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UT3 LoadingMovies : -------------------------------------------------- Title: UT3 LoadingMovies Author: Donzi.UTzone eMail Address: Donzi at UTzone.de Website URL: http://www.UTzone.de Release Date: 04.11.2008 Credits -------- Greets fly out to (alph.order): - all Mappers @ UTzone-Forum - FA2K - GGMJ - UTCD - UTzone-Clan http://clan.utzone.de Author's Notes -------------- Sick of lagging or boring Loadingsscreens/Video´s? 30 FPS w 23.07.2010 306
UTzone.de Skin for UT3 WebAdmin : Readme for UTzone.de Skin for Unreal Tournament 3 WebAdmin ---------------------------------------------------------- Title: UTzone.de Skin Filenames: background.png ; hbar.png ; h_space.gif ; readme.txt; ut3-logo.png ; ut3.css ; header.gif Author: Ragnos.UTzone, Donzi.UTzone eMail Address: Ragnos (at) utzone (dot) de Website URL: http://www.utzone.de/ Release Date: 05.01.2009 Version: Final Credits: Thanks to Donzi.UTzone for his Order to make this thing! Thanks to El Muerte for 23.07.2010 288
UTSS - UT Server Starter : Simples Tool zum Easy Start eines UT2003 oder UT2004 Dedicated Server. Übernimmt die wichtigsten Einstellungen für den Start Prüft und hält den Server in Betrieb. Der UT Server Starter (UTSS) ist ein kleines Tool um ohne großen Aufwand einen dedicated UT2003 oder UT2004 Server zu starten. Als Voraussetzung muss auf dem Rechner ein UT2003 oder UT2004 als Vollversion, oder eine dedizierte Server Version installiert sein. Mit dem hinzufügen eines Servers im UTSS wird der Pfad zum Server 17.08.2010 220
UT3 Dedicated Windows Exe 3810 : This replacement exe file contains a fix for an exploit that allows clients to crash servers. It is server-side only Kommentare im Forum 12.10.2010 948
UTDeps File Dependancy Checker for UT2004 : http://www.p-fat.net/ UTDeps is a quick and easy way to show any missing dependancies you may be missing for any UT packages. I wrote this really quick one night by patching some code in from the CacheMaster in order to see if I had all the files I needed for a bunch of new maps I downloaded. This will show you all the required dependancies of a file, and if they are missing or not. Options include: Automatically locates your UT2004 install for checking to see if dependancies alre 09.11.2010 254
Server Decals : Server Decals ============= by Wormbo Homepage: http://www.koehler-homepage.de/Wormbo/ Forum: http://www.unrealadmin.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=167 Description ----------- There are many ways to let your players know who owns the server they are playing on. One of them is putting you clan logo into the maps, but that has the disadvantage of requiring custom maps, right? Well, not in all cases. Server Decals is a server actor that lets you set up custom projectors or decals f 01.12.2010 232
CTF-Access-PRO : Remake of DOM-Access Kommentare im Forum 19.01.2011 389
CTF-Citadel-PRO : This is a remake of the original CTF-Citadel, this version is easier for the attackers as there are more routes into the bases. This version also is lighter than the previous version. Kommentare im Forum 19.01.2011 483
CTF-Drunklet-PRO2 : Kommentare im Forum 19.01.2011 437
CTF-FP-Anfractous2-PRO : Kommentare im Forum 19.01.2011 478
CTF-LavaFuryWID-A2K : Kommentare im Forum 19.01.2011 513
CTF-Sulphur-PRO : Map made by Cheney Lansard - Edited By ]|a1|[Chain/Corn, which is used in the maprotation on CWL's UT2004 Custom Map (Mapvote) iCTF Public server @ www.cwlserver.net This is a CTF map made for Unreal Tournament 2004 and was made by Cheney Lansard - Edited By ]|a1|[Chain/Corn. Kommentare im Forum 19.01.2011 380

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