range and can only hold one oppnent at a time.
The Lightning can also heal vehicles and nodes.
Secondary fire is a damaging prepared melee stab attack which can harvest ammo from enemies.
The Nova Staff can also slowly heal the wielder of the weapon up to 150HP.
Players should also be wary when going up against enemies who wield the opposing staff...

During a mining excavation of the large crater in sector-547b on one of the distant Outword planets,
a strage, magnificent artifact was discovered. Generating great interest in the isolated facility,
superstitious miners beleived it to be a magical device capable of everything
from allowing god to read their minds to teleportation and the summoning of demons.
The artifact was subjected to all manner of tests, but proved to be a confounding
subject and revealed very little. It was made of an unimaginably strong material
and appeared apparently undamaged despite it's intricate construction.
For all they could say, it may have been nothing more than a candlestick.
Finally, mine coordinator R Peters, who had had a greedy eye fixed on the artifact since day one,
ordered the tests cancelled and retired the artifact to his office.
Shortly before mine overseers were to visit the mine,
R Peters was found dead in his office, half his body simply burnt away and
lying in the charred remnants of his desk. The artifact was lying on the floor infront of him.
The next day it was taken by the overseer delegation and never seen again.

"Dark Star"

'DarkStar' Alien Staff
Manufacturer: Unkown

Primary: Varied Energy Attacks
Secondary: Melee Saw
FireModes: Slow, Fast, Plasma

Techniques: The powerful and mysterious Dark Star is the evil cousin of the Nova Staff.
Primary fire can cycle through several fire-modes. Slow Charge, is a powerful,
slower charging, slower moving shot with good splash damage and uses 3 ammo.
Fast Charge is a faster, weaker projectile and only drains 1 ammo.
The Plasma mode attack behaves very much like the RX22A Flame Thrower,
but with shorter range and leaves no residual fires. Secondary fire is a dangerous saw attack,
which can cut into and hold enemies. The Saw attack can restore the health
of the wielder when cutting into opponents. Players can also replenish ammo by taking damage from enemies.
Players should also be wary when going up against enemies who wield the opposing staff...

Towards the end of the first war, the UTC launched a fierce assault on
the substantial Skrith facility set up just outside the rim of the large
crater in secter-547b on a distant outworld planet.
The skrith facility appeared to be a kind of temple combined with a mine
where extensive excavations had been taking place. Deep below the temple,
the UTC discovered ruins of an ancient alien city. In the deepest recesses
of the Skrith excavation, they found a very strange artifact in the
middle of being extracted from solid, fused stone.
The artifact was then fully extracted and analysed by UTC scientists.
Is was made of an incredibly strong material and, judging by its design,
it seemed to be an ancient alien weapon. Despite countless tests,
they failed to access the device's internal mechanisms or gain any
further useful information. Superstion grew in the research
facility and bizarre accidents became increasingly frequent,
especially involving researchers directly involved with the artifact.
Eventually it was determined that the device was not likely to ever function again,
if it ever had before. Finally, the artifact, as well as the scientist in charge of the project,
dissapeared and neither have been seen since.


Also featured in this bonus pack, is the "Thor" Heavy Tank.

"Thor" Assault Tank

This heavy assault vehicle, can cause mayhem when brought against the enemy.
The Thor features 1500 hit-points, a slow turning yet very powerful primary cannon,
and an anti-infantry .50 Cal MachineGun operated by a passenger. The Primary cannon,
although powerful, also has a very noticeable arc motion, so the Thor will need
to get close to the action to reach it's full potential.
As well as the cannon and machinegun, this monstrous vehicle can drive onto and crush smaller vehicles,
or anything it can get on top of. Players will want to avoid these dangerous tracks at all costs.


6000 Deermaster Box: 16 Rounds
NovaStaff Crystal: 66 Charges
DarkStar Gem: 66 Charges
Wilson .41 Cal SpeedLoaders: 18 Rounds + 5 Shells
GRS9 9mmClips: 36 Rounds
JL-21 Misslie Boxes: 120 Missiles
J2329 HAMR Shells: 10 Rounds
E-23 Plasma Cells: 90 Charges


Mod Design : RuneStorm Team
RedShift: Designed the E-23 "ViPeR", Wilson 41-DB, GRS9 Pistol, Redwood 6000, Nova Staff and Dark Star.
sgnl05: Designed the JL-21 Rocket Launcher and "J2329-HAMR" Cannon.

RuneStorm is :

Programming: Nolan "Dark Carnivour" Richert

Modeling: Nolan Richert

Animation: Arn "ShadowBlade" Richert

Graphic Art: Arn Richert, Nolan Richert

Sound Design: Arn Richert

Additional Modeling: Arn Richert

Testing: Nolan Richert, Arn Richert

Web: design, maintenance, support: Alan Richert

Special Thanks:

Beta Testers: A big thanks to our dedicated team of beta-testers and supporters:
Casey "Xavious" Johnson
The Hedsteem Crew
Björn "Bjossi" Alfreðsson
Jeff Zingeler
Jameson Pate
Marc "Sergeant Kelly" Moylan
Echo 419

The RuneStorm community, for their great support, and dedication to us and BW!
RedShift and sgnl05: For designing this bonus pack, and for financial support of RS.
Xavious: For the very useful samples, and ongoing support.
The BW Fans: To all the fans of BW, those who have played and enjoyed it,
posted support questions, feature requests, and reported bugs.
Wup: For running beta testing on his servers and long time hosting BW servers:

Thanks to all who have played our mod and spent long hours enjoying themselves!


If you have any comments, suggestions, bug reports, etc


Also, feel free to join our forums and post support questions, feature requests or anything you like!
The RuneStorm forums can be found on our website:

Our site: www.runestorm.com
Ballistc site: www.runestorm.com


By installing and using this mod, (hereafter referred to as “Ballistic” or “Ballistic Weapons”)
you agree to the following terms and agreements:

You may not under any circumstances distribute “Ballistic” for profit.

You may not decompile, modify, disassemble, or reuse any of the included files.

You acknowledge and understand that “Ballistic Weapons”,
or the RuneStorm team or it’s individual members are in no way responsible for any damages or
problems caused (directly or indirectly) by “Ballistic”.

“Ballistic Weapons” is not in any way guaranteed nor warranted.

You may distribute “Ballistic Weapons” freely provided all files in the official release are
included and remain intact, unmodified and unaltered.

“Ballistic Weapons, and Ballistic Weapons Gold” is © 2004/2008 Nolan Richert, Arn Richert, All rights reserved.
All content included in this release is © Nolan Richert, Arn Richert 2008, All rights reserved.
All elements and content included in this file are © Nolan Richert, Arn Richert 2008, All rights reserved.
"Project Archon" is © 2004/2008 Nolan Richert, Arn Richert, All rights reserved.
“Unreal Tournament 2003, Unreal Tournament 2004, UT2004” and "UT2003" are © 2002/2008 Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved.
All other trademarks and trade names are property of their respective owners.

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