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Dateien von Benutzer
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CTF-Retribution : Title: CTF-Retribution Filename: CTF-Retribution Author: Christian "Berjj" Berg eMail Address: Website URL: www.berjjet.se Release Date: May 4, 2010 Last Update: Version: 1 =========================== Credits: ------- Kyle "Juggalo_Kyle/Ish" Logan. Johnny "Johnny6" Martinez "Aalexanderrr" "Wail of Suicide" "xMurphyx" Also fellow students and teachers at "The Garden" in Sweden. Thank you, all of you 08.05.2010 833
DM-RB-Barricade : Version:1.0 Compatibility: PC UT3 V2.1 Players:10-20 Description: This is a remake of the classic Unreal Tournament 99 deathmatch map Orion's Barricade. Layout is the same but slightly scaled up from the original. Used the same song as in the original. Almost identical item placement. Credits: myself, Epic for the original map design, and Blitz for converting the bsp layout Kommentare im Forum 30.04.2010 746
DM-Phera : Title: DM-Phera Game: Unreal Tournament 3 Platform: PC Version: 1.00 Release Date: April 25, 2010 Author: Mario 'nELsOn' Marquardt Website: http://www.nelsonmaps.blogspot.com Previous Levels: DM-1on1-Amnidios (UT2004) DM-Aphran (UT2004) DM-CBP3-Cydian (UT3) DM-CBP3-Saip (UT3) DM-CBP3-Saip_v2 (UT3) TBS-Teniza (UT3, The Ball/The Ball UDK) TBS-Atica (UT3, The Ball/The Ball UDK) Contact: Game Type: 01.05.2010 591
DM-MCC-SpaceNoxx : Title: DM-MCC-SpaceNoxx Release Version: v1.00 Players: 4 to 6 Compatibility: UT3 PC v2.1 Author: M^rTiN M^ul Release Date: 4/28/10 ----------------------------------------------------- Description ----------------------------------------------------- Liandri tournament operators discovered this derelict space platform in a decaying orbit, noting that it would be ideal for maximum carnage. Most likely a failed, experimental weapon, the abandoned platform still produces its own en 01.05.2010 677
Liandribots III : Liandribots III PC Version Models pack for Unreal Tournament 3 ______________________ Author: Thomas "MacTom27" Veyrat eMail Address: Version: 2.0 / for ut3 with Patch 2.1 12 cybernetic characters Credits: SkinCity and Epicgames forumers for their support and patience. Epic games who made modding possible Made with 3DS Max (modeling), Zbrush (highres modeling), Xnormal (normal maps), Photoshop (texturing), Audacity(sounds & voicepacks), Notepad++ (family script creatio 01.05.2010 4.119
DM-Arachi-Final-Relit : INSTALLATION: uzip to find these files dm-arachi-final.ut2 goes into your Maps Folder massacre.usx goes into your System Folder and you're set to kill! Enjoy! Kommentare im Forum 01.05.2010 262
DM-Valkyrie : >>> DM-Valkyrie <<< Map Name: Cradle of Valkyries Map Type: UT-Deathmatch Game: Unreal Tournament Author: Revelation Players: 2 - 5 Bot Support: true Build Time: about 4 weeks (with many interruptions), finished on 04-28-2010 Editor Used: UnrealED 2.0 File: DM-Valkyrie.unr (every other stuff I used is in "MyLevel") ============ Installation: Extract the file to this folder: DM-Valkyrie.unr --> ...\UnrealTournament\Maps The only requirement 01.05.2010 1.686
DM-BB-TwoSideFunnel : Title: DM-BB-TwoSideFunnel Filename: DM-BB-TwoSideFunnel.ut2 Release Date: 2.05.2010 Mail: Credits: Fliegenklatsche for the 'BB' logo ========================== Just a simple Double Funnelmap. Action and fun ! ========================== Unzip the map DM-BB-TwoSideFunnel.ut2 in your UT2004/Maps . ========================== Copyright / Permissions ----------------------- You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e. put it on a 08.05.2010 361
DM-Phobos (LG) : DM-Phobos & DM-Phobos-LG A Level for UT3 (Patch2.1 & titan pack) ------------------------- GENERAL INFOS: MapName: DM-Phobos & DM-Phobos-LG Version: Final 1.0 Filename: DM-Phobos.7z Authors: Eric "Bl!tz" Rigard & Rulaman EMail: Forum & webby: http://unrealoldfriends.activeboard.com http://www.ateg-multigamers.de Credits: Respect & full credit to Cedric 'Inoxx' Fiorentino for the original version in UT99. www.spacewallpapers.net for the space picts. Stevelois for th 10.05.2010 493
DM-Phobos-99 : DM-Phobos-99 A Level for UT3 ----------------------------------------------------- General Info ----------------------------------------------------- Title: DM-Phobos-99 Filename: DM-DM-Phobos-99 Orginal Author: Epic Ut99 Release Date: 5/12/2010 Version: 1.0 Credits: ----------------------------------------------------- Author's Notes ----------------------------------------------------- A remake of the Clasic DM-Phobos --------------------------------------- 13.05.2010 1.329
DM-(ASC)BigBedroom-VS-Livingroom : Kommentare im Forum 13.05.2010 1.921
CTF-ArcticCompound : Arctic Compound V1.0 Author: Max Crosthwaite ===== Gametype: Capture the flag Players: 6-32 Terrain: Snow Weather: Snowing Install: Downloaded .ut3 map files are to be copied to the "My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps" folder in order to show up in the game menus. If this folder is not currently on your system, you can safely create it. The first map with the UnrealEd I have created. I hope you enjoy playing. Kommentare im 16.05.2010 446

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