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Zvonimir : ZVONIMIR 2k5 - v1 Description: Dark camo character with full 4 team support. Single player support includes a duplicate character with a different default skin and minor differences in the team colours. Custom species included (makes him play better imho). Author: Klasnic Email: <- NB anyone sending me attachments will need to mail me first as all mail with attachments is automatically removed without me seeing them. ---------- CLIENT ONLY INSTALLATION... IMPORTANT: Befor 12.01.2010 319
Marilyn Manson : Skin Name : Marilyn Manson Installation directory : C:\UnrealTournament How to install: Just stick the .utx in textures, and the .int into system Author, Skin Author : AnTiCHrisT_SuPErsTAr © Email Address : HomePage : http://anti_christ_2.tripod.com/antichristsuperstarsskinandmusicsite/index.html Skin description : Its Marilyn Manson, theres only one problome with this character and its that manson has long hair the male soldiers doesnt so, i tried 12.01.2010 413
Marilyn Manson UT2k3 : Title : Marilyn Manson Version : 2.1 Release Date : 01.07.2003 Filename : - Author : Anton Konrad & Michael Kusch Email Address : ======= --- Play Information --- Game : Unreal Tournament 2003 Skin Name : Marilyn Manson New Graphics : yes New Meshes : yes --- Construction --- Editor(s) used : 12.01.2010 222
Momo : Unreal Tournament 2004 Plugin Player Skin: easy-Searching: Momo , xenosaga , anime , manga , cartoon , model , skin MOMO Mizrahi ("Multiple Observative Mimetic Organicus") by XenoAisam Original model from KDR_11k(sion) and re-skin concept from xenosaga character, Momo(not really Momo) Installation: Unzip (with subfolders intact) into your UT200X directory. Changelog: v1.0 [24-06-2006]: Initial release, (first time doing this!!) Discription: MOMO was cr 12.01.2010 1.588
Necris Ghosts Skin Pack : Author: ParkisG Additional credit: to 'Deathchild' for the use of his NecrisTeam2k4 Skin Pack, I added a ghost skin to each of his Necris Characters. Released: Friday the 13th October 2006 Necris Ghosts Skin Pack for UT2004 Install: ======== Put Necrisghosts.utx file in the UT2004\Textures folder Put Necrisghosts.upl file in the UT2004\System folder After that, go into the Main Menu ~ Settings ~ and under the Player tab ~ you can select character there. I also have 2 other 12.01.2010 475
Neo : extract all folders to your unreal 2004 folder. 12.01.2010 2.373
Nurani : Unreal Tournament 2004 Plugin Player Model: easy-Searching: gun slinger , anime , manga , cartoon , model , "-Nurani-" PASKAL Elite force by XenoAisam Installation: Unzip (with subfolders intact) into your UT200X directory. Changelog: v1.0: Released.... Discription: Name: Nurani Sex: Female Millitary Group: PASKAL Elite Force Effective Camouflage: Artic area, Winter, Snowy environment Team-color assign: Blue Sporting a distinctive white uni 12.01.2010 1.330
Team Predatoria : THANX FOR DOWNLOADING TEAM PREDATORIA! Author: Gabriel Brooks - A.K.A. Bofrazz FOREWORD: This is a tribute to 21st Century Fox(R) and the Predator(TM) Films. I present Team Predatoria. A collection of 2 skins representing human warriors clad with Predator honors and battle gear. The three ranks Scout, Huntress, and Warrior are meant to represent their individual achievemenets since their induction to the Predator way. SKIN: 1. Predator Scout - Lauren female Merc Model Faces = 12.01.2010 865
Tyrantbots Skinpack : Für dieses Packet braucht ihr das Model Tyrant http://www.utzone.de/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=941_ut2k4mdl-tyrant Tyrantbots Skinpack for Unreal Tournament 2004 by MacTOm27. 3 skins for Tyrant model by Hide (Tyrant model required) 4 teamcolors Made with Photoshop CS,Unrealed and Dxtbmp INSTALLATION INFO Place the .utx files in the textures folder Place the .upl file in the system folder Place the .int file in the system folder ------------------ 12.01.2010 1.456
Razor : Model Name : R A Z O R Author : Oliver 'Raz' G. aka Raziel31 Email Address : Animations : Default UT2K4 animations Sounds : Default UT2K4 sounds Other info : concept to creation by ME ( Modeling, Rigging and skinning ) ======= * Play Information * New Sounds : NO CTF Skins : YES ( 4 skins included ) LODS : NO * Construction * Poly Count : 3314 polys Skin Count 12.01.2010 492
Rchrome : Model Name : R C H R O M E Author : Oliver 'Raz' G. aka Raziel31 Email Address : Animations : Default UT2K4 animations Sounds : Default UT2K4 sounds Other info : concept to creation by ME ( Concept, Modeling, Rigging and skinning ) ======= * Play Information * 4CTF Skins : YES ( 4 skins included ) * Construction * Poly Count : 4147 tris Skin Count : 1(512*512:head) + 1(102 12.01.2010 692
Reversion Skin Pack : ReversionSkinPack for Unreal Tournament 2004 =================== Date Released: 05/2006 Ver: 3.0 Author: Reversion, a.k.a Emmet Otter This is version 3.0 with 4 team skin colours now. Note: The original skin from ver 2.0 is still in here with the addition Of the 4 team skin colours. First of all i'd like to thank EvilEngine for the BlackSatin.ukx conversion that he made. Otherwise jaana and katrina wouldnt exsist. Those models are now my favorate =) And i thank ApoX3K for 12.01.2010 1.706

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