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Dateien von Benutzer
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HL2Characters : 21 Half Life² Characters (by Devin Olsen aka UbH-IceIst) Please Note that the fallowing content (Models/Textures) were develped by "Valve software" and I (Devin Olsen) take no credit for there orignal creation. I have only ported them over by skinning and animating them to UT's skeletal systems. .:INSTALL (HOW TO):. See the zip you have open... the one you just opened this doc up with, go ahead and select both the UPL file and UKX in it and right click to bring up winzip's flyout optio 12.01.2010 3.208
Homer Simpson SkinPack : HomerSimpsonSkinPack2009 Version 1 ------------------- What you're getting, and some notes: Quick skin pack with several different selectable colors, both in cell-shaded and non-cell shaded flavors. *White *Red *Blue *Green *Orange *Purple *Black *Pink And as usual with my skin packs, all characters have 4 team colors. :) I used the shader effect from my Megaman Legends skin pack to make the new version more-cartoon like. I also reduced the LOD setting on the model a 12.01.2010 3.433
JamCorporation : JamCorporation Presents A Unrealer Edition Skin Pack JamCorporation v1.2 Final 12.01.2010 283
Kos-Mos : Unreal Tournament 2004 Model ======== easy-Searching: Xenosaga , Kos-Mos , manga , cartoon , model , PASKAL TITLE: Kos-Mos, Vector R&D Division AUTHOR: XenoAisam E-MAIL: WebSite: xenoaisam.filefront.com FILENAME: Kos-Mos.zip FILESIZE: 3.07 MB DATE RELEASED:21 November 2007 VERSION: 1.0 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip (with subfolders intact) into your UT2004 directory. Run the game DESCRIPTION: Name: Kos-Mos Sex: Android Female Millitary Group: VECTOR R&D Divisi 12.01.2010 3.415
MartianUT2k4 : Model Name : MartianUT2k4 Model description : The evil Martian invader from "Mars Attacks!" for UT2k4 Release : 8/18/2004 Author : Yasser Malaika Email Address : If you enjoy this model, please send me an email. I'd love to hear from you. Also, any feedback is always welcome. I offer the creation of custom models, skins, animations, and audio for several game engines as a service. If you'd like to commission a model for y 12.01.2010 2.415
MasterShake : Model-"Master Shake" Author-Mike Bastianelli- www.bigbadwolf86.deviantart.com Credits-Adult Swim, the creators of ATHF, and NutritioN for the already made voicepack. September 28, 2005 Installation- Drag and Drop these files in the zip in to these folders located where you installed ut2004. *mastershakeTEX.utx-(Textures Folder) *mastershakekmodel.ukx-(Animations Folder) *xfrmastershake.upl-(System Folder) *ATHF_Shake_Voice.u-(System Folder) *ATHF_Shake_Voice.int-(System Folder) 12.01.2010 1.781
Neonee : 12.01.2010 1.053
Rayn : 12.01.2010 420
Stargate SG1 Team : Stargate SG1 team update 2 by Jefe version: 3.0 (2009-06-14) --------------------------------------------- What you're getting, and some notes: This model pack was originally created for the Half-Life mod, StargateTC. The models were ported to UT2003 by Tunisao. It was repackaged for UT2004 (but not otherwise updated) by killer909. I fixed and updated many of the textures, creating team skins where possible. This also required minor updating of the animation file, because of th 12.01.2010 863
QUAKEMASTER : Copyrights: QUAKEMASTER e-m@il: Angaben: Diesen Skin benutze ich selber wenn ich online spiele. Die Skin ist im Matrix Code Disigne und es ist die erste UT2k4 Skin 12.01.2010 751
Shane2 : 12.01.2010 1.598
StormTroopers : Extract all the contents to the same directories in your UT2003 home. Contains Stormtroopers, Swamptroopers, Shadowtroopers, Sandtroopers, and Clonetroopers with team colors as well that are selectable and automatic. I've also included the blaster rifle weapon, so you will need a mutator like SwitchArsenal to use it. EvilEngine 12.01.2010 4.457

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