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  • Letzte Aktivität: 18.09.2020 22:53
  • Registriert seit: 13.11.2009


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Dateien von Benutzer
Datei Datum Downloads
No Super PowerUps Mutator : Removes all SuperPowerups from UT4 Kommentare im Forum 21.10.2016 67
Remove SpawnArmor Mutator : Removes the Armor after a fresh Respawn in UT4 Kommentare im Forum 21.10.2016 49
No SpawnProtection Mutator : Thread @ Epic-Forum: https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/forums/showthread.php?21755 No Spawn Protection Mutator Removes the spawn protection This is a simple mutator to remove the spawn protection and/or configure the spawn protection time per game mode. Version: 1.0.8 Compatibility: built on Build 3361702 (3/28/2017; v0.1.9) [check the list below for more] Type: Blueprint Network version: 3361702 Coded by RattleSN4K3 Credits: Epic Games Key features: No Spaw 21.10.2016 40
DM-Vacant : Thread @ Epic-Forum https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/forums/showthread.php?23678 DM-Vacant (Mapcore TSD) Mapcore entry! RC1 is currently down, I won't be putting a meshed version back up till I've made the massive changes I want to make. Major change WIP! === DM-Vacant-WIP10 === Server admin info: Dir: /Game/Maps/DM-Vacant/DM-Vacant_WIP10 Checksum: 4eb2233202bab3718fc3342c7f9280e4 Kommentare im Forum 21.10.2016 26
DM-Protracted : Thread @ Epic-Forum: https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/forums/showthread.php?18877 DM-Protracted Tried my hand at a more competitive duel layout, tried to include some nice slide possibilities, enjoy! === Wip 9 Pak === Server admin info: Dir: /Game/Maps/DM-Protracted/DM-Protracted-WIP9 Checksum: 572a957aa097a86655eaf5a09f726e61 Kommentare im Forum 21.10.2016 25
CTF-Dock : Update: 12.Nov.2016 Thread @ Epic-Forum: https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/forums/showthread.php?17431 CTF-Dock Asym CTF. Not much to say. Weapon placements need work. There is also meant to be a mechanic with the crane moving boxes but I wanted to release an initial version for people to play with while I fiddle around with the fancy stuff. General idea is that the boat is relatively easy to get into, but harder to get out of while the port is hard to get into, but easier to 21.10.2016 34
DM-DeepInside : Thread @ Epic-Forum: https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/forums/showthread.php?22976 Description: Remake of the famous DM-DeepInside by J. Scott Drader from Quake3/live. Big Thank to @phyloni, who provided me his prototype, his feedback and his support. DeepInside is mainly designed for FreezeTag, TDM and iTDM. PS: I deeply suggest you to play DM-Deep before this one, to fully enjoy the layout. Kommentare im Forum 21.10.2016 50
CTF-RavenBreak : Thread @ Epic-Forum: https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/forums/showthread.php?20634 Description: Designed for jailbreak then edited to fit 4vs4 and 6vs6 competitive CTF games. Performance and lightings not yet fully optimized. Kommentare im Forum 21.10.2016 83
CTF-Rankin-PRO : Thread @ Epic-Forum: https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/forums/showthread.php?26170-CTF-Rankin-PRO&highlight=CTF+Rankin+pro It's the famous iCTF map from ut2k4. Kommentare im Forum 30.03.2017 96
DM-Idoma : Thread @ Epic-Forum: https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/forums/showthread.php?26270-DM-Idoma&highlight=idoma DM-Idoma from ut2k4 Kommentare im Forum 30.03.2017 140
DM-Akbal [REMAKE] : Thread @ Epic-Forum: https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/forums/showthread.php?26463-DM-Akbal-REMAKE&highlight=akbal It's a small to medium sized DM map best suited for Elimination or 2v2 TDM. Kommentare im Forum 30.03.2017 186
DM-Blaster : Thread @ Epic-Forum: https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/forums/showthread.php?17399 Description: Oldskool style map designed for duel and 2vs2 competitive Kommentare im Forum 21.10.2016 59

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