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Dateien von Benutzer
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DM-Shrapnel : Name: DM-Shrapnel Autor: Bret "Hitman" Hart Version: 1.0 Final Compatibility: UT3 with titan content Description: After many hours and testing and analyzing, I believe the map is now ready for a final. Thanks to all who helped me along the way! Changes from beta 2, to the final include: -Adjusted several static meshes -Added new static mesh decorations in various places, subtle changes too -Added pathway from stinger located on lower deck leading up to link gun pickup that wasn't 29.01.2010 724
Loony Mix : FemaleOne ========= Author : MaZzBoTt Product : LoonyMix Sound Package Version : 2 Date : March 23, 2004 UT2004 : Yes UT2003 : YES UT Goty : no Author's emails : (MaZzBoTt@hotmail.com) or (ThunderRyoko@hotmail.com) Download : www.FileFront.com Official Description (to be used when hosting or linking to this voice pack) -------------------- i'm s 30.01.2010 220
Daffy Duck : Name: DaffyDuckSounds.zip Author: somebodys_kid Files: DaffyDuckSounds.int DaffyDuckSounds.u Readme.txt Version: 1.0 Installation: Place DaffyDuckSounds.int and DaffyDuckSounds.u into the System folder in your Unreal Tournament 2004 directory. Instructions: Go to Settings/Player and select "Daffy Duck" in the drop down list under voice type. Then, play the game. This voice can also be used on bots in the bot config tab. Thank you for downloading my very first modification fo 30.01.2010 426
Arabian Voice Pack : ArabianVP ================== Author : (Mubarak Eidah Bodaweelah) ====> (MaZzBoTt) Product : Arabian Voice Package Version : 2.21 Date : January 13, 2001 (last modified March 23, 2004) UT2004 : Yes UT2003 : YES UT Goty : you need to download the previous version Author's emails : Download : Official Description (to be used when hosting or linking to this voice pack) -------------------- This is the first Arbian UT Voice Pack 30.01.2010 398
Homer Simpson Voice : Homer Simpson Voicepack for Unreal Tournament 2004. ================== Created by: Homer_Stud, converted into UT2003 by Fraggin_Phun, and then *phew* converted into UT2004 by Rainecloud. Comments/Questions to: rainecloud@beyondunreal.com Date: March 30th, 2004 - 7:24am. Tested on: Unreal Tournament 2004. Construction time: Who knows, e-mail the author(s). This one's been around for a while. Works with: Unreal Tournament 2004 ONLY. Website: http://voiceshrine.beyondunreal.com. Pack in 30.01.2010 999
Judge Judy Voicepack : Judge Judy Voicepack for Unreal Tournament 2004. ==================== Version: 1.2 (revised). Created by: Rainecloud. Website: http://voiceshrine.beyondunreal.com (The Voice Shrine) Comments/Questions to: rainecloud@beyondunreal.com Date: March 27th, 2004 - 2:04pm. (Modified on March 30th, 2004 - 7:43am). Tested on: Unreal Tournament 2004. Construction time: About three-four hours. Works with: Unreal Tournament 2004 ONLY. Pack information: 10 Acknowledgements, 7 Friendly Fires, 33 Ta 30.01.2010 291
Aida Voicepack : Aida voicepack for UT2004. ================= Created by Syex. Completed April 2006. ================= This voicepack has been created for the 'Aida' model. It uses samples from the original game. Fans of Unreal2 should appreciate this at least! ================= Instructions: Place upl, u and int file in UT2004 system folder. Place the .utx file in the UT2004 textures folder (for in-game portrait) Important: In order to use the voicepack for a team player in bot config you 30.01.2010 710
Unreal 1 : Unreal 1 game for UT2004. -------------------------------------------------- Coded and converted for UT2004 by .:..: This map pack is more or less same looking as on Unreal 1, exept this includes maps from Beta/Full/Mission pack versions of unreal so have fun! To play this: * Extract the file contents to: System.zip -> ..\UT2004\System\ Musics.zip -> ..\UT2004\Music\ Textures.zip -> ..\UT2004\Textures\ Maps.zip -> ..\UT2004\Maps\ Sounds.zip -> ..\UT2004\Sounds\ * Launch UT2004 31.01.2010 9.621
Anomaly : ...leider gab es nie eine Final Version das hier ist die beta 0.6 nicht wie in der Readme angegeben, beta 0.5 Anomaly 2004 Beta 0.5 Unreal Tournament 2004 mod by RS team ======================== http://www.anomaly-faction.com Installation ------------ For Win32, we recomend downloading the Win32 Installer, it will first clean up uneccesary old files from the previous version if it exist. Then it will also add Start Menu Program Shortcut to run as Client, or Dedicated Servers after t 31.01.2010 3.719
DM-Elysium : DM-Elysium Author: Sp4der description: Elysium, meaning the place of ideal happiness, once used to be a blissful temple of the necris ... Until death finally reached this place with the tournament. However, the ancient nanoblack source is still active and can be used to quickly get to the upper floor. The U-Damage is placed very uncommon and can be accessed via the Jumppad on the same level. Also make sure you use the jumpboots. 2 - 6 players known bugs: Unfortunatly, the 04.02.2010 786
VCTF-LavaGiant99 : Name : VCTF-LavaGiant99 Version : Final Author : counterblast (VCTF Version) Email : Players : 6-24 Credits : HO0815XX (UT3-Conversion, Beta Tester), XceptOne (UT99), Spoondog (UT2K3/4), xtremexp (UT3 Converter), Lord_PorkSword (Hubble Textures), Daniel Thiele (LavaBrick Material), Freesound.org (lava sounds), Epic (for the Unreal-Games), Hubblesite.org, Plugh, Rumple, Wup and everyone at Hedsteem (Beta testing). Install: ******** Extract VCTF-LavaGiant99 to My 06.02.2010 607
VCTF-Lux_Lunae : VCTF-Lux Lunae ----------------------------------------------------- General Info ----------------------------------------------------- Title: VCTF-Lux Lunae Filename: VCTF-LuxLunae Author: Beastenator Release Date: 02/05/2009 Version: Final Cooked Credits: Hourences' for sample.ini and readme You for playing and testing. Zerglings for helping with bugs,glitches and general feedback. Plugh for giving feedback and helping development. Hedsteem community for support. ----- 06.02.2010 422

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