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Dateien von Benutzer
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DM-Atrophy : 12.01.2010 343
DM-B22-Raffinery : The Map: Welcome to B22-Lava Rafffinery, one of the official Deck 17 Magma refinery's suppliers. Gametype: Deathmatch and Teamdeathmatch Number of players: can hold from 4 to 16 players. (ideal number: 8-10) Installation: Put the DM-B22-Refinery file in your UT2004 Maps folder\line Put the B-22-LavaRaffinery.utx file in your UT2004 Textures folder Making off: 6 days from the end of february to the beginning of march 2006 only 2 monthes experienced Unreal editor user (so i am still a "noob" 12.01.2010 242
DM-BK-AtmoArena : Information Game : UT2004 Gametypes : DM, TDM and LMS Deathmatch : 2-6 players Construction Time : 30 hours in total maybe Weapons : FlakCannon RocketLauncher Minigun Shockrifle Lightningrifle ** Pickups : Health Healthvials Adrenaline Ammo Udamage* 12.01.2010 251
DM-Baroque : 12.01.2010 507
DM-Blackhawk : Play Information Game : Unreal Tournament 2004 Level Name : DM-Blackhawk Botsupport : Yes New Sounds : Yes New Graphics : Yes New StaticMeshes : Yes Comments This started life as an AS map but no matter how hard I tried the bots would not play it well. So here is a simple DM version. I found it played very well concidering the size of the map. It's also the first map I have done in which I used all static meshes :) The only 12.01.2010 2.467
DM-BoilerRoom : Play Information: Game Type : Deathmatch Single Player : No Instant Action : Yes Multiplayer : Yes New Sounds : No New Music : No Music New StaticMeshes : Yes, all new accept two. New Textures : Yes, but just a few Support Bots : Yes Email Address : mrplow(at)telia.com Map Description: I got inspiration from the Boiler-Room in the Nightmare on ElmStreet movies, where Freddy Kruege 12.01.2010 380
DM-BoomBoomBridge-extreme : On our favorite ut2003 server we always had a lot of fun with the map DM-INV-BoomBoomBridge. I always have missed that map in ut2004. There where a few version,s in ut2004, but always without the WeaponsOfEvil and benelli shotgun. So i have taken the ut2003 map and redone it completely, new brushes, zoning, anti portals, etc. Result is a mutch lower polycount. Also new textures and new static meshes. This version include some of the WoE weapons, http://www.utzone.de/include.php?path=content/down 12.01.2010 534
DM-Borg : this is one of my maps i created:-).i didnt work too much here but if u like it then ok.its not bad i think. Homepage : utkiller.bravehost.com Installation Unzip into your UT2004/maps directory Copyright / Permissions Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels without my written consent. You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level for profit in any way, including but not limited to, putting it on a CD ROM or any other medium that is sold in or out o 12.01.2010 280
DM-Branwen : Play Information Game : Unreal Tournament 2004 - Deathmatch Level Name : DM-Branwen New Sounds : No New Music : Yes New Textures : Yes New StaticMeshes/Models : Yes NewUnrealScript : No Known bugs : I haven't found any yet. If you find one, please email myself or Fizzy. Armagon's email : Armagon(at)westnet.com.au Fizzy's email : FizzyB(at)gmail.com Installation .u 12.01.2010 345
DM-Bulletproof : Version:1.1 Maps: ja SM: nein Texturen: nein Music: Ja Animations: nein Insatallatien: Kopiere alle Dateien im Ordner maps nach \UT04\Maps z.B.: C:\Programme\Spiele\UT04\Maps Kopiere alle Dateien im Ordner music nach \UTo4\Music z.B.: C:\Programme\Spiele\UT04\Music ...........usw............ Vielen dank fürs downloaden. Weiteres zur map auf >>>> www.antibot.at.gg <<<<<< 12.01.2010 360
DM-CS-Assault : INFO: This is a cool map for Counter Strike that i did a rough remake of for UT2k4. Gameplay matters a million times over graphics here folks, although i did keep them in the back of my mind. HOW TO USE: Place the .ut2 file into your "maps" folder! Have fun, and thanks for downloading! c. 2004 to Charlie Hollenbeck Do whatever you want to this map, just do not redistribute it without my permission! This map is for UnrealPlayground only! =) 12.01.2010 752
DM-CSDust080 : Play Information Game : Unreal Tournament 2004 - Deathmatch Level Name : DE-Dust Single Player : NO GameType : DM New Sounds : No New UScript : No New Textures : CS-Textures New Static Meshes : No Email Address : home.grower(at)gmx.de Website: : ffuclan.de.vu Known bugs : -Door at the old counter terrorists spawn is not clean -Lightning is at zone borders to harsh Installation Just put the .ut2 file in your /maps directory. And then put the file de_dust.utx in your textures direction. A 12.01.2010 804

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