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Dateien von Benutzer
Datei Datum Downloads
AS-Egypt-Trial : 12.01.2010 323
AS-Fortaleza_Marina : ================================================================ Title :As-Fortaleza-Marina Version :Final Release Date :26 de Noviembre 2008 Filename :As-Fortaleza_Marina Author(s) :Héctor 'danielumio' Beretta Email Address :danielumio@hotmail.com Nacionality :Chilean Ocupation :Kinesiólogo Other levels by author UT2004 Levels :DM-camping2k4 ================== 12.01.2010 387
AS-Gothic_Trial_V4 : Assault Map für UT2004. Dies ist meine erste Trial Map. 5 Levels mit verschiedenen Schwierigkeitsstufen (von leicht bis sehr schwer). Das ist die 4. Version und sehr wahrscheinlich auch die letzte. 12.01.2010 545
AS-Guardia-2K4-V2 : Name: AS-Guardia-2K4-V2 Version: V2 Compatibility: not sure Description: A remake of a classic UT Assault map Comments: I have done an update and changed many things to make it looking better. Also i have improved the gameplay and bot pathing for singleplayer Credits: db@LuckyStrike, my clan db@ for testing and some people which allways help me testing public Homepage: http://www.online-spielen.de @Server admins: It´s a very server friendly map You can host it with DSL/cable server. 12.01.2010 1.085
AS-Holocorp :  AS-Holocorp ------------------------- -Christopher J Dionne (aka Glaurung) (aaka Feffer) ---------------------------- Info: ---------------------------- File: AS-Holocorp.ut2 ---------------------------- Map Name: Holocorp ---------------------------- Brief: An Assault map for Unreal Tournament 2004. Attackers must raid the Holocorp facility, steal and then escape with the Power Core. Suggested 10-20 players. **Bots Not yet 12.01.2010 2.059
AS-IndoorTrials : ==================================================================================== Title: AS-IndoorTrials Filename: AS-IndoorTrials.zip Author: Chrï$ eMail Address: chrisfloor2002@hotmail.com Release Date: 25.10.2008 Version: 1.0 ==================================================================================== Play Information ---------------- Game | Unreal Tournament 2004 Level Name | AS-IndoorTrials Game Type | Assault Trial Botmatch | No Single P 12.01.2010 486
AS-MZ-HighRise : AS-MZ-HIGHRISE By Mark 'MarZer' Gillard --------------------------------------------- From the creator: ----------------- Thankyou for downloading AS-MZ-HighRise. I do hope you enjoy playing it as much as I have enjoyed creating it! I believe this map is my best work to date, as I can safely say without bias that it is one of the most fun assault maps I have ever played. Having worked on this map for the last three months, there have been many nights where I'd sit down, begin mapping 12.01.2010 858
AS-Missile_Silo : Thanks for downloading AS-Missile_Silo ______________________________________________________________________________ The story: -This scenario is a recreation of an assault of N E G forces on one of there own bases after it was attacked and taken over by the hellions. -Because of the prototype space missile that was located inside the silo next to the base. The N E G commanders saw no other option than to launch a strike force for the base and destroy the missile by any means necess 12.01.2010 536
AS-Nitro-Egypt-Trail-final : AS-Nitro-Egypt-Trail_final Title : AS-Nitro-Egypt-Trail_final Release Date : 14.02.2009 Filename : AS-Nitro-Egypt-Trail_final.ut2 Author : Nitro Email Address : f00knitro@web.de Homepage : http://www.f00kclan.de Special Thanks : an die Member von f00k fürs testen und an Yuloc für die Hilfe :) --- Play Information --- Game : Unreal Tournament 2004 Level Name : AS-Nitro-Egypt-Trail_final.ut2 Game Type : AS Single Player : Yes Difficulty Settings : Schwer Mul 12.01.2010 383
AS-OutdoorTrials : ==================================================================================== Title: AS-OutdoorTrials Filename: AS-OutdoorTrials.zip Author: Chrï$ eMail Address: chrisfloor2002@hotmail.com Release Date: 4.12.2008 Version: 1.0 ==================================================================================== Play Information ---------------- Game | Unreal Tournament 2004 Level Name | AS-OutdoorTrials Game Type | Assault Trial Botmatch | No Single 12.01.2010 349
AS-TempleOfTrials-v4 : NOTES: Due to the lack of admin support on the majority of servers that run TempleOfTrials I’ve decided to embed a mutator called “Trails Friendly Adjustments” which was originally designed to detect maps with certain strings in the name like “trials”, however this version has been embedded into my map so that administrators have to use the mutator and so it doesn’t effect the other maps on the server rotation. The mutator is set-up to automatically allow players to walk throug 12.01.2010 711
AS-TheGuardia(2005) : -------------------------------------------- -------- AS-The Guardia(2005).ut2 ---------- -------------------------------------------- Map Name : The Guardia(2005) Author : Resident E-mail : resident97@hotmail.com JC.resident@gmail.com Players : 8-10 players Construction time : From November to April. Constructed in my free time :) Release Date : April 1st, 2005 Other maps by the author : Defense Invasion Gametype [UT2004] DEF-Claustrophobia.ut2 [UT2004] DE 12.01.2010 638

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