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ArmyWeapons v3.5 : ArmyWeapons for Unreal Tournament 2004 Version 3.5 Completed 1/12/2005 Author: Matt Miller a.k.a. T-Bone E-Mail: mattster at johnhmiller.com Installation -------------------------------- Unzip ArmyWeapons.u and ArmyWeapons.ucl into your UT2004\system directory. Description -------------------------------- Seven Weapons from the U.S. Army's arsenal. Features accuracy and recoil based on your posture (from best to worst: crouching, standing still, running), and realistic 12.01.2010 712
Classic Team Glyphs : Classic Team Glyphs for UT2004 ReadMe ========================================================= Author : Discord Email Address : admin@ttr-dcli.org Package Contents : TeamSymbols_ClassicGlyphs.utx This ReadMe file Version : Final Release Date : 4 JUL 05 Credits : These glyphs were Epic- designed official content originally. I just ported them. Also thanks are due to SHK|+evergreen+ for a very nice tutorial l 12.01.2010 338
CompaMut0_4 : <Last Update for v0.4> 1. Installation 2. Keyboard 3. Watching Demos 4. ini Settings 5. Known Bugs 6. Credits 1. INSTALLATION To install, do the following steps: - unzip all the files into your UT2004 directory. (Not your System directory, there are textures installed since v0.4) - if you're hosting a server, add CompaMut0_4 to your ServerPackages in your ut2004.ini. - if you want to use CompaMut when watching demos, follow the steps in point 3. 2. KEYBOARD Compa 12.01.2010 263
Chute mutator : Chute mutator for Unreal Tournament 2004 1.0 Release - March 28, 2004 By Edin Hozic aka Doc_EDo doc_edo@planetunreal.com http://www.planetunreal.com/roar/ ------------------------------------------- Requirements: ------------- - Unreal Tournament 2004 Retail Installation: ---------------------- Extract and copy the .usx files into UT2003/StaticMeshes folder .utx files into UT2003/Textures folder .u files into UT2003/System fo 12.01.2010 362
Ejection : Ejection ________ Players auto eject out of vehicles when destroyed. The multiplier at wich the eject takes place can be changed. There also is a multiplier for Falling speed, put it on 0 for no falling damage. Installation ____________ Put the .u and .ucl in the UT2004/System folder. Credits _______ Rens2Sea Rens2Serious@hotmail.com www.Rens2Sea.com 12.01.2010 321
Elimination 2k4 Version 1.10 : =============================================================== <<<<<<<< Elimination 2k4 Version 1.10 - August 3, 2004 >>>>>>> =============================================================== *==> Written by Q Email: agentq_71@yahoo.com Download page: http://www.quirkybastards.net/qmods/qmods.html Forum: http://quirkybastards.net/phpbb2b/viewforum.php?f=9 Greetings All! My mods and mutators are available for download from the Quirky Bastards website listed above. 12.01.2010 511
Excessive-Overkill v302 : This is an Excessive mutator for UT2004. Excessive is an over-the-top mod that makes all the weapons super-powerful, turns off self-damage, gives all the players regenerating health and ammo, and makes every game into a wild and crazy frag-fest! In the fast and furious bloodfest that is Excessive, it's not about staying alive; it's about taking as many people as possible out with you. Release 3.01 Manual Last Updated 11/12/04 Author: MadNad Homepage: http://PlanteQuake.com/Excessive I 12.01.2010 451
Hardcore : Increase weapon damage by 20%, like UT1 'Hardcore' mode. v1.0 by YxO 12.01.2010 213
HEAVEN OF RELICS v1.2 : Xaklse presents: HEAVEN OF RELICS mutator Version: 1.2 Game : UT2004 (v.3369) Date : 25/July/2006 Please, report the bugs and send your suggestions to: xaklse0@hotmail.com If you don't have patched UT2004 go to: http://download.beyondunreal.com/browse.php?cat=3 Installation ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Extract the contents to the appropriate directories in your main UT2004 directory. The following files go to your UT2004 directory: ./System/XRelics.est ./System/XRelics.int 12.01.2010 635
Heavy Vehicles : Vehicles don't fly so far when you hit them. 12.01.2010 284
instaBeatDown UT99 feel of instagib : hey everyone, another little mutator from pospi! basically a tweaked instagib game for more eyecandy/fun/satisfaction, insta-BeatDown brings back the UT99 feel of instagib, with oldschool sounds and beam colouring, because I always missed that loud shock rifle sound. The main feature, however, is awesome karma physics usage - instead of a flat gib when you hit enemies, this mutator will send your opponents flying. It sounds simple, but it actually makes the game a hell of a lot more fun. 12.01.2010 220
Jetpack v2.1 : Jetpack Version 2.1 for UT2004 Changes : version 2.1 changes the activation method for Jetpack, so that players need only hold down the jump key for the Jetpack to activate. Changes : version 2.0 makes the jetpack toggle keybind a press/release method, rather than pressing the toggle key twice. Also added are a pickup for the Jetpack (Jetpack.JetpackPickup), a PickupBase for the Jetpack (Jetpack.JetpackPickupBase), and a fuel pickup (Jetpack.JetpackFuelPickup) for mappers who wish to 12.01.2010 1.022

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