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  • Letzte Aktivität: 05.02.2020 18:07
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Dateien von Benutzer
Datei Datum Downloads
UT Screen-Capture-Converter v1.1.0 : UTScreenCaptureConverter.exe v1.1.0 The UTScreenCaptureConverter is a small utility program which will automatically convert bmp screenshot files made by UT, UT2003, or UT2004 to smaller jpg files. You can convert and leave the files in your system folder, or convert and move them to a directory of your choice, or just move them. This version adds support for UT2004 and UT2004 Demo. In UT2004 Screenshots in the demo are stored in the ScreenShots folder intead of the system folder as i 13.01.2010 160
DM-CampGrounds2004- G1E : DM-CampGrounds2004-Guyver1 Edition Changes 1. doorways widened to improve flow 2. flak and rocket ammo clips removed (1 of each) 3. Extra Width added to Bridge and end of LG platform to allow for boost jump from brdige to lg and vice versa, it was possible without this extra wdith but it was right at the limit of the boost jump distance so i added a small amount of extra width to allow for a greater % of jumps made. 4. moved the lg/bridge stairs spawn point slightly. Purely cos 15.01.2010 1.272
=MWatch= 0.89 : =MWatch= Version: 0.89 Author: Clemens =MethoS= Werther Contact: mwatch@invariance.org WWW: http://www.invariance.org =MWatch= can handle three different file types: *.demo2 - UT2004 demo files *.demo4zip - ZIP compressed demo files like RK's DemoWatcher *.demo4rar - RAR compressed demo files Normal *.zip or *.rar archives can also be handled, even if they contain other files or archives. To associate them with =MWatch=, you can simply rename them to *.demo4zip or *.demo4rar 15.01.2010 715
Ctry Tags : Country Tags : Adds country tags onto your name based on an IP Serverpackeges=CtryTags shows: (DE) (UK) (DK) .. usw. Kommentare im Forum 23.08.2010 332
MasterTrials : 17.09.2010 368
Clan Manager package : This package contains two versions of the ClanManager-mutator: The first one is the last "final" version (named 1g_fix). It was released around 1 year ago and the source code is available. The second on is the latest build-version (named 1h_6T). Take this one as an alpha, beta or pre-release version, mainly because some parts are not much tested (e.g. the BanSystem) and because the configuration-menus lack the new settings. If you want to use the mutator, you should use version 1h_6T. B 26.09.2010 557

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