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    Wormbos UT/UT2004/UT3-Mods | YouTube-Kanal | PlanetJailbreak | Unreal Wiki | Liandri Archives
    Zitat von Thorsten Denkler, SZ
    Diese Freiheit ist in Gefahr. Aber nicht durch die feigen Attentäter von Paris. Nicht durch die Attentäter vom 11. September, von Madrid oder London. Solche Taten fordern den Rechtsstaat heraus. In ernste Gefahr gerät die freie Gesellschaft nur durch die Angst der Menschen, die in ihr leben. Und durch Politiker, die sich dieser Ängste bedienen.


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Dateien von Benutzer
Datei Datum Downloads
JB-Tidal : Kommentare im Forum 10.02.2013 301
JB-Galactica : Kommentare im Forum 10.02.2013 421
JB-Oasis-v2 : An updated version of JB-Oasis (originally included in the Jailbreak 2004b and c releases) with lots of bug fixes. Kommentare im Forum 14.02.2013 411
UMake v1.2 : UMake is a tool that makes compiling Unreal Engine 1 and 2 projects much easier. Unfortunately, compiling an Unreal project requires a row of steps which get tiresome if they have to be repeated over and over again. Many coders manually compiling their projects set up small batch files for that task, but those small scripts usually only provide a bare minimum of convenience. That's where UMake comes in. UMake completely wraps all steps necessary to compile an Unreal project behind a slic 01.11.2013 332
CTF4 : The concept behind CTF4 is simple: Capture the Flag, but with 4 teams instead of 2. Why would 4 teams be better than 2 you ask? Simple: More action, more choices, more strategy. With four teams the objective becomes more than just attacking the enemy flag and defending your own. You must think carefully about which team to attack. Because other teams can get points without ever attacking your base (they can attack the other teams instead) - it becomes important to watch what all the teams are 09.11.2013 1.210
Christmas Decoration V3 : This mutator or server actor adds proper holiday decoration to many maps. These decorations are not map-specific, but are applied to certain objects in the maps. In most cases, decorations are just visual additions, but in some cases they may change the way players interact with the map. See the included text file for installation/usage instructions. If you use it as mutator on a server, the server will no longer be white-listed. But if you configure it as server actor, your server's white-li 10.11.2013 600
Server Crash Recovery Map : Die Recovery-Map ist eine spezielle Start-Map für UT2004 Dedicated-Server. Ihre einzige Aufgabe ist es, direkt nach dem Start anhand verschiedener Kriterien zu einer anderen Map zu wechseln. Aus diesem Grund braucht sie auch nicht auf einen Redirect-Server hochgeladen zu werden, denn durch den sofortigen Map-Wechsel sollte sie niemals von Clients gesehen werden. Die Recovery-Map ist mit allen Standard-Gametypes kompatibel und unterstützt höchstwahrscheinlich alle Custom-Gametypes, die es f 08.12.2013 151
Multi Dodging 2k4 : Normally UT2004 only allows you to dodge or walldodge once during a jump and also add one double-jump somewhere in the whole move. Also at the end of a jump you have to wait a bit before you can dodge again. Multi Dodging changes these rules so you can: walldodge whenever you are near a wall even if you already (wall)dodged always add a double-jump after a dodge or walldodge dodge right after landing without any delay optionally enable boost-dodging Additionally Multi Dodging can 04.01.2014 572
UT2004 Windows Patch v3369 : ======================================================================== Unreal Tournament 2004 Patch 7 Release notes. ======================================================================== This patch is completely compatible with the retail version - servers and clients of any flavor can connect with each other. This patch will not overwrite your ut2004.ini and user.ini files, except to update settings as necessary. This patch includes all changes made in Patches 1, 2, 3 21.01.2014 8.457
Headshot View : Here's a little fun mutator with no gameplay impact whatsoever: Headshot View brings you the old UT feature of viewing through your player's eyes after dying from a headshot. "Headshot" in this sense not only is a fatal sniper or LG hit to the head, but also getting run over by a Manta. (The damage type is configured that way, there's just no logic to announce the headshot. The Wormbot IRC Reporter also picks it up this way.) Kommentare im Forum 21.06.2014 490
UT Screenshot Fixer : Wenn Unreal Engine 1 oder 2 Spiele, wie beispielsweise UT oder UT2004, Screenshots anfertigen, halten sie sich dabei nicht genau an das Bitmap-Dateiformat. Wenn man mit einer Auflösung mit einer Breite spielt, die kein Vielfaches von 4 ist (z.B. im Fenstermodus oder bestimmte Laptop-Auflösungen), scheinen Screenshot-Dateien fehlerhaft zu sein, weil die Padding-Bytes am Ende jeder Zeile fehlen. Dieses kleine Tool repariert die betroffenen Screenshot-Dateien. When Unreal Engine 1 or 2 games 11.09.2015 92
Link Me Dammit! : WHAT IS IT Link Me, Dammit! is a mutator/server actor for Unreal Tournament 2004 servers. This mod aims to improve bot behavior and teamplay, particularly in Onslaught games. However, almost any team-based gametype can benefit from this mod. WHAT IT DOES Link Me, Dammit! replaces the default bot class with a new bot with improved teamplay. The new bot class does the following. If a bot sees a player alt-firing the Link Gun, it will attempt to drop what it's doing and join in on the link 22.03.2016 400

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