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Monster Kill Announcer : Monster Kill Announcer Original Thread: https://forums.unrealtournament.com/showthread.php?19597-BP-Mutator-Monster-Kill-Announcer This will announce when a player has earned a MultiKill status(Double/Multi/Ultra/Monster). If a player earns multiple Monster kills in row, it will display how many monsters he has earned in a row. ***For this mutator to work: This will need to be installed on both the client and server side.*** Configuration Client Side: Install to ..\My Documents\Unr 20.10.2015 60
Replace UDamage with Jetpack : Replaces: Udamage with jetpack 1.2 required: jetpack 1.2 https://forums.epicgames.com/threads/989707-ReplaceUDamageWithJetpack-by-RattleSN4K3 Kommentare im Forum 21.03.2015 242
KBR Weapons v1 : KBR-WeaponsV1 http://www.kbr-ostfriesland.de/index.php?mod=files&action=view&id=44 Installation: Dateien in dieses Verzeichnis kopieren: /UT2004/System...... KBR-Christa Defensive Nahkampfwaffe mit Jumpbooster. KBR-TarRifle Primär: Aufladung eines Teerklumpen. Sekundär: Rakete mit vielen, kleinen Teerspritzer. KBR-ElectroGun Primär: Teppich aus haftenden Elektroimpulsen. Sekundär: Sehr schnelle Rakete mit vielen kleinen Elektroimpulsen. KBR-ColdFusion Primär: Sehr 07.04.2015 857
Storage StaticMesh Collection : https://forums.unrealtournament.com/showthread.php?16586-New-static-mesh-collection I recently started to work with the UTeditor, with the intention of making some custom maps. Meanwhile I am creating new static mesh, to put them in the maps. Once finished I would collect them into collections and make them available for free download. First collection avaiable for download: - blue barrel - brown box - white box - green container closed - green container open - green container door 21.04.2015 113
Level Design Material : Original-Thread https://forums.unrealtournament.com/showthread.php?11668-Easy-level-design-material-for-you-guys-) Hi Unreal Tournament developers! Here is my first contribution for the Unreal community. I made an easy to use material for creating levels inside the Unreal Editor. The settings are now tweaked for the new Unreal Tournament. So, what does this material do? 1) It projects a grid over the mesh/brush so you can easily see how well everything is aligned. 2) It has a di 02.07.2015 75
CTF-Sprinta : ReadMe for CTF-Sprinta for Unreal Tournament (4) -------------------------------------------------------- Title: CTF-Sprinta Filename: CTF-Sprinta-WindowsNoEditor.pak MD5-Hash: 489EA63F0D15C3FD47FBE1C98AAAC4B2 Author: Cory Spooner 'TheSpoonDog' (Converted to UT(4) by Donzi.UTzone) eMail Address: noSpam at utzone.de Website URL: http://www.UTzone.de Version: beta Engine: 4.15.0 Special Thanks: - Cory Spooner 'TheSpoonDog' Play Information ---------------- Game: Unreal Tour 27.09.2015 158
CTF-w00tabulous : ReadMe for CTF-w00tabulous for Unreal Tournament (4) -------------------------------------------------------- Title: CTF-w00tabulous Filename: CTF-w00tabulous-WindowsNoEditor.pak Author: A Remake of the UT99 map called CTF-w00tabulous. Originally created by The_Gunslinger from Dreadful Fear Brigade clan. (Converted to UT(4) by Donzi.UTzone) eMail Address: noSpam at utzone.de Website URL: http://www.UTzone.de Version: beta Engine: 4.15 Special Thanks: - The_Gunslinger Play In 27.09.2015 184
DM-TreJAM : Hallo UTzone Community, ich möchte euch hier meine erste Map für UT4 vorstellen. DM-TreJAM-RC1 Die Map ist simple aufgebaut und hat jetzt nicht unbedingt realistische Züge. Ich hab versucht eine Duel TDM DM Map zu bauen, in der man auch ein wenig Movement können gut gebrauchen kann. Die itemorte hab ich erst einmal nach meinem Vorstellungen gemacht. Denke aber das bis auf ein zwei die Positionen gut platziert sind. Evtl. kann die Shock noch auf einmal reduziert werden. 12.10.2015 161
DM-Cetana : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRnf0zYRVN4 Original Thread: https://forums.unrealtournament.com/showthread.php?19604-Dm-Cetana This is my first map for UT (never used any game engine or 3D-Programs before joining the Unreal Engine Community in December 2014). It's a quite big "just for fun" Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch map, but due to it's quite open space, it's best suitable for 10-12 players before Chaos emerges Put .pak file here (standard directory) ---> C:\Program Files\Epic Game 20.10.2015 154
Capture the Tree for #UTAlpha : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkWQwdK8N5A Hi everyone, I just wanted to take a couple of seconds and wish you all a Happy Holiday. It's been a fun year and we have made some great progress and I'm surely going to be fragging my way in to 2016. And since we were unable to get a Holiday event put together, I wanted to bring something from the past back. Now true story, I wanted to do Capture the Tree last year at this time, but things were already crazy and I just couldn't get the art done. I 28.12.2015 111
Smarter Bots : Smarter Bots ============ for UT2004 by Wormbo Homepage: http://www.koehler-homepage.de/wormbo/ Description ----------- This mutator and server actor improves the bot AI to allow bots to access their complete set of skills even on lower game difficulty levels. Game difficulty will still affect how well bots aim and their general tactical decisions, but they will e.g. run at full speed and know how to use the Translocator and hammer jumps to move around the map. However, it's still 05.04.2016 979
Headshot View : Headshot View ============= by Wormbo Homepage: http://www.koehler-homepage.de/wormbo/ Description ----------- This mutator or server actor ports a fun feature from UT1: You view from your severed head after being killed with a headshot. Other than that, it has no effect. Note that this mutator is not white-listed, so running it makes your server non-standard. The server actor does not affect a server's white-listing status. There are no configuration options for this mutator. 05.04.2016 290

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