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  • Letzte Aktivität: 18.02.2024 19:46
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Dateien von Benutzer
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DM-[M]Circulation[2] : Here I hope you'll enjoy a wild layout full of colors, inspired a bit by a Mirrors Edge sort of style. It's one of my best over the last 17 years that I never got around to uploading here. I've gone more simplistic than usual with the overall layout, at least with the main pathways. I prioritized flow of gameplay above everything else. The name circulation refers to the way it's intended to play out. The map offers nice advantages one you get to know it. There are smaller, tighter pathway 17.08.2021 416
DM-Godforsaken-[V] : There have been multiple gameplay and visual updates to the map since it released 12-25-2019! The download has been updated to NEWEST VERSION released 4-4-22. The map has been heavily improved since the screenshots shown here. - Other environments of mine can be found at my 2 profiles of game banana. https://gamebanana.com/members/1467286 https://gamebanana.com/members/1665945 - All 22 Screenshots of this map are available in a folder of my Google Drive at 3840 x 2160 if interested. https:/ 30.12.2019 960
DM-Lego-GardenOfStone : This map was finished a couple of years ago. It is the Gold Edition which is final. A transformation of the 1on1 map, Garden of Stone, into lego not only provides a different style. There are advantages when moving around the map, as all static mesh has been removed, which would commonly snag up players bumping into them. They've been replaced with a very minimal amount (some lego. some not.) The map mixes in simplistic non-lego textures as well. It doesn't do a disservice to the original 24.10.2020 459
DM-[M]Seeing-Red : Multidodging has become popular in some 3SPN servers playing freon. Since then, a bunch of mappers came out with maps tagged "[M]" made specifically to make the most of the multidodge mutator. The mutator is included in the zip file and allows you to be able to dodge from one surface to another endlessly without having to touch the ground again in order to replenish a single wall dodge. All of the striped walls are a big part of the gameplay. You can walk directly up and down one of these 24.10.2020 387
DM-Arachi-[3] : Get lost in a winding and twisting layout that is designed to stir up surprising gameplay moments in large matches. Many different movement options all around to move around the map vertically and quickly. Thread Discussion 24.10.2020 572

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