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    Ausgebildeter Stadtaffe und Finanzvernichter der UTzone
    UTzone, Gaming, Musik
    Admin, Dj
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  • Downloads: 312
  • Uploads: 115
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Dateien von Benutzer
Datei Datum Downloads
CTF-UPbg-SeriousScrabble : ReadMe for Serious Scrabble for Unreal Tournament ------------------------------------------------- Title: Serious Scrabble Filename: CTF-UPbg-SeriousScrabble Author: Wessel Steenhuis eMail Address: wsteenhuis.1337 athotmail.com Website URL: Release Date: 09-07-07 Last Update: Version: 1.00 Credits: Derrr, what can I say? Thanks to Airlea for holding this great competition and to everyone else w 10.01.2010 189
CTF-yesBreezy : Date : 06/06/07 ================================================================ Title : yesBreezy Filename : CTF-yesBreezy.unr Author(s) : Xsjado Email Address : misled_youth1@hotmail.com Description : yesBreezy is a ut99 conversion of the 2k4 map CTF-Chrome I changed the theme/textures a little in order to create a more simplistic build for ut99. Full credits go to the origional author of CTF-Chrome! Additional Credits to : bet 10.01.2010 237
CTF-Zero-Oxygen : ReadMe for CTF-Zero-Oxygen for Unreal Tournament ------------------------------------------------ Title: CTF-Zero-Oxygen Filename: CTF-Zero-Oxygen.rar Author: WinegumS eMail Address: Website URL: Please signup UT needs your support! -> www.gaming-xtreme.co.uk Release Date: Last Update: Version: 1 Credits: Hourences for his create textures and aevirex for his great help for lighting, plus everyon 10.01.2010 227
CTF-Masuimi : 10.01.2010 254
CTF-AyrtonSenna : UT99-CTF-AyrtonSenna Author: Rodrigo Bordello "BULBAFLEX" Installation: Extract - senna.utx in UT/TExtures Extract - CTF-AyrtonSenna.unr in UT/Maps DONE 10.01.2010 218
AS-PhoenixMoon : >>> AS-PhoenixMoon <<< Map Name: Operation "Phoenix Moon" Map Type: UT-Assault Game: Unreal Tournament Author: Revelation Players: 10 Bot Support: true Build Time: very long, about 6 months with many interuptions, finished on 07-29-2005 Editor Used: UnrealED 2.0 Files: AS-PhoenixMoon.unr; Rev2-ColdSteel.utx, RevBible.u, SteelPak.u ======================================================= Story: A few hours ago, it was confirmed that a highly dangero 18.01.2010 2.515
MutTimedMessages v1.1 : neue Version http://www.utzone.de/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=3633_MutTimedMessages-v2.0 Kommentare im Forum 20.04.2010 161
WAR-Traverse : Description: Bridge-based level that contains a EMGP Tower (Electro-Magnetic Genocide Pulse Tower) that when captured, kills the opposing team. Use teamwork to capture and maintain strategic vehicles in each node to win the game. Comments: Capturing the EMGP node sets off a countdown timer, when it hits 0, the opposing team that does not hold the node all die. This can be countered if that opposing team flies an air vehicle into the top of the tower (glowing/flickering lightning) within 5 sec 04.08.2010 1.775
NoIntro.ut2 for UT2003 : ReadMe for NoIntro.ut2 for Unreal Tournament 2003 -------------------------------------------------------- Title: NoIntro.ut2 Filename: NoIntro.ut2 Author: Ragnos.UTzone eMail Address: noSpam at utzone.de Website URL: http://www.UTzone.de Release Date: 05.03.2011 Last Update: Version: final Credits: Greets fly out to (alph.order): - all Mappers @ UTzone-Forum - f00k - FA2K - GGMJ - UTzone-C 05.03.2011 136
DM-1on1-Silo : No readme :( Original hosted @ Levels4You.com, thanks for providing us the files! Kommentare im Forum 12.08.2011 597
Community Bonus Pack 1: UT2004 Re-Release : ================================================================ Title : CBP1 Map-Pack For Unreal Tournament 2004 Version : 2 Release Date : 10/19/2004 Filename : CBP1.zip ================================================================ ---About the Map Pack--- This map pack is re-release of the critically acclaimed Community Bonus Pack - originally released for UT2003. All of the maps have been converted in one way or another from ve 09.06.2011 7.547
=[MM]=Rifle v2 : This is the sniper rifle weapon by =[MM]= clan (Metal Mulisha), the mutator includes also a nice stealth translocator. No ReadMe included! :< Kommentare im Forum 27.12.2012 368

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