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Skateboard v1 : -=Skateboard v1=- Its a Skateboard! the skateboard can do tricks, jump and spin. It has 14 designs to choose from. This comes with a mutator that will replace any Scorpions on a map with the skateboard, and your choice of design. Instalation: Put all the files int he System Folder. Known Issues: -It doesnt always flip back over, sorry, but this seems to be mroe of a size issue here. Design Credits: [HSP]Wangtang- Jade Phoenix X Board, Clan HSP Board, Scud Board, Kubelwagen Boa 12.01.2010 644
Slaughter 2004 : Name: Slaughter 2004 Author: ]kì]]4 E-Mail: 0.kill4[at]tiscali.it.0 ("0." & ".0" are not part of the address) Description: This mutator allows corpses to stay when a player dies. The max number of corpses in the arena is configurable (0 = infinite corpses). I wish you to remember that setting the max number of corpses too high, slows down the machine. Enjoy the Slaughter! Intall: To install extract the zip archive to you UT2004\ directory and all the files should go to the 12.01.2010 728
Snowball Fight : Snowball Fight! Josh Wallace 2004 zeekpunk@hotmail.com http://www.joshsdigitalcreations.com http://www.utopiaonlinegame.netfirms.com features Free For All snowball fight Left and right hand throwing, right hand is stronger Thrown snowballs can be picked up as ammo 2 snowballs at a time max No ambient light on players Walk replaced with run Have fun! If you use the mutator Arena to replace all the weapons/ammo, the thrown snowballs will be worth 2. 12.01.2010 363
"Tarantula" Spider TanksII : "Tarantula" Spider TanksII for UT 2004 ============================================================ Author: Rumpleforeskin ============================================================ I used the spider mine mesh and made the most awesome vehicles ever created for UT. The Plasma Tarantula Spider TankII has a slice beam laser for a main weapon and plasma for the passenger. The Widowmaker Anti-Grav Spider Tank has a slice beam laser for a main weapon and the WGS anti-grav projectile turret 12.01.2010 761
Stingray : Replaces the manta with the Stingray 12.01.2010 382
Stunt HQ v1.0 : ============= Stunt HQ v1.0 Type: Mutator ============= ------------- Authors: JeT, Daid Contact: www.Stunthq.com ------------- Installation: Place StuntHQ.u and StuntHQ.int in your ut2004/system folder. ------------- Server Admins: Add- ServerPackages=StuntHQ To your ut2004.ini server packages ------------- Features: Only 1 team - no idiots to ruin your fun Invincible powercores and 0 construction time for nodes No locked vehicles, and spawned vehicles f 12.01.2010 139
SuperMonsterPreloadv2 : Readme for SuperMonsterPreloadv2 ----------------------------------- version: v 2 date: 25 July 06 Author: INIQUITOUS Compatibility: UT2004 ----------------------------------- MonsterPacks and individual monsters supported: over 350 monsters! # BattleDroid # C502Invasion # FHI monsters # GlassINI # Invasion_Parser # InvK_MonsterPM # Kang monsters # Lucifer # Mark1 # Metal and Ghost Monsters # MonsterPackINI # MonsterZombies # PainBringer # PredatorAddon # satoreMonsterP 12.01.2010 554
Frnz Talking Icon 100 : Frnz Talking Icon 100 Author : $Author: jwalstra $ Revision : $Revision: 1.1 $ Checkout Date : $Date: 2003/06/21 05:47:24 $ Source File : $Source: /home/cvs/TalkingIcon/Info/TA_README.html,v $ GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, June 1991 See LICENSE or http://www.fsf.org/license/gpl.txt Coded using "vim". The only editor you'll ever need. About This mutator came about due to guilt about shooting talking players in UT2003. In UT, players had talking anima 12.01.2010 280
Team ArenaMaster 2.57 TAM 3SPN (GameType) : Thank you for downloading the ArenaMaster and Team ArenaMaster Gametypes for Unreal Tournament 2004! This mod has been brought to you by: Michael "MaStur" Massey – Project Lead Eric "Dizzid" Chavez – Lead Programmer Mike "ChaosTheory" Hillard - Sound Effects We are part of the team at www.3SPN.com, please feel free to stop by and visit for the latest updates and news. If you have comments or questions, you can email them to: mastur@3SPN.com Contents: 1) Intro 2) Impor 12.01.2010 615
Target Practice 2k4 : ============================= Target Practice 2k4 Rachel "Angel Mapper" Cordone www.angelmapper.com ============================= Target practice system for practicing aiming at various projectiles. NOTE: This mutator does NOT work properly online, and is intended for offline use. Either that or I'm just making up excuses for not knowing crap about netcode. Either way. Operating the Drone Gun: Drone gun, no drone deployed: --------------------------------------------- Pri 12.01.2010 215
TeamRadar v 4.0.1 : TeamRadar v 4.0.1 UT2004 Mutator Written by Snorelax <snorelax@hushmail.com> Special Thanks: Airmoran (for making the icons as I suck hardcore at Photoshop) dma, Pfhoenix, TNSe, #unrealscript on EnterTheGame (A whole lot of coding help) j0kz (Writing the readme because I'm too damn lazy) j0kz, nefariousD, Brewster, Airmoran, and nub (The guys I play the game with) Installation Instructions: Extract the contents into your ut2004 folder. If running from a commandline, add Mutator=Tea 12.01.2010 479
Tickrate : Tickrate - April 2007 This is a serverside mut only and does not require a Serverpackage. To use just add it as follows: ?Mutator=Tickrate.Tickrate Now in any GameType string add the command ?Tickrate=35 for instance. The Tickrate mutator will pick this up and set the server tickrate. 12.01.2010 175

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