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  • Downloads: 136
  • Uploads: 11
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  • Letzte Aktivität: 17.10.2019 20:15
  • Registriert seit: 17.11.2015


Dateien von Benutzer
Datei Datum Downloads
DM-Viridian-v16 : Re-cook for UT-build Admin Info: Path: Game/DM-Viridian/DM-Viridian-v16 md5: 2A95D7D8CD69488EEACC853F46E88951 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooAgyqRXVhs Kommentare im Forum 15.05.2016 182
DM-Biohazard-v13 : Remake of the UT3 stock map Biohazard. UT-build Changes: - File-size smaller by 60 Megabyte Admin Info: Path: Game/DM-Biohazard/DM-Biohazard-v13 md5: 229A3B22E0580876079EE14EE3015C57 Kommentare im Forum 15.05.2016 135
DM-Cinder-v16 : Minor changes made to make it more suitable for DM Gameplay. Recook for UT-Build Admin Info: Path: Game/DM-Cinder/DM-Cinder-v16 md5: 304FA2BC01175C9C4AF82D457239D435 Kommentare im Forum 15.05.2016 125
DM-Spirit-v22 : Update for UT-Build Changes: - File-size smaller by 40 Megabyte - Collision Improvements by the wood logs that lead from ground to "first floor" Admin Info: Path: Game/DM-Spirit/DM-Spirit-v22 md5: 9E6669F688BF5134A66C835B2B0CEB3E Kommentare im Forum 15.05.2016 146
DM-Shrapnel-v18 : Update for UT-Build Changes: - new Teleporter - changed Sniper Area by 100 Armour, various small changes/additions Admin Info: Path: Game/DM-Shrapnel/DM-Shrapnel-v18 md5: BA12E68435DA7A318D7BCAE96735C90C Kommentare im Forum 17.05.2016 155
CTF-Extortion-v21 : Remake of the Instagib-CTF Map Extortion. Re-cook for the newest UT-Build Admin Info: Path: Game/CTF-Extortion/CTF-Extortion-v21 md5: B8940718941959F66CFD66CCCF87F11A Kommentare im Forum 23.07.2016 115
CTF-Joust-v18 : Like in the Original, Players will spawn in the opponent's base. Recook for UT-build Changes: - File-size smaller by 60 Megabyte Admin Info: Path: Game/CTF-Joust/CTF-Joust-v18 md5: 6E4D8C28174A3D371ABA968CC4F05352 Kommentare im Forum 05.10.2016 71
DM-Highrise-v14 : Update for UT-Build Admin Info: Path: Game/DM-Highrise/DM-Highrise-v14 md5: CF2A0DF5E4AA01E76AE66BCF4F3CAE4C Kommentare im Forum 18.11.2016 108
DM-RisingSun-v16 : UT-build Credits: Huge thanks to XTXP (Winter) for his great job on the UT4 Map Converter and his detailed tutorials. And to DutchSmoke, MasterPlayerLord (UTA) and Chinchilla for general feedback and for finding bugs etc.. (Normal maps and UE4 Lighting were already added in earlier versions) Admin Info: Path: Game/DM-RisingSun/DM-RisingSun-v16 md5: FD8B049344D2D6C777A0F07015BC7918 Video is a bit outdated (Version03) as since then the Map was scaled down a bit. 03.03.2017 146
DM-Defiance-v09 : UT-Build Admin Info: Path: Game/DM-Defiance/DM-Defiance-v09 md5: 4EBCC7AB0E84D8AF683D4C6E061467DD Main Changes: - Scaled down the whole map by 10% - several height adjustments - new Jumpboots-movement possibilities (the Bounce-Boots in this video were used for demonstration purposes only, there is a normal Jumpboots-Powerup in the Map) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cxh8T1KhPeQ Kommentare im Forum 05.11.2017 157
DM-Fearless-v18 : Recook for UT-build Changes: - File-size smaller by 40 Megabyte Admin Info: Path: Game/DM-Fearless/DM-Fearless-v18 md5: CF51A381565C2EFE593C93128B959907 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUUYN0gxKP8 Kommentare im Forum 03.03.2017 77

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