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Dateien von Benutzer
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DM-EVO-Lounge : Title : DM-[EVO]-Lounge Gametype : UT2004 Deathmatch Version : 1.0 Release Date : January 2006 Filename : DM-[EVO]-Lounge Author : AsToRoTh Email : evo-astoroth(at)hotmail.co.uk Website : http://www.evoclan.biz Description : Largish map set in a lounge/front room type arena. Primarily designed for the LG Zark Community but the map also works well with camping sniper and reg 12.01.2010 184
DM-Ergaterion : Map: DM-Ergaterion Author: Malte 'proof' Schmickler This Map has two Styles - Industrial and Jungle. Its mixed together and some people told me that they like the idea. Ergaterion (gr. for Factory) offers many many trickjumps, I dont even know if I know all of them. I only know these which I created by myself. Maybe some players will find more :O Anyway it took me almost 2 years to finish it because I didnt map very much in this time, finally its finished :D This Map was built for TAM/ 12.01.2010 595
DM-Falcon2 : Autor: starman 12.01.2010 145
DM-Fhaarn : Endlich ist meine zweite Map fertig! Hier eine kurze Beschreibeung: Es ist ein kleines Tal durch das ein Fluß fließt der geheimnissvolle Kräfte besitzt. Man kann dort mit bis zu 8 Bots spielen! Viel Spaß! Bitte schreibt eure Kritik in die Kommentare! 12.01.2010 165
DM-Fleshgrind : Arena with the sole purpose of consuming the combattants whole. Rotting flesh and blood stained walls. Rocket shells and entrails coat the floor. Welcome to Fleshgrind. Title: Fleshgrind Author: Alex 'Cenobite' Kovalyov Email: Slaughtered_Corpse(at)hotmail.com Version: Compatibility: UT2004 Game: Unreal Tournament 2004 Level Name: Fleshgrind Game Types: 1on1, DM, TDM Recommended players: 4-14 Credits: Me Tribute to Fleshgrind (R.I.P) 1992-2005 * Permissions * Yo 12.01.2010 612
DM-ForbiddentemplesDY : DM-ForbiddenTemplesD@Y Author: Kenneth "Christian Mapper" Culbertson Programs Used: Unreal Ed 3.0, Blender 3d (blender3d.org) Known Glitches: none Custom Static Meshes: Yes Contact Information: thefinalsage(at)yahoo.com New Textures: Yes Description Special Thanks My friend biv for allowing me to use the skybox texture that he designed To Doug Ritterlin teaching me that no matte 12.01.2010 194
DM-Fractionary-M3 : 12.01.2010 160
DM-GGMJ_Toxin-Destille : 12.01.2010 96
DM-Gael-DoubleDeLuXe : 12.01.2010 180
DM-Glacialis : - Unreal Tournament 2004 - DM-Glacialis (2-3 Players) Title: Glacialis Author: Spencer 'Whonoz' Wasden Email: spencer_wasden(at)hotmail.com Release Date: July 12th, 2006 Description: Beneath this frozen oceanic floor lays to rest a once active technological facility known as Glacialis… Will you be the one to rest with it? Instructions/Installation: Unzip the file DM-Glacialis.ut2 into your UnrealTournament2004\maps directory. Unzip the 12.01.2010 275
DM-Glycerine : DM-f00k-Glycerine Title : DM-f00k-Glycerine Release Date : 15.04.2009 Filename : DM-f00k-Glycerine.ut2 Author : Nítrò Email Address : f00knitro(at)web.de Homepage : http://www.f00kclan.de Special Thanks : an die Member von f00k fürs testen und an yuloc fürs Lighting Ein gleiner Remake von Der f00k-Haue, hatte einfach mal Lust drauf :) Und jetzt gibts noch mal richtig Haue ! Wer stirbt, hat meist was falsch gemacht --- Play Information --- Game : 12.01.2010 225
DM-Goatswood : Title : DM-GoatswoodSE Gametype : UT2004 Deathmatch Version : 1.0 Release Date : August 2005 Filename : DM-GoatswoodSE Author : AngelH@rt Email : jcfal(at)clara.net Description : A small Village in England --- Play Information --- Game : Unreal Tournament 2004 Level Name : DM-GoatswoodSE Botsupport : Yes New Sounds : Yes 12.01.2010 353

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