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Dateien von Benutzer
Datei Datum Downloads
DM-Simplex : ReadMe for DM-Simplex for Unreal Tournament ------------------------------------------- Title: DM-Simplex Filename: DM-Simplex.zip Author: 2'Face eMail Address: Website URL: Release Date: 2007 Last Update: Version: Final Credits: Other levels by author: DM-Factor-Z DM-Implorer DM-Viktim DM-Sus'la-Alin DM-Deimos][ DM-AB [21] DM-AB ]21[ DM-Simplex DM-Complex DM-Metaphys DM-Chess 10.01.2010 321
DM-420-SlumLord : Title: DM-420-SlumLord Filename: DM-420-SlumLord Author: Muff N eMail Address: rebelnaked@yahoo.com Website URL: gametracker.com/clan/420int Release Date: 2/09 Last Update: 2/09 Version: 1 Credits: Other levels by author: TOO DAMN MANY!!!!!! ==================================================================================== Play Information ---------------- Game: Unreal Tournament 10.01.2010 215
DM-SunsetArena : Hi, thanks for donwloading my map. Hope you like it. Egyptian style map. Amazing skybox. Nuff was said, time to frag. Thanks GenMoKai for testing and those tips. Email: maxuser6000@yahoo.com -Myth- 10.01.2010 452
DM-Workshop : Autor: Thiago 'V1CIO' Tozim Evangelista 10.01.2010 260
DM-Yakuza : ReadMe for DM-Yakuza for Unreal Tournament ---------------------------------------------------- Title: DM-Yakuza Filename: DM-Yakuza.unr Author: Uncle_Bob eMail Address: thecleaner_328@hotmail.con Website URL: http://unclebobdesign.freehostia.com Release Date: 6th July 2008 Last Update: Version: 1.00 Credits: UT Files: Nix for Nixsky.utx Other levels by author: See my website. === 10.01.2010 273
DM-Zefkha : Myth :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: maxuser6000@yahoo.com www.myth.ut99.org :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Hi, thanks for donwloading my map. Hope you like it. A noice 2-6 player DM map featuring S-Trance's music. It's actually a remake of DM-A-WarriorsPit-Echo by Sebastian "Prozac" Samson. Special thanks to Sebastian "Prozac" Sams 10.01.2010 339
DM-Assault2 : DM-Assault2 Title: City Player Count: 6-10 Game Type: Deathmatch Bot support: Yes Version: 1 Author: David Maciejewski E-Mail: crazycow_bse@web.de This map is similar to the map 'Assault' from Counter-Strike. Its a good sniper map. The time for construction costs me two days. This level is copyright 2008, by David Maciejewski. UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004 (c)2004 Epic Megagames, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Distributed by Atari, Inc. under license. 10.01.2010 383
DMDust : DM-Dust << General Informations >> Title Sniper Dust Version 1.0 Author David "Wolf633" Maciejewski E-Mail crazycow_bse@web.de << Play Information >> Game Unreal Tournament Player Count 4-10 Gametyp Deathmatch Bot Support Yes Used Music Course Used Textures Crypt2.utx; Egypt.utx; EgyptPan.utx; RainFX; MyLevel; SkyCity Used Sounds None (there are also HalfLife Sounds in the zip-file) New Sounds Half_Life.uax New Textures Two (Package: MyLevel("Base2A","Sand 10.01.2010 638
DM-Legoland : ReadMe for DM-Legoland for UT99 -------------------------------------------------- Title: Lego-Paradies Author: David "Wolf633" Maciejewski eMail Address: www.crazycow_bse@web.de Version: 1.0 Play Information ------------------------------------------------ Game: Unreal Tournament Level Name: Lego-Paradies Game Type: Deathmatch Botmatch: Yes Teamplay: Yes New Tex 10.01.2010 871
DM-SimpleVillage : DM-SimpleVillage Game Unreal Tournament (UT99) Author David "Wolf633" Maciejewski E-Mail crazycow_bse@web.de Title The small Village Game-Typ Deathmatch Playercount 4-10 Botsupport Yes New music Yes (it is in the Zip-File) New Textures No Description: This is a deathmatch map for 4-10 players. Its a low gravity map, but, if it disturb you, you can change it. Outside the Village are Skaarj placed. So don't think you can go out and hide from other players. Copyright 10.01.2010 370
DM-Tokay's Towers : A Map for Unreal Tournament 99 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: DM-Tokay's Towers Author: Eclipze ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Install: Copy the "DM-Tokay's Towers" file into your Unreal Tournament\Maps directory ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author's Notes: This map is my first one and is a tribute to the original Quake ][ map h 10.01.2010 307
DM-Train : DM-Train Author: David "Wolf633" Maciejewski This is a deathmatch map for Unreal Tournament. It was built for 2 to 4 players. There are new textures and new music. This map supports Bot matches. How to Install: Extract the files in the correct directory: UnrealTournament\Help *.txt UnrealTournament\Maps *.unr UnrealTournament\System *.u & *.int & *.ini UnrealTournament\Textures *.utx UnrealTournament\Sounds *.uax This level is copyright 2009, by D 10.01.2010 309

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