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DM-CTU-Life-Style-Pad : MAPINFO DM-[CTU]-Life-Style-Pad for UT2004 Author: [CTU]Sanja This is a new Sniper-map of [CTU]-Clan. It is a Indoor map with two rooms and a lot of secrets. Because of its size it can be used as Camper/Sniper and Run&Gun map, so anybody who likes the Snipermods for UT2004 can have some fun with this map. Play it with up to 20 players and have fun with it!!! how to do umcompress the files with a packer like winrar and copy into follow dir DM-[CTU]-Life-Style-Pad.ut2 into 12.01.2010 544
DM-Campgrounds-Urban : DM-CAMPGROUNDS URBAN Remix of the original DM-CAMPGROUNDS2004 by ID Software remix made by El Bouriko, may 2006. Installation: Put the DM-CAMPGROUNDS-URBAN.UT2 file in your UT2004>MAPS folder. Put all the .utx files in your UT2004>TEXTURES folder Map description: design: use of concrete, glass, pipes and cold blue light. gameplay: Hide and seek will surely be different now if you take advantage of the glass windows and the pipes. sober details make i 12.01.2010 511
DM-Campgrounds2004-classic : >>>>DM-Campgrounds 2004-classic>>>> Diese Map ist ein remake der UT2003-map DM-Campgrounds 2003-LE. Ich habe nichts an der Map verändert, ihr werdet also den gleichen Spaß haben wie mit dem Vorgänger, daher habe ich die Map auch "*-classic" genannt. Es werden bestimmt bald weitere Versionen der Map für UT2004 erhältlich sein, dies ist jedoch die "classic-map"... Bots: JA Multiplayer: Ja Bauzeit: ca. 3 Stunden Gameplay: gut Bugs: Bis jetzt noch keine bekannt, falls welche auf 12.01.2010 618
DM-Camping2k4 : ================================================================ Title :DM-Camping2k4 Version :Final Release Date :05 de Agosto 2008 Filename :DM-Camping2k4 Author(s) :Héctor 'danielumio' Beretta Email Address :danielumio@hotmail.com Other levels by author "Unpublisheds": Otros mapas que espero publicar: UT2004 Levels AS-Fortaleza_Marina DM-Gimnasio2k4 DM-Ciudad_Industrial2k4 ===== 12.01.2010 750
DM-Carnevil : =========================================================================== Map : DM-CarnEvil Gametype : Deathmatch Release Date : January 2006 Filename : DM-CarnEvil Author(s) : Black Ice Games Contact: If you have any questions or comments about the map you can email Chris Mallinson (Brits_Hit@hotmail.com) or refer to the map's thread in the Atari forums: http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=322 12.01.2010 254
DM-Castle_Valley : ReadMe Valley_Castle for Unreal Tournament 2004 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Castle Valley Filename: DM-Castle_Valley.ut2 Release Date: 18-05-2008 New Textures: yes New StaticMeshes: yes Remarks or questions: admin.bloodybeauty@tiscali.nl =================================================================================== Credits: --------- 12.01.2010 383
DM-CelticTower : When the well ran dry in the Keep's old tower..... Blah Blah blah. I wanted to make a simple map with a few idea's I wanted to try out. Credits to Hazel.H for the skybox http://www.hazelwhorley.com/ Alun David Bestor for some textures http://thief.washboardabs.net/news/ BerneyBoy for some textures http://berneyboy.planetquake.gamespy.com/textures.htm BigJim & Zoo for the Help with the little problem I had. And all the map testers at Http://ut2004.titaninternet.co.uk/foru 12.01.2010 245
DM-Cicatrice : |DM-Cicatrice****| |By Tidu | |April 3rd, 2006 | |****************| 6-12 Players Trashed Warehouse theme Some tight corners/hallways, a couple open areas as well. No story... sorry. And no screens in the zip. Yes, I'm sorry to say, you'll have to play the map to see what it looks like ;) Not much to say, except that I'm glad I'm finished. Took me a little while! And after a lot of testing, I think it's a pretty fun map to play. Better for play with Fog Distance set to 12.01.2010 266
DM-CoM-Castle : 12.01.2010 219
DM-Coliseum2k4 : ========================================================= Title :The Coliseum Version :1 Release Date : Filename :DM-Coliseum2k4 Author :Daniel Abrego(coding and art) and Michael Bellipanni(design and music) Email Address :bellipanni4(at)yahoo.com or cheap_films (at) yahoo.com(Daniel) HomePage :dmc.ic2.org/unrealmods/ Description :This level is an attempt to set new ground in level design for Unre 12.01.2010 238
DM-Come_Get_Some-final : Kleine Funmap mit einigen netten Extras :) 12.01.2010 283
DM-Contrived : ReadMe for Contrived for Unreal Tournament 2k4 --------------------------------------------------- Title: Contrived Filename: DM-Contrived Author: Brooke 'ChookWoods' Brady eMail Address: BrookeBrady@gmail.com Website URL: Release Date: 19/10/2007 Last Update: 19/10/2007 Version: FINAL Credits: Hourences for texture pack. Hazel.h for skybox textures. Other levels by author: DM-Structured DM 12.01.2010 383

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