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  • Letzte Aktivität: 20.06.2015 15:11
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Dateien von Benutzer
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CTF-MistyPark : This time Tournament takes place in a settlement recently suffered from spider invasion Thread Discussion 10.05.2015 897
OSM-MistyPark : Singleplayer version of CTF-MistyPark. "The Skaarj are conjuring the city; pupaes are everywhere, they hide around every corner, in every tree leaves. Even worse, enemy reprogrammed security bots against Terrans; one of them is waiting for you in the storage depot..." Kommentare im Forum 16.05.2015 486
DM-Rebellion : After a few years under Skaarj pressure, Nali folks realized they can't take it anymore; their priests blessed them to raise a rebellion and the most wicked bastards of Skaarj have been punished with extreme violence. Unfortunately, that movement was suppressed quickly and now the entire Nali race is facing a menace of extinction. S3TC textures are used there. Floating islands, lamps and UMS dropboxes are created by me in Blender 2.71b. Credits for tudor meshes go to FragHouse team, for barrels 16.06.2015 520

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