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  • Letzte Aktivität: 03.12.2017 22:35
  • Registriert seit: 30.04.2012


Dateien von Benutzer
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The Heat Pack : HeatPack (3494 kB) UT Map DM (Unreal Tournament DeathMatch Maps) Das HeatPack enthält 3 DM-Maps: DM-Anatia Foundry von Roberto "Firefox" Cortese, DM-Amon Ra von Thomas "MisterRioes" Grimm und DM-Pharaos Legacy von Thomas "ThomasS" Schmiedel. Have Fun. :cool: Thread Discussion 12.02.2013 1.291
UT99org 2017 CMC mappack : Thank you for downloading the UT99.org Chaos Mapping Contest (CMC) mappack! ----------------------------------------------------------- The contest rules were: -Theme of the contest is CHAOS ...spooky bloody chaos! Inspiration, textures and decoration can be taken out of the ChaosUT mod. -No weapon placement from this mod... we want this maps playable for everyone. Even for people without Chaos-UT installed. -The playable area must be inside a 4096x4096x4096uu space. 1 bonus-point if you 03.12.2017 632

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