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Dateien von Benutzer
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UT3 Liandri Robot Voicepack : This was made since the only existing UT3 Robot voicepack that I know of has unfinished elements for some reason. This fixes all of those annoyances. -No "Blue, Red Gold or Green leader!" sounds -No default order sounds (defend the base, etc.) If there are no fitting UT3 sounds for a certain order, it's just kept silent. Other notes: -Added some easter eggs and "Nice!" as a taunt 07.02.2015 415
UT4 Style Shift Dodge : This mutator allows you to dodge with a single tap of the shift key. Shift Dodge 1 - press shift while holding a movement key to dodge, like UT4 Shift Dodge 2 - hold shift and press movement key to dodge // I am not the original author of this. I found the source code in a random thread (that doesn't exist anymore) on the Toxikk forums 5 years ago, posted by a user named Chatouille and compiled it. It never crossed my mind to upload it since I guess I just assumed it or something else 02.03.2019 28

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