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Dateien von Benutzer
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Cheburashka : General info: This is a scratch made Cheburashka model for Unreal Tournament 3 (Чебурашка, cheburator​3). About: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheburashka. The actual cartoons: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0sPp1pdjEw . Main features: Fuzzy material! Custom skeleton (custom body proportions, unused leg bones and "flappy" ears, but with original UT3 animations). Full SDK (for extra parts, own textures, derivatives or anything 07.02.2010 1.014
DM-Serpent : Name: DM-Serpent Version: 12 Hour Final (Fixed) Compatibility: PC Unreal Tournament 3 Patch 2.1 with Titan Pack Description: I wanted a break from my work I've been doing, so I decided to challenge myself and create a speed map. I gave myself 12 hours from start to finish, which is why it might seem a bit bare in places. The 12 hours also included the idea and design of the level and I had to cut it down in places, the top level, for example, was meant to extend out a bit more at the sides b 07.03.2010 558
DM-Extraction : Thank you for downloading DM-Extraction. This is my first map with 99% custom meshes and textures. I hope you enjoy it! This was constructed as a portfolio piece and this release is the final version. There are still some bugs, but my time would be better spent applying what I learned to a new project. If you have any comments, please e-mail me: mailAdresse or visit my site. www.jmchristopher.com To install: unpack the zip file to the custom maps folder under the Published/CookedPC 08.02.2010 896
DM-Aly Night Edition 1.1 : Map ------------------------- Map name : DM-Aly Night Edition Map file : DM-Aly-NE_v11 Map game type : DM / TDM Version : 1.1 Date : 17 / 02 / 10 Players : 2 - 6 Requirements : UT3 + Patch 2.1 + Titan Pack ------------------------- Author ------------------------- Author name : Steve Loiselle (Stevelois) Country : Canada Lauguage : French Homepage: http://stevelois.wordpress.com ------------------------- Story / Histoire ------------------------- Long ag 13.02.2010 364
CTF-Desolate2 : Map: Desolate State 2 Gametype: Capture the flag Author: David "Foufoune_Rose" MORNET Version: 1.0 Compatibility: Patch 2.0 Extract the file you've downloaded and drop it in "my documents". Confirm the copy. Play it in UT3. Kommentare im Forum 18.02.2010 284
UT3CacheTool : Name: Unreal Tournament 3 Cache Tool Version: 1.0 Compatibility: Requires Unreal Tournament 3. Description: Unreal Tournament 3 Cache Tool performs the following functions: * Lists the contents of Unreal Tournament 3's cache * Installs content from the cache * Changes the cache settings It is configurable, tested, and more accurate at determining whether cached packages are scripts, maps or generic packages when compared to other cache programs for Unreal Tournament 3. 20.02.2010 548
DM-Relinquished : Unreal Tournament Map ======= Title : Relinquished Version : 1 Release Date : About ten yrs ago lol Filename : DM-Relinquished.unr Author : Rob Collins (lower levels), Nashmir (provided most z-axis stuff) Email Address : Description : Made this map about ten years ago, started playing around with UnrealEd the other day heck of it and decided to throw i 20.02.2010 808
DM-AmunRa : Unreal Tournament Map ======= Title : Amun Ra (1 v 1) Version : 2 Release Date : 2/19/10 Filename : DM-1on1-Amun Ra.unr Author : Rob "Doublez-Down" Collins Email Address : Description : First UT map I've made in about 10 years, so I was a bit rusty. Just had the itch to build an oldschool UT map using an Egyptian theme. I've had a habit in the past of making 20.02.2010 871
DM-Morpheus Retro : DM-Morpheus Retro A Level for UT3 ----------------------------------------------------- General Info ----------------------------------------------------- Title: DM-Morpheus Retro Filename: DM-Morpheus-Retro Author: Tags eMail Address: Website URL: N/A Release Date: When you released the level to the public Version: 1.0 Credits: Every previous creatore of Morpheus. ----------------------------------------------------- Author's Notes -------------------------------------- 21.02.2010 833
DM-Aly-SE : Map name : DM-Aly Second Edition Map file : DM-Aly-SE Map game type : DM / TDM Version : 1.1 Date : 20 / 02 / 10 Players : 2 - 6 Requirements : UT3 + Patch 2.1 + Titan Pack ------------------------- Author ------------------------- Author name : Steve Loiselle (Stevelois) Country : Canada Lauguage : French Homepage: http://stevelois.wordpress.com ------------------------- Story / Histoire ------------------------- Long ago, the inhabitants of this quiet & se 21.02.2010 789
DM-Heart of the Mountain : Information =========== Title: DM-Heart_of_the_mountain Game: Unreal Tournament 3 Platform: PC Version: release Release Date: March 4, 2010 Author 1 : Vadym 'Flint' Flinta Website: http://flint.ucoz.com Contact: Author 2 : Artem 'Art Rynk' Rynkovoy Website: http://artrynk.ucoz.com Contact: Level Info ========== Name: DM-Heart_of_the_mountain Authors: Vadym 'Flint' Flinta and Artem 'Art Rynk 07.03.2010 1.894
CTF-Austere : README: CTF-Austere Level name: Austere Version: 1.1 Gametype: Capture the flag Author: Otto J. Rask Description: Leaking pipes, worn bricks, rusting supports, waving flags and flying blood. What else could an abandoned factory section need? Be wary of hidden enemies. Author comments: Austere was a project of mine to actually get a level done in Unreal Tournament 3. Originally made for myself, later on extended to please the other UT3 players too. In the course of about 9 months 07.03.2010 311

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