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DM-WorldWar100-V2 : Deathmatch set in a sandy desert environment with a central structure surrounded by destroyed vehicles and pyramids in the distance. Some experiments mixed with ideas packed in only one deathmatch area. The music was ripped from another map which I cant remember. LOL! I just made the best killing spree in my life! I play on this map with around ten blue comrades against twenty weirdcorps zombies and their mates. The weapons are swapped to insane weaponlord and other variants an 11.09.2011 804
ONS-OverRun2004Final8 : The miner wars on mars last for over 100 years now. The rivaling corps fight for each mine and the connected energy systems. Its a neverending war between the forward bases of each mine structure. The music is "All Systems Are Go" by Masada (RocketArena3ST). Possibly this map requires the btw extremely recommendable ut2004megapack patch. P.S.: I optimized the defense points tags which "feels" somehow better! I especially recommend this mutator: http://www.gamefront.com/fi 23.05.2011 1.658
UT3OldSkoolFiles : Knowingwise im a experienced UT files collector and newly realized the most precious UNREAL TOURNAMENT 3 runs without problems with my new graphics card. Of course i couldnt close one eye until i found tested and sorted all available files (except the maps). About this i found that the normal game comes kindof spartanic and declines many of the options from the precedessors. Therefore im here listing all useful files which minded are only collected by me and not created! > Ve 24.07.2011 110
DM-CUT-KILLGORADO-V15 : Ever asked yourself - damn dled all the maps but when comes the best in the world of all times??? Now - the time has finally come! This map isnt your everyday fly-curse-laugh trip much more like a real life experience. You must start with the other nasties in a spawn room and escape to find the way of the unreal soldier. Dont think once you checked the hidden underwater entrances the game remains the same! Instead its just about to start and seduces you in all its challenge l 16.11.2011 767
CTF-Real_Fortress_UT : This is one cool map from the RealCTF basic mappack with no teamdoors and easy to convert. Since almost zero changes the author shouldnt mind being asked. This is one of the original classics which inspired the UT map design significantly since the RealCTF mod actually introduced the CTF gametype to unreal. 22.11.2011 982
CTF-Chimera-V15 : This was like making my first map though i already built some before! Its a great trenchy terrain on a moon or planet in the outer space. I designed it for the popular StrangeLove 205 rocketride redeemer mod. But also for normal CTF and common bot support. Be aware of the minefield in the center or you get blown up high. http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh174/kaal979/chim01.jpg http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh174/kaal979/chim02.jpg http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh174/ka 28.12.2011 4
DM-RoofTop][-V3 : This was my favorite DM map from the superheavy game X-COM Enforcer and it was easy to convert since the game bases on the same engine. I added all UT pickups in a logical manner and rebuilt some of the uncopyable decorations. Most textures are of course also from X-COM. The music title MACHINES was randomly selected from my UT collection as it is one of my favorites and literally headshots the atmosphere. Many many thanks to all the hardworkers which sourced me incredible. I also 27.01.2012 922
DM-Singa-V2 : I viewed all TO maps and their major map addons but they all looked different - just TacOps style. But suddenly i came acrass this pearl and found it looked rather misplaced in TO! So i concentrated all of my braveness and converted it completely to UT deathmatch. The geometry is nearly unchanged except invisible ladder stairs here and there. And of course the absolute deathmatch suitable pathweb with lots of weapons and action. Thank you so much - Tomas"SweDalg"Dalgart - for this 06.02.2012 1.036
DM-Refinery : > converted from the INFILTRATION mod Another realworld fightzone in a american oil refinery. Originally set up as teammap i beside adding UT pickups also placed new DM like spawnpoints. Also added were a UT music title - "Phantom" which meets the maps flow. I do not add the original INF texture packages in the first line because they require INF system files to enable different footstep sound. Also are they kinda big and its simple to mylevel them. Thanks - "OldGeezer" for ma 19.02.2012 1.148
DM-DemonCity][ : Originally a singleplayer level from the mod NaliChronicles with many skaarjs i had to convert it to UT deathmatch since the place kinda asked for it. It is more like a military skaarj facility than a usual city. I added all UT pickups here and there plus playerstarts and all other items. This map really looks abit weird but it still has a great athmosphere and could be a cool multiplayer setting not to mention the compatible skaarjship decos which of course were left in. In the firs 01.03.2012 1.030
DM-Yemen : A city scene with a palace in a very oriental style. Another great map from the outstanding INFILTRATION mod very great for sniping too. I placed all UT weapons and added block actors to avoid wild translocating. The bots are ok though they are too stupid to use ladders. Since its such a atmospheric map i used the best music i could find! Its a track from the quake/unreal mixgame FireStarter - absolute deluxe! So lets get down on our knees and praise all source creators decently. ( 23.03.2012 1.231
CTF-Inferno : A sleepy townstreet short before the rainstorm somewhere in africa. Originally a old TACTICAL OPS map but found and converted back to UT by me. The change to CTF was kinda very logical because of the maps structure. But its not only a result - indeed much more like a improvement. I used my approved CTF team loadout system which supports the red team more with skaarj and the blue with human like weaponry. This comes especially handy when using stuffswapper. But its not a less worthy 25.03.2012 1.368

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