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Dateien von Benutzer
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DM-Hostile : DM-Hostile Ben Burkart "evilmrfrank" http://www.evilmrfrank.com evilmrfrank(at)yahoo.com ----DESCRIPTION---- An arena placed within an older part of the city. ----PORTFOLIO---- http://evilmrfrank.com/Portfolio.html Author's Notes -------------- This map will require quite a good pc to run it well. It is mostly BSP dominant which is a bad thing but my next map will use mostly Static Meshes. A note to server Admins as well as players this map requires the Bonus Pack 2 to be 12.01.2010 183
DM-HotelRoom-2K4 : ========================================================== Title :DM-HotelRoom-2K4 Version :1 Size :33MB Release Date :6/15/2009 Filename :DM-HotelRoom-2K4 Author :2K4 conversion by Raptor / Original UT99 by Jeremy'SureShot'Whiting Email Adress : Web Site : Installation ------------ Place the following files into their appropriate directories: .ut2 files 12.01.2010 784
DM-Industrialized : ReadMe for Industrialized for Unreal Tournament 2k4 --------------------------------------------------- Title: Industrialized Filename: DM-Industrialized Author: Brooke 'ChookWoods' Brady eMail Address: BrookeBrady(at)gmail.com Website URL: Release Date: 23/09/2004 Last Update: None Version: Final Credits: Melon Other levels by author: CTF-NeotericMetal Play Information ---------- 12.01.2010 271
DM-IronInjector : 12.01.2010 171
DM-JBP-CampersWeakness : Title: Campers Weakness Filename: DM-JBP-CampersWeakness.ut2 Author: Camping_Klaus eMail Address: Camping_Klaus(at)gmx.de Website URL: none Release Date: 09.02.2008 Last Update: 27.09.2006 Version: 1.0 Credits: All mapping tutorial writers Other levels by author: not yet released Play Information ---------------- Game: Unreal Tournament 2k4 Level Name: Campers Weakness 12.01.2010 178
DM-JRBs_Place_of_Spam : Title : JRB's_Place_of_Spam Version : Final Release Date : April 3, 2004 Filename : DM-JRB's_Place_of_Spam.ut2 Author : --=:J.R.B.77:=-- Email Address : jrbruinenberg(at)msn.com Credits: --- Information --- Game : UT2004 Deathmatch : 2-10 players Construction Time : 1 week Story ----- my first level ever,nothing realy special ,VTM 12.01.2010 182
DM-[Ka--]-Necropolis : DM-[Ka--]-Necropolis David "[Ka--]DragonRg6" McCarter (Clan Website: http://www.kaoticassociations.com/) Contact me (dragonRg6(at)hotmail.com) or [Ka--]Xenon (clan leader) (the5thviruz(at)kaoticassociations.com) Author's Notes -------------- Thanks to kb for the music ("The Product") Thanks to Xenon for putting up with endless betas, hosting it and generally accepting my stupidity Thanks to Rachel Cordone (angel Mapper) for enduring a tirade of questions. Also, sorry for copying t 12.01.2010 249
DM-Koden : Title : DM-Koden Version :1.0 Size :Medium Release Date :22-01-2008 Filename : DM-Koden.ut2 ZipName : DM-Koden.zip Author(s) : Sander 'SaKa' Kamps Email Adress : SaKa_mapraider(at)planet.nl Max/min Players : 6/12 Credits to: IR : Floor texture Hazel H : Wall texture http://www.hazelwhorley.com/ KillBait : Original Stalwart 2003 layout. From his Readme: A B 12.01.2010 342
DM-Kothoga : DM-Kothoga Title: DM-Kothoga Type: DM-Map Game: Unreal Tournament 2004 Author: Roy "Pandemonium" Wächter eMail Address: pandemonium(at)unrealed.de Website URL: http://www.pandemonium-design.de.vu My personal interpretation of DM-Morbias Special thanks to: - GreenLoves for some nice plants (taken from DM-1on1-Vega) - All guys from unrealed.de for beta-testing - Swanky for just beeing who he is xD Installation ------------ Un 12.01.2010 332
DM-LastDay : Filename: DM-LastDay Author: Sucus Size: 38 MB Installation ------------ Copy the file "DM-LastDay.ut2" to ...\UT2004\Maps\ directory http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWLwjnI-OL8&fmt=22 Feel free to change the map 12.01.2010 271
DM-Lilliput2006 : Meh, i hate writing read mes........ This map is a kind of opus to all the people from various sites around the place who i like, admire or both. Map is based loosely on Lilliput due to the scale, LUDICROUS amount of custom content. Thanks to SuperApe for some nifty code, one being the extended DM matinee script which i used for the intro :) Also the timed keyframe mover, another excellent script, and of course his world famous roos which you can find in the Lillyput Zoo. LS 12.01.2010 1.122
DM-MPC-XMAS-IN-JULY : DM-MPC-XMAS-IN-JULY Mr Wright You can PM me at http://www.modified-pc.com ----DESCRIPTION---- Ok this is my FIRST MAP. Well UT2K7 is due out soon and I wanted to see at least one more Christmas map for 2K4. I have placed lots of hidden places in this map, and retextured allot of the static meshes. Author's Notes -------------- Thanks to all my fellow Clan members for testing this map and giving me feed back. Two of the three kids pictured in this map are [MPC]Rage's and m 12.01.2010 350

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