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Dateien von Benutzer
Datei Datum Downloads
CTF-SnailSchool : Map: CTF-SnailSchool (Unreal Tournament) v1.2 Ideal Number of Players: 4-6 Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Music: Sort of (From Deus Ex) Known Bugs: None found. Author: Stuart "LizardGenes" Lindsay Date: January 23, 2007 E-mail: darj_404 at yahoo.co.uk Time to complete: Three Weeks (Approx) Instructions: Unzip the file CTF-SnailSchool.zip and -Place the file SnailSchool.unr into your "maps" folder -Place the files SnailSchool.uax and MoversSFX.uax 10.01.2010 253
CTF-SoT-[Sk8-Park]SE : :::::::::::::- CTF-SoT-[Sk8-Park]SE -:::::::::: Author -SoT-[StarFire] email:star_fire914@hotmail.com RELEASE DATE: 10 March 2007 Version: 1.0 Website: http://www.clan-sot.com About the map: This map is a Skate Park CTF map and is set in a city atmosphere. The original idea for this map came from LiquidX and his map called CTF-(TDK)-Sk8-Park.I really liked the layout and the whole theme idea since there aren't alot of maps like this one. CTF-SoT-[Sk8-Park]se is named af 10.01.2010 216
CTF-SpacePlatform : Main Information Official Release date : 13 October 2007 version Final Release date : 14 October 2007 Map name : CTF-SpacePlatform Author : Martijn "team-wd.d!x " Kooy Best Amount of players : 6 - 8 Custom Textures used : MyLevel package Custom Music used : Point.umx Custom Sound used : N/A Custom System files used : MyLevel package Known bugs : Some lensflares migth not show up. Map information Small space based map. It's ment to be an Arena mutator map for example Rocket-Arena or 10.01.2010 228
CTF-TFC-EvilEEE : CTF-TFC-EvilEEE is Doctor Evil's entry into the TFC (The Floorplan Challenge) at NalI City E is for Evil. EEE is for Mini-Me's only catchphrase. EEE is also because the capital E is visible in the views of the map in ALL THREE of the Unreal Editor 2D viewports (top, front and side). This is a small asymmetric CTF map, created from scratch in one evening. The red base is on the top floor. The blue base is on the middle floor, with a longer path back to the flag. The bottom floor 10.01.2010 174
CTF-TFC-Variatto v1.3 : --==CTF -Variatto==-- Title: CTF -Variatto Filename: CTF-TFC-Variatto.unr Author: Kaka eMail Address: ultrakaka at tlen.pl Website URL: www.kkdesign.unreal.com.pl Release Date: 31 December 2006 Last Update: Version: 1.3 My other levels: DM-Furio Info ---------------- Game: Unreal Tournament Level Name: CTF -Variatto Game Type: Capture the flag Botmatch: Yes Single Player: With bots Teamplay: No New Textures: Yes ( in MyLevel: Hourences HourPitores_UT.utx and 10.01.2010 294
CTF-Tigith][ : CTF-Tigith][-readme ------------------------------------------------- Title: CTF-Tigith][ Filename: CTF-Tigith][.unr Author: P. "Koeckchen" T. Release Date: 10-01-2007 Last Update: Version: 1.00 Credits: Custom texturepackages HourPitores_UT.utx, HourKraden_UT.utx by Hourences, thanks! other custom stuff: ZAN_MET.umx, richrig.utx Other levels by author: CTF-Tifosa CTF-ByProduct][ CTF-Powerstruggle Pla 10.01.2010 226
CTF-Tutorial_Deck16_MIX : 10.01.2010 235
CTF-UnderDark : Title : CTF-UnderDark Version : 1 Release Date : 1/13/01 Filename : CTF-UnderDark.zip Author : Jeff "Monger" Randall (Shock Systems) Email Address : shockinc at email.com Web Page : http://www.shock-systems.com Description : UnderDark is a fantasy adventure kingdom where the blue base, 'Shadow Keep' is at war with an evil ancient cult know as 'Cult of the Damned' (Red Base) 10.01.2010 294
CTF-UPbg-BattleW00t : ReadMe for Battlew00t for Unreal Tournament ------------------------------------------- Title: Battlew00t Filename: BattleW00t Author: Daniel "Rakiayn" Geurts eMail Address: danielgeurts at hotmail.com Website URL: Release Date: 16-07-07 Last Update: Version: 1.0 Credits: Mychaeel (for using meshamaker) Ironblayde (for the falldamage handler) Switch (for the sw jumppad) Paranoid (for the we 10.01.2010 266
CTF-UPbg-ChessMess : no info 10.01.2010 215
CTF-UPbg-Clue : CTF-UPbg-Clue Enjoy the map. Thanks go out to Unreal Playground for all the memories through out the years. Special thanks to Bot40 and his Smart Alternative Path Actor. Special thanks to the Mesh Maker program and it's creator, Mychaeel who can be found at mychaeel at planetunreal.com. -------------------------------------------------------- Airlea: Look at that bunch of cows. TexasGtar: Not bunch..."herd" Airlea: Heard of what? TexasGtar: Herd of cows. Airlea: Sure I 10.01.2010 186
CTF-UPbg-MonopolySauce v3 : ReadMe for UPbg-MonopolySauce for Unreal Tournament --------------------------------------------------- Title: UPbg-MonopolySauce Filename: CTF-UPbg-MonopolySauce.unr Author: tarnationsauce2 eMail Address: tarnationsauce2 at hotmail.com Website URL: http://forums.unrealplayground.com/member.php?u=2645 Release Date: 7/17/2007 Last Update: Version: 3 Credits: Thanks to the guys at Unreal Playgroun 10.01.2010 363

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