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Dateien von Benutzer
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PostalBabes v2 : MUTATOR: Postal Babes VERSION: 2 GAME : UT2004 AUTHOR : L7 (L7@noobed.com) DATE : 12/02/2005 CREDITS: Postal Babes was created from Postal 2: Share The Pain. Postal 2 multiplayer games feature a party for the winning player or team. The meshes, animations, sounds, and textures were ported (with permission) into a UT2004 mutator. You can find information on Postal games and babes at: http://www.gopostal.com Thanks to Running With Scissors for creating these fine materi 12.01.2010 1.294
Presents UT2004 V2.2 : Presents UT2004 V2.2 A mutator for UT2004 by TheCatcher (3d models by Nocuous aka [CTCR]Noc) Homepage: CatchersCTF Presents for UT2004 Forum: CatchersCTF Forums Additional Mutators: Santa Bags V1.1 Capture The Tree UT2004 V2.2 This mutator distributes brightly wrapped Christmas Presents around the map and Christmas Caps on all the players. (See item 1 under changes from version 1.0) The Christmas Presents contain psuedo-random quantities of Powerups. The number of Presents and the o 12.01.2010 524
Pro Sniper Rifle 2004 BETA3 : Name: Pro Sniper Rifle 2004 Authors: {NYA}Bitty [uSa]Bonez Contact: www.unitedscriptors.org This package is a result of a growing collaboration between members of the UT community. Many thanks to those who have given their time and effort to better the online experience. Special thanks to Cyberhawk for his contribution to the project. This mutator starts players out with the Pro Sniper Rifle, and replaces all weapon and ammo pickups with Pro Sniper ammo. The exceptions a 12.01.2010 598
Q3Arena : +---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | TITLE: Quake 3 Arena | +---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | AUTHOR: Mega Mad Death | | DATE: 06-23-2005 (15:25:59) 12.01.2010 456
QInstaGib v4 : MUTATOR: Q InstaGib VERSION: 4 GAME : UT2004 AUTHOR : L7 (L7@noobed.com) DATE : 03/26/2005 DESCRIPTION: This InstaGib mutator replaces the normal Super Shock Rifle with the Q Shock Rifle. The primary feature of the Q Shock Rifle is configurable beam colors. The Q Shock Rifle currently has the following features: * Configurable beam colors * Zoom variant * Beam coil toggle * Fire Rate setting * "Shock Jump" setting * Reflections setting INSTALLATION: Uninstall a 12.01.2010 410
RB THINK TANK Link Scorpion : RB THINK TANK Link Scorpion - RBTHINKTANK.COM ============================================= About ------- The Link Scorpion is a neat vehicle that adds more possibilities to the gameplay for any game type. This is the beta version - and there may be a few bugs. Please note that this version does not work with RPG, but our RPG version (RBTTRPGLinkScorpion.u) does. Credits go to milk, Charybdis and the original creator of the LinkGun :P Installation ------------- Copy all of the files 12.01.2010 288
RB THINK TANK VENOM : RB THINK TANK VENOM - RBTHINKTANK.COM ===================================== About ------- The Venom is new monster for UT2004 that combines strategy with detailed visuals and sounds to enhance the over all invasion experience. All important properties of the monster are configurable via a simple mutator (RBThinkTankVenom.MutVenomConfig). The monster has many attacks and goes through three stages of life. Whenever an adult venom is spawned, it has the ability to lay an egg. That egg can t 12.01.2010 441
RypelCAm - V1.9D, a Moviemaking Tool for UT2004 : ///////RypelCAm - V1.9D, a Moviemaking Tool for UT2004/////// For Questions, Suggestions, Tutorials, Bugreports and more please visit www.RypelCam.net Installation: 1. Put the Cam.u into your UT2004\System folder 2. In the user.ini change the lines "DemoMenuClass=GUI2K4.UT2K4DemoPlayback" to "DemoMenuClass=Cam.CamDemoPage". There might be multiple "DemoMenuClass=GUI2K4.UT2K4DemoPlayback" lines. Change ALL(!!!) of them to "DemoMenuClass=Cam.CamDemoPage". Getting started: Op 12.01.2010 920
The ROOtator : ==================================================================================================================== The ROOtator ==================================================================================================================== Title : ROOtator Date : October 2005 Filename : ROOtator.zip Author : Glenn Storm (SuperApe) Email Address : ghstorm@ix.netcom.com Home Page : home.netcom.com/~ghstorm Alternate Page : http://wiki.beyondunreal.com/wiki/SuperApe D 12.01.2010 199
RandomGravityMutator : NinjaXPirate@gmail.com Gravity changes randomly ingame. 12.01.2010 256
ReaperBoard v1 : HoverBoard Launcher ReaperBoard.MutHoverBoard, HoverBoard Launcher 12.01.2010 489
Sniper Arena 2K4 Lite - Release 101 : Sniper Arena 2K4 Lite - Release 101 // Copyright (C) 2003 John Walstra // spoon@spoonware.org // http://spoonware.org // // This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or // modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public // License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either // version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. // // This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, // but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; withou 12.01.2010 262

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