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AlteredVehicles REVISED : ALTERED VEHICLES.......----(Revised)---- AUTHOR: Gothic_Knight aka, Morbid_Murder EMAIL: Malfius@msn.com -or- Damneron@gmail.com -Email if you have any question or comments :) DATE CREATED: 8-18-04 GAME: UT2004 DESCRIPTION: This allows you to replace any vehicles of your choice with the altered ones. The changes include bigger explosions, some textures, the way some shoot, sounds, and other small changes. I made this mutator just for a change, if your getting 12.01.2010 695
Halloween Masks : Halloween Masks - Rachel "Angel Mapper" Cordone, Skeleton idea by SuperApe. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description ------------------- Players can pick from one of four different Halloween masks, or you can turn everyone into skeletons! Custom models can be added in the ini file, I've put Shawna in as an example. Thanks to SolidSnake for the replication code! :D Instructions ------------------- Place the 12.01.2010 299
Mod ASSASSIN (Gametype) : **************** * Mod ASSASSIN * **************** New gametype for UT2004 Web Site : http://web.unreal-impulse.com/warbler/ Programmer : Bachelard Simon (aka Warbler) EMail : warbler@unreal-impulse.com Programmation Time : 65H +/- 1H Thanks : - Estelle, my girlfriend, for staying with me all this time. - Phdemons for hosting my Website - Andrew "FineWolf" Moore from the Atari forum for his super ideas and textures. - Shuri and Slayer111 from the Atari forum for th 12.01.2010 1.357
Assault Arena 2K9 : ========================================================================================= Assault Arena 2K9 -- Unreal Tournament 2004 ========================================================================================= Title : Assault Arena 2K9 Version : 1.0 Release Date : Sep 03, 2009 Filename(s) : AssaultArena2K9.u, AssaultArena2K9.ucl, AssaultArena2K9.u.uz2 Author : Attila Contact : xfire - 12.01.2010 220
BTR-80A Puma Amphibious APC : BTR-80A Puma Amphibious APC Description: Ever wish you could skip the bridges and drive straight into the battle, no matter what the terrain is, even if there's some water separating you from the battle? The Puma is build to do just that. It has the firepower to go into a battle and cause serious trouble with its main 30mm HE Cannon and its AT-7 Anti-Vehicle Missiles, and it has the seating to bring all your friends along, with a total of 9 seats, including the driver, 2 gunners, 2 passe 12.01.2010 658
Ballistic Weapons: Bonus Pack 2 : -------------------------------------------------- Ballistic Weapons: Bonus Pack 2, Lightning gun (c) 2005-2006, RuneStorm. -------------------------------------------------- Thank you for downloading and playing Ballistic Weapons! To celebrate the 1 year bithday of Ballistic Weapons UT2004, RuneStorm decided to surprise everyone something totaly unique and unexpected. This bonus pack is the result and includes our HVC-Mk9 Lightning gun. A weapon unlike any other, this eventually turn 12.01.2010 713
Ballistic Weapons: Bonus Weapon Pack 3 : -------------------------------------------------- Ballistic Weapons: Bonus Weapon Pack 3 Sponsorship of SRS-900 provided by RedShift, a very loyal BW fan! (c) 2004-2006, RuneStorm. -------------------------------------------------- Thank you for downloading and playing Ballistic Weapons! We hope you have many more hours of fun with this mod! Refer to the manual included with Ballistic Weapons v1.70 for extensive documentation on the BW mod. 1) Requirements: To use this Bon 12.01.2010 868
BALLISTIC WEAPONS: Bonus Pack - 4© : BALLISTIC WEAPONS: Bonus Pack - 4© Requires v2.1 Gold Edition Unreal Tournament 2004© Release. CONTENTS: In this file: -Introduction- -Installation- -Getting Started- -Weapons- -Vehicles- -Ammo- -Credits- -Contact- -Legal- Introduction This new publically designed but RuneStorm developed bonus pack, includes 8 more high-quality weapons, that differ mostly from the usual BW style. These weapons were not designed to be new BW weapons, rather as seperate weapo 12.01.2010 1.179
Ballistic2k4v100 : 12.01.2010 349
Ballistic Weapons V2.10 : This version requires Ballistic Weapons V2.0 Download v2.0 here This substantial update, includes lots of bug fixes, many new features, 2 NEW weapons and plenty of tweaks and improvements. Some of the major changes include: New 'Ballistic Conflict' Mutator New 'Evolution Loadout' Mutator New weapon 'R9 Ranger Rifle' New weapon 'S-AR 12 Assault Rifle' AI improved all-round New Ballistic variants of Vehicles Firing sound quality improved Clip-end and dry-fire sounds added Iron-S 12.01.2010 1.005
Ballistic Weapons V2.0 : Ballistic Weapons is a unique mod for Unreal Tournament 2004, designed to replace most elements of the original game, especially the weapon system, to provide players with a UT2004 experience they won't s00n forget! BW strikes a very enjoyable balance, taking many elements from realistic style weapons, but never turning the game into some kind of frustrating combat simulator! Our intention was to deliver something for everyone, and as such, the mod is highly scalable and customizable with settin 12.01.2010 1.603
BattleStats v4 : MUTATOR: Battle Stats VERSION: 4 GAME : UT2004 AUTHOR : L7 (L7@noobed.com) DATE : 06/19/2005 DESCRIPTION: This mutator adds a detailed battle stats display for players. The statistics are personalized for the local player or for each client on the server. The display can be toggled on and off with the "BattleStats" command. INSTALLATION: Uninstall any prior versions of this mutator first. There is an automated ut4mod package or manual zip package available. To us 12.01.2010 254

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