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Dateien von Benutzer
Datei Datum Downloads
DM-Turbine : Remake of the classic DM-Turbine from UT99 Kommentare im Forum 22.10.2016 63
Free Material : Free PBR Materials introduction FreePBR.com is a site dedicated to the video game development community who are looking for quality texture maps using a PBR workflow. We love the idea of supporting indie game developers with free content for their video games. Are theses PBR game texture sets really free? Can I use these PBR textures for free in my games? Yes. These PBR textures map sets are free to use in your games with no cost involved. Even if you make money off your video game, it's al 22.10.2016 329
DM-Nitro : Layout based upon Ebolt's original DM-Nitro for UT99. Nitro is a fairly large map suitable for FFA and TDM, yet small and open enough to work for Duels too. Kommentare im Forum 22.10.2016 83
DM-Malevolence : Remake based upon Rich "Akuma" Eastwood's original DM-Malevolence for UT99. Malevolence is a fairly small map, great for fast paced Duels and FFA. Kommentare im Forum 22.10.2016 81
DM-Codex : Remake based upon Cliff (CliffyB) Bleszinski's original map Codex of Wisdom from UT99. A smaller, fast paced map with lots of vertical action. Kommentare im Forum 22.10.2016 79
DM-Eliminator : A medium sized original map that plays well in FFA and Duel. Untested in TDM and Showdown Kommentare im Forum 22.10.2016 97
CTF-Cliff : Thread @ Epic-Forum: https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/forums/showthread.php?22156 Go Go Symmetrical CTF! Built this over the holidays, not really very tested. === CTF-Cliff-WIP10 === Server admin info: Dir: /Game/Maps/CTF-Cliff/CTF-Cliff-WIP10 Checksum: 0e666234c356f68861b587ab35f24e4b Kommentare im Forum 12.11.2016 29
DM-Tempest : Remake of Cliff (CliffyB) Bleszinski's original DM-Tempest from UT99. Kommentare im Forum 22.10.2016 101
CTF-Bleak : This is a CTF-Remake-Map. Original Map made by flowX. Kommentare im Forum 22.10.2016 38
DM-SpaceNoxx : Thread @ Epic-Forum: https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/forums/showthread.php?21422 Map Name: DM-SpaceNoxx Current Version: Alpha 3.4e Current Version Release Date: 11/12/16 Alpha 3.4e: Just a quick recook for the latest game update. Alpha 3.4c Update Summary: Rebuilt for 4.14 UE build. Lighting is substantially different with this build with more realistic sunlight (screenshots are out of date). PackageChecksum="eb7577edae0d2a9b81865a524dcbf0ba" CustomMapList=/Game/Re 23.10.2016 46
Absolute Elimination : Thread @ Epic-Forum: https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/forums/showthread.php?24576 What is Absolute Elimination? Absolute Elimination, Elimination, or elim for short, is a round-based team oriented survival game mode. For people familiar with the Team Arena Master(TAM) mod from ut2k4, elim is mostly a "clone" of that gametype, for the new UT. Essentially, there are two teams, and everybody on either team has one life per round. After you die, you spectate your team ti 24.10.2016 107
DM-Ironic : Thread @ Epic-Forum https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/forums/showthread.php?20960 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1-45xcJ1Fs Credits go to Bastiaan 'Checker' Frank since he made the original Layout. Map is still somewhat WIP. Im really looking forward to feedback and hope you guys enjoy it MapRotation=/Game/Maps/DM-Ironic/DM-Ironicv10 PackageChecksum="d3bbf71982c36eeedb9a97e82ea44dad" Kommentare im Forum 25.10.2016 52

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