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Dateien von Benutzer
Datei Datum Downloads
DM-Deadbolt2 : DM-Deadbolt][2 ============================================================================================================== Author: ShredPrince All Static Meshes created by author (ShredPrince) for UT2004 using Maya PLE All Shaders constructed from actual UC2 base textures Email:sith_assassin@telux.org ============================================================================================================= Custom Meshes: YES Custom Power-ups: YES Custom Shaders: YES Custom Music: 12.01.2010 199
DM-Decapacitate : ReadMe for DM-Decapacitate for Unreal Tournament 2k4 ---------------------------------------------------- Title: DM-Decapacitate Filename: DM-Decapacitate.zip Author: Michael Schorr eMail Address: michael_schorr@hotmail.com Website URL: www.oxynary.com/BIOS/ Release Date: March 2004 Last Update: Version: 1.0 Credits: Thanks to GUI, oxynary, legionaire_joe, and joe m. for wonderful advice, criti 12.01.2010 160
DM-Deck17-remix : 12.01.2010 246
DM-Depth : 12.01.2010 143
DM-DesertWar-Final : Title: Dm-DesertWar-Final Filename: Dm-DesertWar-Final.ut2 Release Date: 25.09.2008 Mail: admin.bloodybeauty(at)tiscali.nl Credits: Devlyn Napoli, for use of Atakapa Chopper static, download: http://unrealtournament2004.filefront.com/file/Atakapa_Chopper_Umod;28241 Red Orchestra, that uses the unreal engine to make a perfect WW2 wargame, i used the german Tiger Tank as a static: http://unrealtournament2004.filefront.com/file/Red_Orchestra_Full;44048 . Ha 12.01.2010 929
DM-Dhara : Autor: Doyora Sunk into the Dhara snow desert, the heat radiated by the surrounding decaying uranium ore is the only thing keeping this power station from being snowed under. 12.01.2010 161
DM-DoA-Greed : DM-DoA-Greed Map designed and built by [~DoA~]^[N]emy Botmatch : avaible Payercount: 4-10 Players Matchtype : TAM suggested New stuff : none File size : 5,9mb Note: This map was built originally for TAM, but there are also weapons for DM or TDM. other Maps by author: DM-1on1-Oilrig CTF-BfG CTF-Industrialspirit CTF-Passage 12.01.2010 211
DM-DogTown : Autor: Angelheart-Judas_Sinn-{wp}TheGAME 12.01.2010 195
DM-Doom1Level1 : Map: Doom 1 - Level 1 Version: 1.0 Game type: Deathmatch 3-6 players Autor: Nyk Mail: nyk(at)md.fitech.fr Installation: Doom1Level1.ut2 --> Maps Doomzik.ogg --> Music DoomSounds.uax --> Sounds Bugs: The map maybe lag at he beginning, but it will desappear quickly. Construction: 4 months Teamplay: Yes (only the areas are tagged) New Textures: Yes New Meshes/Items: Yes New Scripts: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Music: Yes 12.01.2010 489
DM-Downfall : Map: Downfall Author: Xiphon Bot Support: Yes Gametype: Deathmatch Map number: 9 Size: Medium-Large Build Time: Couple Days Instructions: Take the map (The one that looks like an unreal tournament logo) and place it in your maps directory wherever you saved the game. It should appear automatically in your Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Invasion Maplists) Thanks for downloading my map! Tis my 9th! Background: I don't know where I got the idea for this ma 12.01.2010 264
DM-Dr-Deck19 : Autor: Teddie Tapawan Edit by {Dr.}EisenFaust 12.01.2010 258
DM-Drathi-NB : ReadMe for DM-Drathi for Unreal Tournament 2k4 ---------------------------------------------- Title: DM-Drathi Filename: DM-Drathi.zip Author: Yoeri 'Cursed_Soul' Vleer eMail Address: vladder(at)vladderbeest.com, Wat_jij_wilt83(at)hotmail.com Website URL: http://www.vladderbeest.com Release Date: 20-aug-2004 Last Update: 27-aug-2004 Version: Final. (i hope) Credits: First of all I want to than 12.01.2010 269

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