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CTF-DukuCB-iCTF : ReadMe for CTF-DukuCB-iCTF for Unreal Tournament 2004 -------------------------------------------------------- Title: CTF-DukuCB-iCTF Filename: CTF-DukuCB-iCTF.ut2 Author: Footsize (Converted to UT2004 by Donzi.UTzone) eMail Address: noSpam at utzone.de Website URL: http://www.UTzone.de Release Date: 25.04.2012 Last Update: Version: final Credits: Greets fly out to (alph.order): - all Mappers @ 10.04.2012 425
CTF-Turbo beta 02 : Total Conversion from the UT3 CTF-Turbo (HOLP-Mappack) Kommentare im Forum 02.10.2012 491
Betrayal (UT3 to UT2004 port) : Dear friends of healthy paranoia and cultivated Instagib slaughtering, by popular request I present to you: Betrayal "Betrayal, what?" - If you haven't heard of the UT3 game type Betrayal yet, I recommend you watch one of the Betrayal guides available online, for example A Guide To BETRAYAL by VoxHouseStudio. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cw1xYqMF1No It'll tell you about the basic gameplay mechanics, as they are in UT3. I tried to merge the general Betrayal rules and feel into UT2004 14.10.2012 573
Community Bonus Pack 3: Volume 5 : Information =========== This is the fifth volume of the Community Bonus Pack for Unreal Tournament 3 (www.unrealtournament3.com). It contains 9 new levels and 1 new character. See further below for more detailed information on each. Title: Community Bonus Pack 3: Volume 5 Game: Unreal Tournament 3 Platform: PC Version: 1.00 Release Date: November 23, 2012 Requirements: UT3, Patch 5, Titan Pack Author: CBP Team (http://cbp.beyondunreal.co 26.11.2012 10.050
Nali Weapons 3 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8LFpo0gDkU * Nali Weapons 3 - ReadMe * * Feralidragon (tutano2004@gmail.com) * 02-Nov-2012 0. Index ___________________________________________________________________________________ 1. About 2. Instalation 3. Credits 4. Permissions 5. Server setup 6. ZeroPing 7. Commands, bindings and codes 8. Known issues 9. Last notes 1. About ___________________________________________________________________________________ Na 11.12.2012 2.854
DOM-DreamLand : ================================================================ Title : DreamLand (TempoClasm][) Version : 1.00 Release Date : 16 September 2012 Author : Mike "Hellscrag" Wilberforce Email Address : mike.wilberforce@gmail.com Description : Time to dominate a land of dreams! UT DOM for 8-32 players. Previous Maps : DOM-TempoClasm-v201, DOM-TempleOfCows, DM-Henf, DM-IndustrialGloom et al; "Vacillations of a Victorian Vagrant 04.01.2013 513
Jailbreak 2004c (Service Pack 3, 7z version) : This is the complete download for Jailbreak 2004c (aka. Service Pack 3). It can be used for completely new installations or to upgrade any previous version of Jailbreak 2004. This download is a plain 7z archive. To install it, simply extract its content to the UT2004 base folder, maintaining the directory structure and (if you are upgrading or reinstalling) replacing any conflicting files. The archive does not contain any configuration files, so you don't risk losing any settings. www.pl 05.02.2013 2.436
Jailbreak 2004c (Service Pack 3, UT4MOD version) : This is the complete download for Jailbreak 2004c (aka. Service Pack 3). It can be used for completely new installations or to upgrade any previous version of Jailbreak 2004. This 7z archive contains a UT4MOD installer. Extract it to any place you like, then run it to upgrade your Jailbreak installation. If you can't run UT4MOD files, either get the plain archive version of the patch, or use UT2Kx Regcheck to fix the file association. www.planetjailbreak.com Kommentare im Forum 05.02.2013 6.288
1337-o-Mat : 1337-o-Mat =============== Buildinfo =============== Version: 1.0 Buildtime: 30 mins Language: German Used Tools: UClasses, Proton ================ What is it? ================ 1337-o-Mat is a UnrealTournament Mod which allows to change the nick via menu and add ASCII-Codes. It also includes a in-Game table with all letters and ASCII-Codes available in UnrealTournament which could be add to the nick by clicking. ================ Installation ================ 1) UMod vers 06.02.2013 238
CTF-Brunzgurke08 : CTF-Brunzgurke (C) 2000 by Juergen Vierheilig (info@madservice.de) ATTENTION: THIS IS A BETA RELEASE! BOT SUPPORT IS NOT VERY GOOD ================================================================ Title : CTF-Brunzgurke Version : 0.8 Public Beta Edition Release Date : 9/21/2000 Filename : CTF-Brunzgurke-08.zip Author : Juergen Vierheilig Email Address : info@madservice.de Web Page : 21.02.2013 428
HL1 Gordon : ============================================= Filename: HL1_Gordon_v1.3.zip Version: 1.3 Author: lafaXP Release Date: February 20th, 2013 ============================================= Team Skins: yes CTF4 Team Skins: yes Total Skins: 3 Custom Animations: No Custom Sounds: No ============================================= My first model converted to UT2004 gave me a lot of work! New version 1.3 Added: -CTF4 team skins -New Portraits -Specularity Shader -Model work completely wi 22.02.2013 1.195
UT Demo Manager : UT Demo Manager (udemo) v3.3b 2009-07-17 ================================================================ Title : UNREAL TOURNAMENT DEMO MANAGER Version : 2.01 Filenames : udemo.u, udemo.dll, udemo.int Coding: : UsAaR33 + the people below Email Address : udemo@usaar33.com Web Page : http://www.usaar33.com Special Thanks : Cerr (miscellaneous help) DarkByte (Help with the wonderful FSTRINGS) Mongo: The l33t one! 05.04.2013 1.435

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