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Chibi Usa : DETAILS: MODELS: Chibi Usagi FOR USE WITH: Unreal Tournament 2004 AUTHOR: Shawn (Nomad/Suicide Joe) Wise CONTACT: WEB SITE: www.dementedbliss.com VERSION HISTORY: 1.0 - Initial release. DESCRIPTION: Usagi junior. Usagi Tsukino's daughter from the future. AKA "Chibi Usa" (little Usagi) Chibi-Usa had a fight with Usagi that being older is better, while Usagi argued that being younger is better. Their enemy, PallaPalla, witnessed this and decided to make their d 12.01.2010 1.293
Trainer Girl : Jefe's UT Trainer Girl Team Color Update --------------------------------------------- What you're getting, and some notes: This is an update to the UT Trainer girl model pack released Travis Tom (Visimo), Scott Ruggles & Keshaun Watts. The original skins lacked team skins on all but the default model. I began working on this skin pack as a request by foibos, who runs an ONS-32 server at TechCom.cz. I first attempted contact with the original authors 3 months ago to get their blessing 12.01.2010 2.454
UTzone_UT2004_WebAdminSkin : Readme for UTzone.de Skin for Unreal Tournament 2004 WebAdmin ---------------------------------------------------------- Title: UTzone.de UT2004 WebAdminSkin Author: Donzi.UTzone Website URL: http://www.utzone.de/ Release Date: 05.01.2009 Version: Final edited Files: \Web\ServerAdmin - frame_header.inc - header.inc - mainmenu.htm - menuheader.inc - ut2003.css (incl. fixed css-Bugs) \Web\images - all images Credits: Thanks to Ragnos.UTzone and Piper.UTzone for the ide 12.01.2010 375
Vaness : Model Name : V A N E S S Author : Oliver 'Raz' G. aka Raziel31 Email Address : Animations : Default UT2K4 animations Sounds : Default UT2K4 sounds Other info : concept to creation by ME ( Concept, Modeling, Rigging and skinning ) ======= * Play Information * CTF Skins : YES ( 4 skins included ) * Construction * Poly Count : 3166 polys Skin Count : 1(512*512:head) + 1(1024*1 12.01.2010 993
Winamp_Skins_from_UT : 12.01.2010 205
Woolf : 12.01.2010 481
Yoda : Filename: ut2mdl-Yodamdl Version: 1.0 Author: EvilEngine Release Date: 8-16-2003 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Description: Finnally got Yoda out of the beta stage. Current non-beta version now has a proper ragdoll for its small size. Has custom species for sounds, green gibs and custom "skeleton" model for a burnt Yoda. Comes with two skins , one normal and another of ghost Yoda. Also had an online version that uses standard ut2003 species files for compatibility. Yoda model ported 12.01.2010 2.915
Abi Hime : Model Name : Abi Hime installation directory : Unreal 2004 Dir Author : "Ok-Billy" Skin Author : Ok-Billy Animations : Unreal 2k4 default Sounds : Unreal 2k4 default Email Address : Website URL : - Model description : Abi Hime is a phoenix lady who was defeated by Naraku but then rose again and is now entered into the Unreal Tournament. Other info : This model have full Team Color, but do not have any colored texture: only runtime effect made by 'Unreal Enngine'. Additional 12.01.2010 540
Atreon : Atreon Skin for Unreal Tournament 2004 Installation: Extract the "Atreon.UTX" file into the Textures folder in your UT2004 folder. Extract the "Atreon.UPL" file into the System folder in your UT2004 folder. Open Ut2004. This skin, in no way, can it be modified or redistributed without given permission from the author. You CAN, however, mirror it on other sites and/or link it as a file if you show credit to the author, and not yourself. 12.01.2010 1.153
Blade : Player Skin for Unreal Tournament 2004 by [BoT] Alpha ======= This is my updated version of Blade - The Daywalker He got some metal shaders and team colors <INSTALLATION INFO> After executing the *.ut2mod file all the neccessary files were installed in their folders: /Textures/BladeTheVampirehunter.utx /System/BladeTheVampirehunter.upl In your XPlayers.int file was added following line to get the bio text when you select the character in game: MercMaleBladeTheVampireh 12.01.2010 1.450
BlueVixen : Author: CharleyFox The BlueVixen model was created from scratch in Lightwave 8.5 (tm). MilkShape (tm) was used to rig/import into UnrealEd. Textures were created in Photoshop 5.5 (tm) Triangles: 4,791 Textures: 2x1024x1024, 1x256x512 Team Color Support: No Custom Animations: No Custom Sounds: No Custom Karma: No To install, copy the following files: BluVixAnim.ukx file to the UT2004 Animations folder BlueVixen.upl file to the UT2004 System folder BlueVixen.utx file to the UT 12.01.2010 949
UT99 Model Pack : Blyzard UT99 Model Pack This is a conversion of all UT99 Models for UT2004 (Except Xan Kriegor). Teamskin are working, but i don't know why, but the Teamskin are half working (Only the up side of the character have a changing color). But the Skaarjs and Nali are working totally for the TeamSkin. I copy/pasted the Bio of the UT99 Models, and created Bio for the Team's who have never get one (or Maybe i dont have found it ^^ ! ). I wish you will enjoy thic pack :-) ! I think this is my l 12.01.2010 2.632

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