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Dateien von Benutzer
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DM-Manifest : DM-Manifest by Tidu 8-16 Players DESCRIPTION This map is a medium sized "thing," if you will. Half-ship, half ship-with-bricks. In other words, it's unrealistic, which should be excusable for unreal . It's got a few dodge ramps and secluded areas, with powerups and the like. The 100a is in the center of the level, and although not hard to reach, it is in the middle of four hallways intersecting. That should produce some tough battles. Bots are supported, and aside from not liking my dodge 12.01.2010 428
DM-MasterBedDD : GIANT MAP DESIGNS Title : Giant Scale Map DM-MasterBedDD Version :Final Release Date : 05/29/2004 Filename : DM-MasterBedDD Author(s) :{SdK} DoctoR DeatH Email Address :doctordeath@utgmc.com Web Page : www.utgmc.com Description : Medium size Where to get this map : www.unrealplayg 12.01.2010 376
DM-MineFort : DM-MineFort (3-6 Players) For Unreal Tournament 2004 Title: The Abandoned Mine Fort Author: Jason "Jakyl" Wray Music: Tommy Tallarico (taken from Advent Rising) Release Date: December 12, 2005 Description: The abandoned mine of Planet Canibu was recently "obtained" by the Liandri and outfitted with the necessary means for a tournament hall. Welcome to Canibu, dig it! Credits: Epic for the textures, Tommy Tallarico for the music. Comments: This map does not include bot p 12.01.2010 418
DM-Miysis : Title :Miysis Version :2004 Release Date :Mai 2004 Filename :DM-Miysis.ut2 Author(s) :Joerg (MX-II) M. Email Address :Joeesp(at)gmx.de --- Play Information --- Game :Unreal Tournament 2004 Level Name :DM-Miysis Single Player :Botplay New Sounds :No New Textures :No New StaticMeshes/Models :yes (mylevel) New Unreal Script :No Recommended players :2 to 6 Players 12.01.2010 180
DM-Mystiq-RE : DM-Mystiq-RE Title: DM-Mystiq-RE Filename: DM-Mystiq-RE.ut2 Author: FrozenFlames eMail Address: kevinvertommen(at)hotmail(dot)com Release Date: 29-8-2007 Last Update: 29-8-2007 Version: RE Credits: I would like to thank the following persons, who all have contributed to the creation of this map, either directly (includes beta testing) or by giving me support along the way: First of all, I'd like 12.01.2010 340
DM-NGU-Pharos : 12.01.2010 167
DM-Nautilus : Jab MAP-DM DM-Nautilus Map : DM-Nautilus Version : 1.00 Compatibility : UT2004 Description : My second map for UT2kx 12.01.2010 372
DM-Necrophobia : Diese Map wurde von [UJG]Crazy-KSK und [UJG]Thrall erstellt und darf NICHT von anderen Leuten verändert oder kopiert werden. Copyright by Unreal Jail Guards www.ujg.de.vu 12.01.2010 357
DM-Nefarious][ : Title : Nefarious][ Gametype : UT2004 Deathmatch Version : 2.0 Release Date : 03/13/2008 Filename : DM-Nefarious][.zip Author : Kyle "K6599" Keiderling Web Page : http://www.vaticlan.com Email : K6599(at)vaticlan.com Changes/Fixes : 1. Removed the blocking volumes on the tops of the towers... Translocate on top of most anything now! 2. Fixed one blocking 12.01.2010 885
DM-Neon-Blockfort : Title : Neon-Blockfort Release Date : August, 2006 Filename : DM-Neon-Blockfort.ut2 Author : ScrooLoose Email Address : scrooloose.mapper(at)gmail.com --- Information --- Game : UT2004 Gametypes : DM, TDM, LMS, TAM Deathmatch : 2-10 players Construction time : +- 12 hours,lot of testing, trying things out actual construction time would be closer to 3 hours. Weapon 12.01.2010 410
DM-Nieves-Arena : Title: Nieves Arena Filename: DM-Nieves-Arena Author: ARKHAM eMail Address: ogiva_arkham@yahoo.com.br Website URL: Release Date: June 19 - 2006 Last Update: Version: Final Credits: Thanx to LoCo and Hellis for the support on balancing the level and testing it also. Other levels by author: BR-GravityKills CTF-ARK-TwistedBase CTF-CrioStation CTF-MeltedFaith CTF-Musgo CTF-OgivaSeth CTF-Ranel CTF- 12.01.2010 322
DM-PhobosClassic : Title: Phobos Classic Filename: DM-PhobosClassic.ut2 Author: Pavel "Pashtet" Koksharov eMail Address: Lord_k(at)list.ru Website URL: Not yet Release Date: January, 2006 Version: 1.0 Other levels by author: UT 2k4: BR-Resurrection CTF-Resurrection CTF-Insurrection DM-Insanity DM-PhobosClassic UT '99: DM-Assault DM-Morbias ]I[ - arena of death DM-SpaceZeto DM-Diablo DM-Egyptian Web (My first m 12.01.2010 689

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