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God of Fudge

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    I've been playing UT since it first came out. I'mobsession with screenshots & I love me some Skaarj.
    Palo Alto, CA
    women, skaarj, insane amounts of television, ut99, skinning
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    Have you hugged a Skaarj today?


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Soldier_Piratey : A stretch back I kinda roped myself into making a clanskin for Hook's server. Originally he didn't want it in color, then later he did, and in the middle there somewhere I made a version for myself with team colors. This is the one for Hook, it has an extra face mine doesn't use: http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/evilgrins/3189901/2974801/2974801_original.png Team colors on the clan-logo, front & back. Mine is this: http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/evilgrins/3189901/3009859/3009859_600.png 28.07.2014 861
Skaarj Squad : I accidentally learned how to skin the SKtrooper back around 2001. I was using then, and still do, the model made available from UsAaR33's original version of oldskool. The reason I still don't use oldskool amp'd, the updated version, is it removed this model... and as it's been fairly well established, I love me some Skaarj! Skins made for it are based on the original version of oldskool, but there are some other models for the Sktrooper that can use these skins. As I've never tried to .zip 23.08.2014 834
No am Batzarro! : Big fan of DC Comics' Bizarro characters, I've made a few skins of them. This I just finished and wanted to share, it's Batzarro. http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/evilgrins/3189901/3099245/3099245_original.png As Bizarros are imperfect creatures, team colors to match: the word "TEAM" on the bat-symbol on the front & back in each color. http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/evilgrins/3189901/3099500/3099500_original.png http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/evilgrins/3189901/3099889/3099889_original.png 23.08.2014 538
MH-KillThemAll[EG] : This took awhile... I started working on this map somewhere around 2011, possibly 2010. It's been done several times but I kept re-fining it. Finding new monsters that I wanted to include, and then later I was about to release when a new redeemer came into existence due to something I made mention of in ut99.org's forums, and it seemed better than what I had before. Some monsters caused repeated errors and needed replacing. Kommentare im Forum 31.08.2020 223
MH-Xvehicles-GardenOfDeath : I've in mind adding vehicles to the Appalachian Wonderland maps, DOM & CTF... maybe DM too, so I wanted to review Ferali's X-vehicles. https://ic.pics.livejournal.com/evilgrins/3189901/5036988/5036988_original.png Put them on other maps for testing a stretch back · https://ut99.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=13132 · along with this one with different monsters... but I restored classic Unreal1 monsters to this and figured I'd finally put it out. My initial review of Ferali's vehicles · https:/ 10.09.2020 165
CTF-UTDMW-CrystalRocks : In any given CTF map there's a few things I look for, but the biggest one is the playability of the bots. Because I don't play online as much as many others do so I need bots that can provide me a good challenge as well as potentially win the game. Not that I think there's a vast conspiracy or anything of mappers that design maps where bots can't do that great a job but I do find a lot of maps that seem designed, by overlooked gaps in pathing or a general non-fondness for bots, to prevent bots f 24.10.2020 239
MH-BW-SkyWars : Since I used the Bat-Wings in an edit, I've gotten some requests for more... so I've been looking. I've seen this map with both RX and Qjets, seemed fairly ideal: Starting area is on a small floating island, with all the weapons needed and eggs, the monsters are on a much larger floating island. You fly over and fight your way into the structure, kill a large titan with a lot of health (though I lowered that significantly from what it was), get back outside, fly down and around to the under 29.11.2020 204
CTF-TimeRip : CTF-TimeRip Couple years ago I launched a multi-contributer mapping project to convert DM-TimeRip for Capture the Flag. Started initially/primarily on one forum, with some work done on another. Forums involved: · https://ut99.org/portal · https://hofgamingclan.com/ TimeRip is a classic UT map made by EZkeel which is essentially 2 massive identical maps connected by teleports. There's some time travel involved as one side is set a bit further into the future than the other. I tend 17.05.2023 134
CHUCK NORRIS : Chuck Norris skin for the Male Soldier model. Thread Discussion 27.04.2024 31
Iconnage : Team colors fairly standard, but the icons on the front & back also change for each team color. Thread Discussion 18.05.2024 31
Celebrities : Basic skin with celebrity faces. Thread Discussion 22.05.2024 56
Target : Skin with a literal target on it. Thread Discussion 25.05.2024 19

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