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Dateien von Benutzer
Datei Datum Downloads
Devastation : Author: Søren 'the_rex' Falk aka DaLoonie Contact: skincity.beyondunreal.com Forums.beyondunreal.com, known as the_rex @ BuF\SkinCity Forums. Files: Devastation.utx Devastation.upl ReadMe_Devastation.txt History: Old_man_funk @ SkinCity Forums decided to make an Unreal Championship 2 inspired skin pack for Unreal Tournmant 2004 and asked for help. And here I made one skin for the pack. Time: Loads of weeks... Installation: .upl goes to UT2004\System 12.01.2010 413
dlKnights : ReadMe for dlKnights Thanks for downloading. This pack contains 4 skins in total. 3 for the ECE Bonuspack MetalGuard model. 1 for the EgyptMaleA model. That means you will need the ECE Bonuspack installed to use these skins. ECE Bonus Pack and updates can be found here: http://www.beyondunreal.com/main/ut2004/ut2004essential.php Author: Søren 'the_rex' Falk aka DaLoonie Constact: Files: dlKnights.upl dlKnights.utx dlKnights.int dlKnights_ReadMe.txt Inst 12.01.2010 811
Doom3 Hellknight : Filename: Doom3 Hellknight Version: 1.0 Author: EvilEngine Release Date: 6-23-2003 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Description: Straight from the bowels of DOOM3 comes the HELLKNIGHT, a bloodthirsty bastige who wants your soul for breakfast. Contains two versions, one of normal human scale and the other a larger size closer to the scale in Doom3. Original I did had custom sounds and species, I left these features out for now for compatibility until I get those files perfected. Won't 12.01.2010 1.483
Aida : 12.01.2010 2.099
Terminator : Filename: Terminator Version: 2.0 Author: EvilEngine Release Date: 7-29-2003 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Description: Hi-Poly model of the Terminator T101 from the movies. Also contains alternative cyborg version. Fixed the left arm so it holds weapons more naturally, edited the Terminator endoskeleton's head so its proportion looks better, as well as making a new texture for the model so its less shiny. Included an alternative skin for the endoskeleton that is slightly shinier so 12.01.2010 2.643
Tux : 12.01.2010 435
Warmachine : 12.01.2010 540
Vader Model Pack : Filename: Vader Model Pack Version: 1.0(public) Author: Qx9 Release Date: January 13th, 2004 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- DESCRIPTION: This model pack contains 3 models: Darth Vader, Desann, and the Mark 1 robot. These are characters from Jedi Outcast and include team colors. Darth Vader and Desann come with special taunts and various voice commands. The Mark 1 model will use the bot voice. Vader uses the Merc skeleton, while Desann and the Mark 1 use the bot skeleton. N 12.01.2010 2.539
Vailias UC2 Skins : What: UC2 -Lauren and Apophis skins for UT2004 Who: Brandon "Vailias" Newton ETC: Many thanks to epic for a great series of games and the original concepts inspring these designs, and the models wearing them. 12.01.2010 319
WAAAGH Skinpack : TITLE: WAAAGH Skinpack ---------------------- AUTHOR: Mister Trioxin GAME: Unreal Tournament 2004 ---------------------- TO INSTALL (MANUALLY): First of all, make sure you have Malus' "Bloodlust" model installed. Although it was created for UT2003, it has no custom animations, thus it work for ut2004 perfectly. Place the .utx file in the Textures directory of Unreal Tournament 2004. Place the .upl file in the System directory of Unreal Tournament 2004. FROM THE AUTHOR: I have 12.01.2010 1.110
Warhammer 40k Player Models : Unreal Touranemt 2004 - Warhammer 40.000 Player Models (SpaceMarines & ChaosMarines) ========== Installation Instruction: ========== Unzip WH40kPlayersModels and copy "Animations","System","Textures" directory from archive to your UT2004 folder. ========== Files contained in WH40kPlayersModels archive: ========== Animations\AstartesMdl.ukx - SpaceMarines Models Animations\ChaosMdl.ukx - ChaosMarines Models System\Astartes.upl - Data file Textures\AstartesTex.utx - SpaceMa 12.01.2010 3.022
Qx9UT2K7 : 12.01.2010 180

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