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Megaman Legends (v3) : jefe, Undergroundruin and I have ripped the models from Megaman64 and put them into UT2004 with voice packs, animated face textures, toon shaders and team skins (Red/Blue/Green/Gold). Have fun. :D Version 3 (all by jefe & Underground ruin! I had no hand in this update. jefe and UGR rock) 5/10/09 Instructions: *Remove the old .upl (system folder), .utx (textures folder) and and .ukx (animations). All of these files start with MML, so they will be easy to find. *Keep the .int and .u f 15.10.2011 1.941
Jefes Loading Screens Vol 3 : Loading Screens 3 - beta (I suppose, since i didn't put a whole lot of work into them. LoadingScreens ) Mostly a bunch of screenshots I took before my nice computer died a terrible horrible death back in February, and I thought they looked pretty nice without embellishment. You might recognize a few of the shots from various projects that I've worked on. There are also some loading screens based on the UT2004 fansite kit, using graphics from the original UT2004 box. Gotta laugh at the scen 15.10.2011 148
Raptor : Deinonychus Saevus (the savage terrible claw) was bred by combining the DNA of several different species of Velociraptor. It combines the best traits of predatory evolution into a fearless, vicous killing machine who doesn`t fight in the tournaments to win trophies - it fights because it enjoys it. Updated from last release: *Improved left/right walks *Added SKELETON raptor for disintigration deaths *Gibs now work without affecting ability to join on line games Kommentare im 15.10.2011 1.462
Raptor Trauma! : This skin pack is based on skins by Klasnic and Grex_4d for Slyrr's Raptor model. Specifically Carillon from Klasnic's Evolved CTF4 pack and G-Raptor by Grex. Skin was made to fulfill a request by Trauma at disastrousconsequences.com for a cute girly raptor. 5 total characters, includes Red, Blue, Green (sorta) and Gold skins. The first two skins (Pink and Blue aka Trauma) use a girly pink for the red team color; the other three (Riptor) use a savage red. This skin requires the Deinonychus(Ra 15.10.2011 961
Jefe's MilkDrop Loading Screens : Jefe's MilkDrop Loading Screens LoadingScreens New loading screens, different concept from my previous efforts. All of the images were created using the Winamp visualization, Milkdrop. What you're getting here barely scratches the surface of what is possible using Ryan Geiss's brilliant visualization. Included are several 1024x728 jpg examples of what you're getting. Version history: beta - (2004/07/20) same as now, just needed a good readme file. 1.0 - initial release. (2004/09/0 15.10.2011 125
CTF-Incinerator : ReadMe for CTF-Incinerator for Unreal Tournament 2004 -------------------------------------------------------- Title: CTF-Incinerator Filename: CTF-Incinerator.ut2 Author: DemonLord vs. ^y3Pp- Remake for UT2004 by Donzi.UTzone eMail Address: noSpam at utzone.de Website URL: http://www.UTzone.de Version: final Credits: Greets fly out to (alph.order): - all Mappers (at) UTzone-Forum - FA2K - GGMJ - UTzone-Clan http://clan.utzone.de Special Thanks: - DemonLord / ^y3Pp- for the 17.10.2011 558
Necromancy Combo v3 : //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Name: NecroCombo //Version: 3 //Date: 12/04/11 //Author: Shaun Goeppinger aka ini //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Description //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This mutator adds the necromancy combo to the game. The necromancy co 01.02.2012 460
UT2004 iMix Mappack for ClanBase : UT2004 iMix Mappack for ClanBase iCTF Maps: CTF-Collateral CTF-Zest CTF-Bloxeh CTF-Lasergrid-V3 CTF-Facility iBR Maps: BR-Shockproof BR-MXS-Campgrounds-100a BR-ThornsV2 BR-LiD-Duality iDOM Maps: DOM-Cryptic DOM-Cidom-2k4 DOM-Warlock iTDM Maps: DM-Malevolance-PRO DM-Viridian Kommentare im Forum 06.12.2011 1.070
Capture The Tree UT2004 V2.2 : Capture The Tree UT2004 V2.2 A mutator for UT2004 by TheCatcher (3d tree models by Nocuous aka [CTCR]Noc) (Christmas Caps by Dr.SiN) Additional Mutators: Presents UT2004 V2.2 Santa Bags V1.1 In CTF Games, this mutator changes the UT2004 CTF Flags to Christmas Trees. Installation Non-UT4Mod: Place the following files in the System Folder CaptureTheTreeUT2004V22.u CaptureTheTreeUT2004V22.ucl Starting a Single Player Game: Select a Capture The Flag game type and Map 15.12.2011 469
Unreal Old Friends Map Pack 3_1 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bd3__hgQQJ4 Pack name: UOF DM Map Pack Map pack files: UOF Map Pack 3 DM.rar or UOF Map Pack 3 DM.exe Game types: DM, TDM, Duel, Betrayal Version: 1.0 Date: December 15th, 2011 Requirements: UT3 + Patch 2.1 + Titan Pack Homepage: http://unrealoldfriends.activeboard.com Details _______________________________________ The UOF team pooled its efforts on the Death Match (DM) game type this time. You can expect various styles expressed in ma 15.12.2011 2.112
VCTF-Space Arena XI : Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYWkvy05t58 http://youtu.be/DYWkvy05t58 Beschreibung: Kleine VCTF Spaß Karte für zwischendurch. Angesiedelt im Weltraum. Gedacht für 6 und mehr Spieler. Waffen: Assault Rifle, Shield Gun, Rocket Launcher, Shock Rifle, Bio Rifle, Redeemer, Lightning Gun, Flak Cannon, Anti Vehicle Rocket Launcher, Mini Gun, Link Gun. Fahrzeuge: Scorpion, Manta, Raptor, Hellbender, Goliath, Turrets. Kommentare im Forum 24.02.2012 333
{HCG}Map-Pack : DM-{HCG}-1on1-Waterfall DM-{HCG}-Aizzz DM-{HCG}-Battlefield DM-{HCG}-Beautiful DM-{HCG}-Beware DM-{HCG}-Beware2k4 DM-{HCG}-bigtrohall DM-{HCG}-Carnage DM-{HCG}-CokeArena DM-{HCG}-Colloseum DM-{HCG}-CosmiC-2005 DM-{HCG}-Deep DM-{HCG}-DiscoRoom DM-{HCG}-EgO DM-{HCG}-Fantasy DM-{HCG}-Fly2004 DM-{HCG}-Hell-Fight DM-{HCG}-High DM-{HCG}-KillaMo-Arena DM-{HCG}-Kritschme DM-{HCG}-Maze DM-{HCG}-MoonTowerArena-2004 DM-{HCG}-No-Way-Out DM-{HCG}-OutsideWorld DM-{HCG}-Outta-Space DM- 30.03.2012 2.812

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