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The Crucible: v1.2 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ovm-SbaFG8 -------------------------------------------------------- The Crucible: v1.2 By RuneStorm www.runestorm.com With additional credits to David "Davision" Hagemann and Simon "Koribian" Hagemann (c) 2009-2011, RuneStorm. All Rights Reserved -------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for downloading our mod! We hope you have as much fun playing it as we did developing it! 1) Requirements: You will need Unreal To 27.04.2013 1.278
UTExtra v17 : http://www.proasm.com/ut/utextra.html UTExtra17 has now been updated for AntiTCC 2009 compatibility. UTExtra is basically the BrightSkins, NoWeaponShake and HitSounds that were removed from UT2Vote for Whitelisting. In UT2Vote45 and above just add it to the: ServerMuts=UTExtra17.UTExtra The command to bring up the HitSound menu is: Mutate UTExtra If you are logged in as ServerAdmin, then this menu will consist of several Server options as well for Dis/Enabling the SkinBright, Weap 01.07.2013 280
UTAN LPN LLama Punter : What is Llama Punter? Llama Punter is a blacklisting system for Unreal Tournament 2004. This is a direct replacement to UTAN which shut down years ago. Llama Punter is a combination of master server, web site, and the community admins that runs as a mutator on your server. We have modified the system to work with UTAN Ban Manager, although you must get the special version from the downloads area for it to work properly. It is designed to give you more control over your server, whether you hav 24.07.2013 203
SmartDM 1.0.5 : Name: SmartDM Version: 1.0.5 Release:September 2013 Description: Detailed Scoreboards for Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination and Assault. Authors: The_Cowboy / ProAsm Thanks to: Wises / Jojoza Website: http://www.proasm.com Optimised: Direct3D - 32 bit Technical: SmartDM.pdf included in final release Support Forum: www.unrealadmin.org Changes and Fixes in SmartDM105 SmartDM105 has a few minor changes that were left out in 104. It basically adds a CTF Scor 05.08.2013 641
DM-Malevolence-LP : ReadMe for DM-Malevolence-LP for Unreal Tournament 3 ------------------------------------------------ Title: DM-Malevolence-LP Author: PlayForGG Contact: Website URL: - Release Date: October 13, 2013 Last Update: - Version: 1.0 Final Credits: ==================================================================================== Thanks: - Scott "Cr4zyb4st4rd" Coxhead for the textures, the sky 14.10.2013 674
MapVoteX : http://www.proasm.com/ut/mapvotex.html MapVoteX detects which game is running by the GameName and not the GameClass as other vote applications use. This enables MapVoteX to use many games, although we have settled on 30 games which should suffice any Admin. These 30 Games can all have the same GameClass etc as long as the GameNames are different. In each game MapVoteX will write your selected GameName to the clients Scoreboard. Each of the 30 games can have their own set of maps, this a 01.11.2013 368
ComLine - Startup commandline ServerActor : //--------------------------------------------------------- // ComLine - Startup commandline ServerActor // http://www.proasm.com //--------------------------------------------------------- ComLine will restart your server using the StartString specified by the Admin in the UT2004.ini (Server.ini) file. Update: September 30 - 2006 Added additional startup check Update: September 25 - 2006 ComLine can now determine whether your server crashed or not. ComLine 08.11.2013 189
DM-AlpsDD-SE : ================================================================ Title : Alps' Dawn Duel - Special Edition Version : 1.0 Release Date : 13/10/2003 Filename : DM-AlpsDD-SE.ut2 Author : Emanuel 'Krolizard' Da Roit Email Address : krolizard@unrealitalia.com HomePage : www.unrealitalia.com/krolizard : http://unreal.multiplayer.it/krolizard Levels by author : Unreal Tournament 08.11.2013 598
DM-AlpsDawnDuel2 : Information =========== Mapname: DM-AlpsDawnDuel2 Title: DM-Alps' Dawn Duel 2 Game: Unreal Tournament 3 Platform: PC Version: 1.00 Release Date: November 2, 2013 Author: Jonatan "Thrallala" Czapnik Contact: jonatan.czapnik@gmail.com Game Type: DM Bot Support: Yes New Music: Yes Requirements : UT3, Patch 2.1 Num Players: 2-6 Credits ======= Emmanuel "Krolizard" Da Roit for the original map to 08.11.2013 776
COMP - COmpetitive Map Pack : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCay4igMRfU COMP - COmpetitive Map Pack - For Unreal Tournament 3 This pack contains 7 new maps for Duel, DM and TDM COMP was created to provide new maps designed for competitive players, in Duel and TDM. The gameplay in each map has been built to provide you with the best flow and balance. With help from multiple players and mappers in the community they have been tweaked to give you a quality gameplay experience. Expect loads of trick jum 14.11.2013 2.046
COMP 2 - COmpetitive Map Pack 2 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSn8f3DoBBs COMP 2 - COmpetitive Map Pack 2 - For Unreal Tournament 3 This pack contains 10 new maps for Duel, DM and TDM and 1 new ctf and greed map COMP was created to provide new maps designed for competitive players, in Duel, DM, TDM and ctf. The gameplay in each map has been built to provide you with the best flow and balance. With help from multiple players and mappers in the community they have been tweaked to give you a quality gam 14.11.2013 1.892
Unreal Zip - Package Compression Utility For Linux : Original-Post: http://www.unrealadmin.org/forums/showthread.php?p=72317#post72317 Unreal Zip 1.0 - Package Compression Utlity For Linux Author: [es]Rush Copyright 2005 You can modify and redistribute this script as long as you do not change the original author. (Introduction) The primary goal of this script was to help my clanmates to admin the server, I didn't want to explain them for hours how to compress new packages they upload so I've just decided to make a script. During wri 16.01.2014 177

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