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Über mich

  • Über M kusanagi
    5 foot 11 inches, 135 lbs, blue eyes
    my youtube says i'm in florida, but as you can see, i'm in the bay area, california
    ut2k4ed, microsoft paint, maps, models, skins, BSP conversion from geometry


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  • Letzte Aktivität: 15.03.2020 00:00
  • Registriert seit: 07.01.2017


Dateien von Benutzer
Datei Datum Downloads
Sandbag-kit_ut2k4 : sandbag_kit_ut2k4 is a package with 3 models to assemble your own custom bunker set-ups, and the instructions about how to make the scene into a single partition, or make geometry out of mesh from a complicated partition builder brush. -M kusanagi Thread Discussion 20.01.2017 81
Megyn Kelly Skins ut2k4 : with all the national hype on megyn kelly anchor demise, M kusanagi saw an interesting influx thru the things that are, and the things that will be. this twin pack of kelly and her wickedly evil sister side-kick was the answer to many of unreal's dreams, predictions, and prayers. -M kusanagi :) Thread Discussion 21.01.2017 203
pills_project_models_ut2k4 : pills_project_models_ut2k4 consists of three sets of 3 models (9 total) that start with (series 200) average UPL, then upgrade to (series XN) adept levels, and finally reach (series ji) killing machines which are seriously hard to kill. custom augments, and skins, included. -M kusanagi :) [intercept v.3] Thread Discussion 22.01.2017 40
black-white_mapprop_ut2k4 : black-white_mapprop_ut2k4 is a 36 skin package, the first of 2 armies, made a year ago to accompany a platform style map. it is the shrewd calculation of M kusanagi to release this first army pre-release of the map (to be released at a later date), that brings it to you today. Thread Discussion 24.01.2017 90
Back-Spawn ARMY 2 : back-spawn_mapprop_ut2k4 is a 36 skin package, the SECOND!! of 2 armies, made a year ago to accompany a platform style map. M kusanagi will continue release to this SECOND!! army, pre-release of the large multi-level map, to come at some later date. :) -M kusanagi Thread Discussion 20.02.2017 110
tassadar_ut2k4_re-archive : silencer83 [in this skin pack] has made 2 very interesting playermodels from what seems to be the liandri conflict edition. protoss beings named fenix and tassadar, that also have the smokin' hot voice pack that he added. we here in the labs have not seen this one before. which made us decide to make it available at this [utzone] site. :) ^^ -M kusanagi Thread Discussion 05.05.2017 418
Dahija Skin : 2,23,2017 dahija re-archive the archive of this model is intact. :) it's smooth and thin and runs well in the game. :| -M kusanagi Release Date : Juli 2005 Filename : dahija.zip Author : APOPTOID Thread Discussion 23.02.2017 149
Mr. fudgepop Skin : Mike Bastianelli dated this model on August 14, 2005. M kusanagi is re-archiving march 7,2017. mrfudgepop seems to run well in the game, smooth, and does a flip once in a while. :) -M kusanagi M kusanagi is available at: 1.M kusanagi channel on youtube 2.M kusanagi on google+ profile Thread Discussion 07.03.2017 224
Mr Poly Skin : mrpoly_ut2k4_re-archive is a cartoon mantis robot that was made in maya, and goes back to the beginning in 2004. :) beta-testing shows no bugs, very nice. -M kusanagi :) M kusanagi is available at: 1.M kusanagi channel on youtube 2.M kusanagi on google+ profile Thread Discussion 08.03.2017 143
Miss Rush : rush_ut2k4_re-archive has team skins, and is by far an ophelia custom skin with unique approach and styling. :) -M kusanagi Thread Discussion 10.03.2017 429
ganondorf_ut2k4_re-archive : a nifty effort back in late 2004 by the author vailias. ganondorf has no setting boosts, so he's just a fun model to minigun spam. you want a model that obediently takes a pie in the face, ganondorf is yur guy. great compliment to collect, too. seems system smooth, as well. :) ^^_ -M kusanagi Thread Discussion 26.04.2017 175
The Olympians Skinpack : the olympians skin pack is a five character custom skin pack with mostly default UPL settings, so the cost in tournament will be moderate or even inexpensive. the re-archive includes an added INT, re-addresses for call-up, and an appendage to block conflicts with the earlier version. :) -M kusanagi Thread Discussion 15.03.2017 108

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