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Caravaggio's Model Pack : This readme pertains to all models within the RCS Model pack, though it will probably be split into separate characters later. All work created by Rafael "Caravaggio" Servantez Yeah, it's a pretenitous name. Bite me. Also consider anything that isn't based on a preexisting property is copywrited, so while anyone may distribute this pack, or add their own content such as skins, please do not edit the work included before asking. Thank you for downloading this model / these models for Unr 12.01.2010 1.087
Chiana : Th1s skin is for Unreal Tournament 2004. <<< Chiana >>> 1 skin with CTF-4 Team Colors... Hoo-ray for Dr. Frankenstein! Author: Styyx 2006/2/2 Model: XanF01 Skining: Corel Paintshop Pro, U-Paint, Adobe Illustrator. to install... System Folder: Chiana .upl Textures Folder: Chiana .utx A follow-up on the Xan Cybernetic female skin "Zanna"and "CheeKee",(although there are very few shared similarities). A more heavily texed version, as opposed the the smooth paint text 12.01.2010 522
German Soldier V1 : Description: This directory contains a unreal tournament 2004 mod file (executable) for a male model character. The german_soldier mesh and skins are installed in these locations: C:\UT2004\System\german_soldier.upl C:\UT2004\textures\JerrysCreaturesTextures.utx C:\UT2004\Animations\JerrysCreatures.ukx Installation and use: Run the install file and make sure you install to where ut2004 is installed (c:\ut2004) You can either select the character from the ut2004 settings, or in ga 12.01.2010 1.223
Ghost Hunters Skin Pack : Author: ParkisG Ghost Hunters Skin Pack for UT2004 Install: ======== Put GhostHunters.utx file in the UT2004\Textures folder Put GhostHunters.upl file in the UT2004\System folder After that, go into the Main Menu ~ Settings ~ and under the Player tab ~ you can select character there. I got the idea for doing this when I was making skins for my new map DM-Haunted_Halloween2, obvioulsy with all the killing there's got to be some ghosts. I did search SkinCity and found out t 12.01.2010 507
GordonFreeman : I know this is taboo to put our hero Mr. Freeman into the Unreal universe but I am just dying to see Gordon in a nice hi res 32bit skin kicking some ass. I couldn't wait for valve so I whipped this up very quickly. I wish that I had the time and tools to create a more realistic rendition of Gordon. This skin is not entirely original. It is based off of the astro skin so whoever did that deserves some credit. Enjoy! Just copy the paragraph below to the xplayers int file in the ut2003 syst 12.01.2010 2.569
HaloModels : Filename: HaloModels Version: 1.0(public) Author: EvilEngine Release Date: 9-11-2004 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- DESCRIPTION: This is an Unreal Tournament 2004 model pack which includes the following: Master Chief (in a variety of colors) Elite (in 4 colors) Grunt (in 3 colors) Jackal Hunter (in 2 colors) Flood Infection Form Flood Combat Form Flood Carrier Form UNSC Marines "Flood Invasion" Custom Gametype The Covenant models and MC models are custom species with 12.01.2010 5.900
Heavy Predator : Filename: Heavy Predator Version: 1.0 Author: Qx9 Release Date: February 15th, 2005 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The Zip contains the original HeavyPredator model from the AVP2 game. There are seven models. The Drone Hunter models are customized by me and I've added the Alien Drone head. I've made the Drone head a bone material and used alpha transparency to make the bone material on all models more realistic. To make my skins, I used original skins and skins by other authors a 12.01.2010 2.122
Homer 2003 : UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2003 Homer Simpson ----------------------------- THIS IS A FREEWARE MODEL NO MONEY SHOULD CHANGE HANDS FOR IT I CERTAINLY HAVEN'T GOT ANYTHING FOR IT! All acknowledgements to Matt Groening UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2003 Homer Simspon BY CHRIS OLLIS / Kryzaliz www.InterTwined.co.uk AND NOW AT.... http://www.planetunreal.com/identitycrisis/cabins/intertwined/ 4th August 2003 ----------------------------- ----------------------------- Instruction. Put th 12.01.2010 1.283
Invis Undead SkinPack : The Undead Special edition (inVis) Skin Pack by Tom Chapman AKA: (inVis)Tom Installation ------------ Drag the .upl files in C:\UT2004\System Drag the .utx files in C:\UT2004\Textures Visit the home of (inVis): -------------------------- www.wehtam.co.uk Forum: ------ http://wehtam.proboards18.com 12.01.2010 770
Ashur : ASHUR - v1 Description: Mercenary Male [Necris] for UT2004. Full 4 team gametype support. Author: Klasnic Email: <- NB anyone sending me attachments will need to mail me first as all mail with attachments is automatically removed without me seeing them. ---------- CLIENT ONLY INSTALLATION... Extract (unzip) all files into your UT2004 installation folder in the folders listed below; \SYSTEM Klasnic-CTF4-Ashur.upl Klasnic-CTF4-Ashur.int \TEXTURES Klasnic-CTF4-Ashur.u 12.01.2010 425
Dmitri : DMITRI 2k5 - v1 Description: Updated and changed somewhat from the 2k4 version, given full CTF4/TDM4 support with changes to default and team colours. Custom species included. Author: Klasnic ---------- CLIENT ONLY INSTALLATION... IMPORTANT: Before you begin, please ensure your UT2004 installation is patched to v3339 (Patch 5) or greater as this is required for online compatibility... The latest version at this time is v3355 (Patch 6). Patches can be downloaded from http:/ 12.01.2010 401
Dimitrios : DIMITRIOS - v1 Description: A new version of the other Dmitri characters... Gothic armour mixed with a more futuristic look. This has full CTF4/TDM4 support. Author: Klasnic Email: <- NB anyone sending me attachments will need to mail me first as all mail with attachments is automatically removed without me seeing them. ---------- CLIENT ONLY INSTALLATION... Extract (unzip) all files into your UT2004 installation folder in the folders listed below; \SYSTEM Klasnic-CTF4 12.01.2010 321

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