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Crotch Shot Pro V3 : PACKAGE: Crotch Shot Pro VERSION: 3 GAME : UT2004 AUTHORS: L7 (L7@noobed.com), Bobby Sands (peterparker@noobed.com) DATE : 06/28/2005 CREDITS: This package is based on CrotchShot v1.00 for UT written by endgame00 and nubneck. The announcer sounds were done by nubneck. DESCRIPTION: This package has mutators which add crotch shot capability to the lightning gun, sniper rifle, and super shock rifle. A crotch shot, naturally, has devastating results for the recipient. Thr 12.01.2010 391
Cyclone Vehicle Mutator : Cyclone vehicle for UT2004 Author: Rumpleforeskin Model by: Rumpleforeskin Dune buggy type vehicle with a plasma cannon on the roof. Alt fire sucks enemy on foot towards you and grinds them into tiny chunks! Yaay! Place the 2 files in your UT2004 System folder. Select the mutator from the mutators list. Cyclone replaces the Scorpion. Have a fraggin fun time with this one! Rumple :) 12.01.2010 572
D3nnisKs FORTS : >>D3NNISK's FORTS<< [ Version 1.0 ] ================================================================ Title : D3NNISK's FORTS Author : D3nnisK Date : July 27th,2007 Filename : D3nnisKsFORTS.ut4mod Email Address : koppertfield@web.de ================================================================ Play Information: Single Player : Yes. Multi Player : Yes. Genre 12.01.2010 450
DoomMonstersv2 : Readme for DoomMonstersv2 ========================================================= Name: DoomMonstersv2 Author: INIQUITOUS & ProZak Filename: DoomMonstersv2.zip Release Date: 15/09/06 Credits: UBH for porting the Doom Monsters to UT2004. Software used: UnrealEd. Compatibility: UT2004 and patch 3369 Description: ------------------- This mutator adds the following monsters for invasion: BrownImp - Configurable Health and Damage (projectile firing/melee fighter) RedImp - Co 12.01.2010 1.729
Drones v1.3 : Gives each player a drone that heals them and attacks their enemies. 12.01.2010 857
DruidsAntiCamper v102 : Announcing DruidsAntiCamper! DruidsAntiCamper is a mutator that watches for players to go out of bounds and/or camp objects you specify. You may configure it to either place the player back inside the map at a spawn point or kill the player. Most of the documentation is in the AntiCamper.ini file, but as always, you'll have to add this mutator and add the following to the Engine.GameEngine section of the UT2004.ini: ServerPackages=DruidsAntiCamper102 The default configuration 12.01.2010 164
DruidsInvasionSpree v103 : Announcing DruidsInvasionSpree! DruidsInvasionSpree is a mutator that adds the assortment of kill messages into Invasion based games. In addition, you may specify Adrenaline Awards and/or Experience awards for RPG games. As always, you'll have to add this mutator and add the following to the Engine.GameEngine section of the UT2004.ini: ServerPackages=DruidsInvasionSpree103 The default configuration will probably work for most server admins, with UT2004RPG, however if you are not 12.01.2010 324
DruidsMutator : DM (DruidMutator) is a mutator that allows you to specify server packages and mutators for each individual gametype. It came about because we have trouble with large voting configs crashing the server, hence it's very short name. Written by Druid This software is provided with no warranty or guarantee of any kind. Use this software at your own risk. 12.01.2010 239
DruidsPlayerAgreement v110 : Announcing DruidsPlayerAgreement 1.10! DruidsPlayerAgreement is a server actor that displays a terms of usage agreement to your players. As each player joins your server, a check is performed to see if they have previously agreed to your terms. If they have not, a message is displayed about your terms, and they must wait for an interval before they can accept them. To use this server actor: You must add a line with the other ServerActors to your UT2004.ini: ServerActor=DruidsPla 12.01.2010 184
DruidsRPG200 : This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. DruidsRPG200 Mutator for UT2004RPG Created by TheDruidXpawX and Shantara Available at http://www.disastrousconsequences.com Forums at http://www.disastrousconsequences.com/dcforum/ This Requires UT2004RPG v2.2 Available at get it here http://mysterial.linuxgangster.org/UTRPG/ To install extra 12.01.2010 1.207
EliteMachines X : ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Elite Machines Mod // By: {GÖD}*PingFre@K* // Contact Info below ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// I would like to present to you the first, |ZARK| Extreme Mod... The Elite Machines MoD. This is not just some weapon or some mutator.... There are over 1,000,000 + ways to use this mutation device. ServerPackages=EliteMachines_X 225 propert 12.01.2010 2.076
Enhanced Weapons Beta4 : ============================================================================= Enhanced Weapons ============================================================================= Author: Rumpleforeskin ============================================================================= Beta version 10/21/07 ============================================================================= This version has an additional weapon, the Enhanced Plasma Rifle. It doesnt replace any other weapon. You spawn with i 12.01.2010 416

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