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Über mich

  • Über M kusanagi
    5 foot 11 inches, 135 lbs, blue eyes
    my youtube says i'm in florida, but as you can see, i'm in the bay area, california
    ut2k4ed, microsoft paint, maps, models, skins, BSP conversion from geometry


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  • Letzte Aktivität: 15.03.2020 00:00
  • Registriert seit: 07.01.2017


Dateien von Benutzer
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StriPaint150_ut2k4_2 : mmdanggg2 made this Nuke Strike Painter many years ago. it's available at: https://www.gamefront.com/games/unreal-tournament-2004/file/nuclear-strike-painter //=== but the problem for implementing it in my map was that it's WAY TOO available. thus i re-scripted it to delay from his 60 second spawn, and only spawn after 2 and a half minutes. seems to run well, but mmdanggg2 says it might cause lagging [which in my betas, i never encountered]. let me know if it's screwing with your fps, thx 24.04.2019 59
Furi_ut2k4 : The Furi is born! an augment of the original ONS Raptor, it can escape everything but the wicked homing of the Avril. then again, it backs up so quickly, that it's out of Avril range, and the Avril will self-detonate before it gets to you. also doesn't slide away under impetus momentum, very nice. get one today!! :0 :) ^^ -M kusanagi Thread Discussion 01.06.2019 41
UT2k4NeoTokyoSkins : the 6 Skins enclosed in this package were part of a mod package called NeoTokyo. but they are not a rip or a port, but rather a reconstruction of System and Material files from the large original NeoTokyo Mod [downloaded from Mod DB]. there are 3 Government models and 3 Military Models in this package. they have been run extensively, and seem to be fine at least for offline play. i also added a SPECIES file for the 2 Female Skins, since it seemed to be part of the original scenario, to have 16.12.2019 113

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