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Dateien von Benutzer
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DM-BCE_Raichu : DM-BCE_Raichu ======================================================= Map Name: Raichu Station Map Type: BounceDeathmatch Game: Unreal Tournament (UT99) Author: Aalexnderrr ( aalexanderrr.de.ms) ;) Players: 2 - 3 Bot Support: Yes Build Time: Dunno, didn't count :) Editor Used: UnrealED 2.0 and Irfan View ( and winamp for listening to music) :) File: DM-BCE_Raichu.unr (textures are myleveled ;) ) ====================================================== 09.01.2010 272
DM-BFurious : ================================================================ Title :DM-BFurious Version :1.0 Release Date :7/07/2007 Filename : DM-BFurious.unr Author(s) :BFury Email Address :rocant@libero.it Additional Credits to :Epic and GT and whoever else helped make Unreal Tournament All of the people who have downloaded and tested the previous beta of this map. Special thanks go to: 09.01.2010 233
DM-BushLegacy : Name: Bush Legacy Start date: 10/16/2006 End date: 11/4/2006 Creator: DireIce (map) Leaky_Meat (new textures, river of blood and Music) UT Version: GOTY Install: .unr file goes into the Maps directory .umx goes into Music .utx goes into Textures .uax goes into Sounds .u goes into System I think I have everything needed for this map to run. If there's anything missing, please e-mail me at leakymeat67@yahoo.ca and I'll upload a fixed ve 09.01.2010 352
DM-Campground : ReadMe for The Campgrounds for Unreal Tournament ------------------------------------------------ Title: The Campgrounds Filename: DM-Campground Author: Chris "Copperman" Adams eMail Address: karmacopper@gmail.com Website URL: http://copperman.efx2.com Release Date: Monday 16th October 2006 Last Update: Monday 17th October 2006 Version: 1.02 beta Credits: id software for the original map. Ot 09.01.2010 461
DM-CISTERN_ut : Filename : DM-CISTERN_ut.unr Level Name : DM-CISTERN_ut.unr Author : An original from Tim Willits "The Cistern" (id software) quake1,redone by Red_Fist for UT Email Address : Web Page : Date of Release : 11/25/2006 Player Count : 2 - 7 Installation Unzip into ...\Unreal Tournament\Maps Info My first try at seemless textures The base textures (I believe photos) were from here http://www.mayang.com/textur 09.01.2010 215
DM-CloudCity 1.2.2 : Author: Gengar003 Notes: I borrowed heavily from sounds and textures from the Community Tribute Collection's DOM-Chinatown map -- I really liked the theme, and wanted to do something with it. Version 1.2.1: Made the sheet-brush windows NON-solids, stopped the skybox moving. Version 1.2: Made a skybox that didn't make me vomit with disgust. Version 1.1: Fixed Skybox and unaligned textures. 09.01.2010 376
DM-Combatgate : >>> DM-Combatgate <<< Map Name: Combat Gate Map Type: UT-Deathmatch Game: Unreal Tournament Author: Lina Players: 8-12 Bot Support: true Build Time: about 3 weeks, finished on 19-12-2006 Editor Used: UnrealED 2.0 File: DM-CombatGate.unr. ============================================================ Story: A medium castle complex (pretty old and very red ), play area possess territory outside + inside. There you can find several small passage an 09.01.2010 335
DM-CrescentSun : SWANKY presents: - DM-CrescentSun - -------------------------- - Crescent Sun - Version 1.0 _____________________________________________________ title: DM-CrescentSun map title: Crescent Sun file: DM-CrescentSun.zip author: Swanky email address: chunky@surfeu-dot-de homepage: www-swanky-de-vu _____________________________________________________ story Some people are always against war 09.01.2010 439
DM-CurseIII : That's my first finished map. I built a lot of others but wasn't good at all. I decided to evolve DM-Curse][ in DM-CurseIII because it's one of my favourite UT maps. I started with the idea of a fluid, bended, plastic map and it has became what is now with the developing and others friend's ideas. For me is a pretty good map. I can do better of course... give me opinions and\or advices for increasing curseIII Sorry for my bad english but iìm italian. bye 09.01.2010 286
DM-Cyanur : Map: DM-Cyanur.unr Author: Alex (Lok) Dessureault email adress: darkslayers7@hotmail.com website: N/A Release Date: March 24 2007 Version: 1 Others Levels(on nalicity): DM-Rockening DM-Garodian DM-Mobius DM-Ozealoth DM-Neozealoth DM-Denonicus DM-Zerozealoth Play Information ---------------- Game: Unreal Tournament Level Name: 09.01.2010 305
DM-Cyberspace : ReadMe for DM-Cyberspace for Unreal Tournament ---------------------------------------------- Title: DM-Cyberspace Filename: DM-Cyberspace.zip Author: Michal 'Axeminister' Jarochowski eMail Address: jubiler007@o2.pl Release Date: 19 oct 2007 Version: final Credits: Vladimir Golovin, DrEvil and Junes Designz for textures. Found at www.filterforge.com To QbaQuest for the idea And to "The Ghost That Walks" for a 09.01.2010 252
DM-Deck17 : Title Deck#17 Release Date 06.30.2000 Filename DM-Deck17.unr Author ALEXX E-mail Alexx@troyal.dp.ua Other Maps by ALEXX The end of nali's world.. Secondary invasion. After the fall. Thunderstorm ( domination ) Play Information Game Type UT: Deathmatch Level Name Deck#17 Single Player No Cooperative No Deathmatch Yes Dark Match No Bots supported No Difficulty Settings No New Graphics/Sounds MyLevel.utx Known Bugs NO BUGS !!!! Construction Details Editor(s) Used UEd.v1.0 (i think 09.01.2010 353

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