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  • Über M kusanagi
    5 foot 11 inches, 135 lbs, blue eyes
    my youtube says i'm in florida, but as you can see, i'm in the bay area, california
    ut2k4ed, microsoft paint, maps, models, skins, BSP conversion from geometry


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Dateien von Benutzer
Datei Datum Downloads
xZeon Skin : xzeon is a very interesting shader set-up when it runs in the game. seems smooth enough. the author boosted the UPL to max, so the cost ist hoch heiliger in tourney. no matter. :) also, has team colors. -M kusanagi Thread Discussion 16.03.2017 128
shinryuu Skin : shinryuu (mdl) is hard to beat. upgrade full. shock cannon at spawn start-up. flies and is faster than a manta. wunder model, but handle with care. no file changes can be made. this will cause platform loading failure. great for practice and pleasure. Hide claims it runs smooth online as well. reference his readme. -M kusanagi :) 2017 Thread Discussion 20.03.2017 353
Assault Scorpion v1.0 : 3,26,17 re-archive assault scorpion re-archive by M kusanagi TYPE: Assault Scorpion v1.0 by Phillip "Irus" Koekemoer Vehicle Mutator for UT2004 archive note: scorpion factory with this single vehicle mutator, adds a little health to ONSRV, changes the link chain to the mobile cannon on the leviathon, and also speeds up movement slightly. nice assault power. the dream of coordinated onslaught advance tactics, for gamers and mappers alike. :) -M kusanagi Thread Discussion 26.03.2017 290
T2000 Skin : t2000, ThomaS claims was made on milkshape 1.7. the archive is intact. great to play and fun to blow-up. responds nicely. no problems found. the skeleton pop-up from link gun kill can be fixed by adding "skeleton=" + mesh input, (readme) has full address. :) ^^ -M kusanagi Thread Discussion 27.03.2017 184
Flamix Skin : Name: Flamix Author: "Burger_for_Lunsh" (NOT MISSPELLED! 'Lunch' is something else. Just don't ask.) Tools used: Maya 5.0 PLE UT2004 Editor Adobe Photoshop 7.0 (and MS Paint.. XD) Installation: The .upl file goes into the System folder The .utx file goes into the Textures folder The .ukx file goes into the Animations folder ----------------------------------- Description: Flamix is a robot-phoenix character I made about 8 months ago. He was supposed to have backwards-bending k 04.04.2017 264
Laundry Man Skin : Model Name: Laundry Man Team Skins: yes, just blue and red date started: Friday, 13, 2006! date finished: saturday, 14, 2006 Info: was made randomly and is a indivual released character that goes along with a map pack of other house hold appliances. Made out of a random idea from me and my cousin, who also did the voice for him. The textures are just images of my laundry basket and the company that made the basket is a real company and so the architecture and idea credit goes to the 06.04.2017 421
Neko Rei Skin : David "KDR_11k" Becker Peine, den 9.3.2005 Neko Rei ======== A playermodel for UT2003 and 4 by Seyiji (seydav@velocity.net), Spider2Cool (spider2cool@hotmail.com) and KDR_11k (KDR_11k@web.de) based on a figure of Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion in a catsuit. the archive is intact. neko_rei ready for action! sir! :) -msi Thread Discussion 08.04.2017 477
100_skels : this is the very famous 100 skeleton skin pack for platform ut2k4!!! :0 ^^ :) >>> >>> >>> >>> all art and scripting (c) copyright 2017 by M kusanagi Thread Discussion 05.03.2018 162
Spaceworms : "Spaceworms" is a 4 playermodel pack with custom skins and animations. the little one is "spacegusano", and the other 3 are full-size. fun to frag. :0 but technically, the spawnbake species is merely a quirk in the spawning process. >>> we reserve the right to frag!! :0 :) ^^ -M kusanagi >>> alll art and scripting, 2018 ,by M kusanagi >>> during the early days of the tournament [2293], it was already well-known, that the process in the spawn allowed a microcosm of "organic burn-o 18.04.2018 200
ONS-TicTacToe-LE : Game : Unreal Tournament 2004 Map Title : ONS-TicTacToe-LE FriendlyName : "the gavel" Version : Beta505-Final Playercount : 10-32 Author : M kusanagi this is an original map. prototype box-stacking with 384uu anti-portals, and a mud tunnel for the wildcard instagib super shock base. Contacts : google+ profile and youtube channel Date : 07.29.2018 Preview : uploaded at youtube [link below] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwCqlKNg1iM Features : · the new face of node 29.07.2018 139
Shield_Shard_UT2k4 : Shield Shard is a 12 point shield pickup [for ut2k4]. it is very nice, and it will do very nicely in some new maps. !! - Shield Shard is not a mutator that configures - !! **YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO USE IT FOR DEVELOPING** but it is very clean. should be fun to augment in new waves of map styles. :) -M kusanagi ps. see images in package. ^^ Thread Discussion 18.01.2019 72
Selket_Re-archive_ut2k4 : uploaded to UTzone by M kusanagi, 4-23-2019. the archive is intact. this great skin/model was downloaded from an obscure UT2k4 site in Russia. there was no readme, and the material has been imbeded into the model, so to extract the .utx, you'll probably have to use umodel. runs great. and bot use is at 3, so if you don't want it in random call-up, change this .upl setting to zero. -M kusanagi :) //=== the model's body is Diva, but the head is unknown. Thread Discussion 23.04.2019 677

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