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Black : Skin Name : BLACK Compatibility : UT2004 (any version) Author : Neeland (Black) King Email Address : Website URL : http://neeland.king1net.com/ Skin description : This is one of my original Soul's Fury characters. He has been redesigned and released so that even those without my mod can use him. He is a member of the Nephilim race from my mod so he uses a custom species. For best playing experience use the 'species statistics' 12.01.2010 1.050
BrianV2 : Model-"Brian" Ver- 2.0 Author-Mike Bastianelli- www.bigbadwolf86.deviantart.com Credits-Credits for Brian go to FOX, the creators of Family Guy, and websites that offered sounds clips I used in the voice pack. September 26, 2005 Installation- Drag and Drop these files in the zip in to these folders located where you installed ut2004. *briangrifTEX.utx-(Textures Folder) *BrianGriffin.ukx-(Animations Folder) *xbriangriffin.upl-(System Folder) *birangriffvoice.u-(System Folder) * 12.01.2010 1.745
Bugs Bunny : Modeler: UbH aka Devinrayolsen Bugs: pardon the pun. Bugs douse have errors textures are not as nice at I would like them to be ,His ears dont have there own bounce no carrot and no sound, but I have been placed on a schudel so if I can stand it Ill put it out. Thanks: for haveing kool people at ut2003hq.com who have as big as a imaganation as the best of em thanks for the open minds guys :) oh yea Mr Write AND Fatal1ty FOOKEN ROCK, MY MAIN SUPPORTERS. Contact: Installation:Open up 12.01.2010 3.225
Clan Lord : 12.01.2010 627
CTU Skin Pack : 12.01.2010 1.335
ChaosChick : Heres yet another skin based on an ol' friend of mine, Chaos Chick, who also helped design the body. Enjoy :p To install, unzip this to your UT2004 directory, or just copy the correct files to the appropriate folders (System for the .upl, Textures for the .utx). To install this bio, copy and paste it into the xPlayers.int file. ChaosChick="Name: ChaosChick|Age: 18|Race: Dragon||Data:|Appearing as a human for the tournaments, Chaos is able to use an orb necklass to show her true dragon 12.01.2010 2.437
Crysis : Unreal Tournament 2004 ==================== TITLE: Crysis Nanosuit Model AUTHOR: ZeroError2K8 E-MAIL: WEBSITE: FILENAME: Crysis_UT2K4_Model_Final FILESIZE: 8,921,088 kb DATE RELEASED: 14 January 2008 VERSION: Final INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Just install the model like you would with any other custom player model. DESCRIPTION: This is the Crysis Nanosuit model ported from the Crysis Demo. I've tooken the liberty to port this guy from the game using Direct X9 Ripper. All wa 12.01.2010 4.031
FrozenDestiny : Type: Unreal Tournament 2004 Multiplayer Pluggin Model Team name: Frozen Destiny Models: Three diferrent models with two different heads on each. Beta 2 release date: 22.01.09 Author: Mr. Anonim E-Mail: Files: Animations/FrozenDestinyAnim.ukx Help/ut2004team-Frozen_Destiny.txt KarmaData/Drakk.ka System/FrozenDestiny.upl Textures/FrozenDestinyTextures.utx Instruction: Just unpack .rar in your UT2004 derictory. Description: There i try to create Drakk Team from 12.01.2010 1.382
Futurama Skinpack : Model name : Fry Installation folders : UT2004\Animations\FryAnim.ukx UT2004\Textures\fry.utx UT2004\System\fry.upl UT2004\System\fryvoice.u Model description : Fry from the legendary TV show Futurama Model author : Scott "Crash7" Crank Skin author : Jessica "FemJesse" Tommassello Animations : Default HumanMaleA Sounds : New voicepack from clips captured from Futurama E 12.01.2010 3.493
GGA Skinpack No2 : EInfach die Skins in die Verzeichnisse kopieren upl Kommt ins Ut2004 system utx kommt zu den ut2004 textures 12.01.2010 1.025
GalakMech : Filename: GalakMech Version: 1.0(public) Author: Qx9 Release Date: January 17th, 2004 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- DESCRIPTION: This is the Galak Mech model from Jedi Outcast. © 2004 Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd. or Lucasfilm Ltd. & ® or ™ as indicated. All rights reserved. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- INSTALLATION: Place the GalakMech.ukx in the C:\UT2004\Animations folder. Place the following in the C:\UT2004\System folder. GalakMech.upl GalakMechS 12.01.2010 1.928
GothGirl2k4 : Model Name : GothGirl installation directory : UT2004/System UT2004/Textures UT2004/Animations Author : Dominic Qwek Skin Author : same as author Team Color Skin : same as author Animations : Default UT2K3 animations. Sounds : Default UT2K3 sounds. Email Address : Website URL : http://www.dominicqwek.com http://www.planetunreal.com/cbp Model description : GothGirl enjoys every bit of the tournaments, she fantasizes about th 12.01.2010 1.284

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