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Dateien von Benutzer
Datei Datum Downloads
IK_SIG66_LR : 12.01.2010 328
InstagibSwitcher : Switches all weapons to Instagib after a certain amount of time. 12.01.2010 201
Instagib through walls v1.0 : Instagib through walls v1.0 Autor: GH0ST Einfach die beiden Dateien (InstagibThroughWalls.u und InstagibThroughWalls.ucl) in euren "../UT2004/System" Ordner kopieren. Bei Mutatoren einfach "PiercingInstaGib" auswählen und das Spiel starten. Happy fragging 12.01.2010 328
Jump Anywhere v1.0 : Jump Anywhere 1.0 Players can jump and dodge in midair at any time. Jumps are infinite, of course. Hold crouch button in midair to hover. This mutator is copyright 2004 Maxim Naumov. You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this mutator, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit permission! You MAY distribute this mutator through any electronic network (internet (web/ftp), FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file a 12.01.2010 677
JunkWarv110Beta_UMOD : 12.01.2010 155
Kaboom v1.1 : -------------------------------------------------------------------- Kaboom 1.1 a Mutator for Unreal Tournament 2004 by Mischa & Folletto Malefico "@ -------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes from Kaboom 1.0: KBSR Rifle: increased ammo per box (was 8, now is 10); a shock combo now consumes 4 ammo instead of 5. KBRG Launcher: reduced the delay on secondary fire rate, enabling users to detonate a grenade quicker; increased ammo per box a 12.01.2010 221
Last Team Standing v1 (GameType) : 4/04/04 Gametype Name: Last Team Standing v1 Author: John Apenbrink 'Brinkster' Email Address: jkabrink@hotmail.com This is a combination of last man standing and team death match. In UT2003 they included the option to set a number of lives in team death match but in UT2004 they didn't have it. Well, I brought it back along with the usual options from LMS Installation: Install all the files in the system folder of this zip file in the C:\UT2004\System directory. Additional Cr 12.01.2010 1.037
Levitation Reporter v1.5 (IRC-Reporter) : Further Explination The values of QAuthList in the laba reporter are so that the people with those Q auth's don't need to use the password to send commands so for example if myIRCtag was set to ! (myIRCtag=!) you could just use !say bla to say something on the server. This brings me to my next point which is the myIRCtag variable is so you can change your command prefix. If it's set as ! anything with a ! at the start of the line will be treated as a laba command by the bot. If you change 12.01.2010 116
ManHack Beta2 : ManHack - Version Beta2 - by Johannes '[A|K]Leviathan' Sievert =============================================================== The ManHack is a new, futuristic arena-weapon (such as the SuperShockRifle) that combines multiple functions, attacks and special moves. It was made both for professional challanges and satisfying fun. You can use the ManHack in various different ways: From elegant long range fighting over explosive close combat to blood-spraying melee - its your choice! Have fun! 12.01.2010 320
Massacre V1.1 : Mutator information =================== Authour - Neeland (Black) King Build time - 1 day Release Date - 10/06/2006 requirements - UT2004 (any version) Version - 1.1 ***************** *** IMPORTANT *** ***************** If you already have my soul's fury mod there is no need to install this. It's very simular to the ' Angel of Death' Mutator that is available it the Mod. Description 12.01.2010 320
MonsterAnnouncer2k4 v012 : =================================================== = MonsterAnnouncer2k4 v0.1.2 = = Original code for UT99 by TNSe = = Rewritten for ut2k4 by )°DoE°(-AnthraX = =================================================== Does the same thing as the original Monsterannouncer. Open your Server.ini file and add: ServerActors=MonsterAnnouncer.MA_ServerActor If you want to change the announcelevel, add these lines too at the end of the server.in 12.01.2010 348
MutBotManager v6 : Mutator information =================== Authour - FlakMagnet Build time - ~46 hours (first time with Unreal Scripting) Release Date - 07/06/2005 Size - ~15K Version - 6 ***************** *** IMPORTANT *** Upgrading from a previous version ***************** If you are not upgrading from version 4 or earlier, please ignore this section. Very sorry for the inconvenience, but I have renamed the package that this mutator belongs to. Beca 12.01.2010 210

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