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Lancer v1.6 : ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lancer Version 1.6 Updated: 8/13/07 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Updates v1.6 ------------ * Updated Tire Mine code (hopefully net compatible now). Updates v1.5 ------------ * Patches for online behavior of Tire Mines. * Some passenger glitches fixed. Updates v1.4 ------------ * NET / ONLINE CAPABLE! * Improved boosting effects. * Code m 12.01.2010 246
UberDeath v1.0b : UberDeath mutator: Allows you to mess around with karma and gib settings. Version: 1.0b This mutator works perfectly offline, however I haven't tested it for online use yet, so it may or may not work. Try it at your own risk :) Author: Radiosity ----------------- How to install: --------------- Simply place UberDeath.u .ucl and .ini in the UT2004\System directory. Add the mutator and click config button to set it up. Read the tooltip help for descriptions of what each opt 12.01.2010 855
NUCLEAR STRIKE PAINTER v1.1 : NUCLEAR STRIKE PAINTER v1.0 ~ by MiracleMatter ---------------------------------------------- FileName: NuclearStrike_1.1.zip Version: 1.1 ReleaseDate: October 18, 2006 Type: Single Weapon Modification Author: Miracle Matter EMail: miraclematter@comcast.net Description: This weapon is dedicated to anybody who thinks the current airstrike in UT2004 is just a little... well, useless. This weapon calls in a Phoenix bomber that drops a single small-scale nuclear device, 12.01.2010 765
ONS Water Compatible Vehicles : Water Compatible Vehicles BETA 0.02, and Usefull Mutators - A mutator for UT2004 by Hsoolien Sgarm of Unrealcore team (http://www.planetunreal.com/unrealcore/ or http://www.unrealcore.net) ------------------ 1. Installation Here is a root structure displaying where each file should go. .. UT2004 folder --- System ONSWaterCom.u ONSWaterCom.int ONSWaterCom.ucl --- Help ONSWaterCom.txt Run UT2004, from the Mutators list you should now have CTFVehicles, ION Tank Replacer and 12.01.2010 231
sHkGolaithCannon : ============================================================================= sHkGolaithCannon weapon mutator for UT2004 version 1.0 by sHk|+evergreen http:www.shokazulu.com ============================================================================= INSTALLATION: Add the sHkGolaithCannon.u, sHkGolaithCannon.int, sHkGolaithCannon.ucl, sHkGolaithCannon.ini to your SYSTEM folder. Add sHkGolaithCannonTex.utx to your Textures folder. SERVER ADMINS: add this lin 12.01.2010 259
satoreMonsterPack v120 : this Mutator is Add Queen and Titan and Mercenary etc to Invasion ============ Known bugs ============ Tentacle's spawn location is not exact Nalifighter's drop weapon has problem with UT2004RPG ============ Installation ============ if you downloaded NOUMOD version ,Zip should extract to your UT2004 folder if you downloaded UMOD version ,Double click to ut4mod file and run UMOD installer if you downloaded patch file, zip should extract to your UT2004\System folder if you want 12.01.2010 1.365
Stake Out Mut v1.3 : Name:STAKEOUT MUTATOR Version:1.3 Compatibility:UT2004 Description:Stake players to the wall ARENA Stakeout is a mutator that allows you to kill your enemies with a wooden stake. On impact the dead body is pinned to the wall... muuhhhaaaa! Also we now have a PIKE to impale you friends on. You can then carry their corpse around as a trophy. Note. hold the pike fire in to hold the ragdolls longer. I need to mess with the vehicles a little more but the pike and stakes do damage them. If yo 12.01.2010 207
StrangeLove v5.5 : StrangeLove v5.5 Copyright (C) 2004 Michael 'Plouj' Ploujnikov email: thematrixhunter at yahoo dot com ============================================================================ Installation ZIP: Unzip into UT2004/. All files will go in proper directories automatically. UMOD: Click next, many times! Instant Action - Start any gametype. - Add the StrangeLove Arena or the StrangeLove Old Skool mutators. Hosting a server - GUI: same as starting an instant action. Just 12.01.2010 294
Anti-Air Hellbender : Vehicle: Anti-Air Hellbender Author: Tim "T-Shinzon" Shin Install: Place the TIMPRV.u and TIMPRV.ucl files into the system folder. Mapmakers: To insert it into a map, first open the map (duh). Then bring up the actor browser and click file -> open. Select the TIMPRV.u file. Now add a HellbenderFactory. In its properties under SVehicleFactory, change the vehicle to TIMPRV using the drop-down menu. There you have it! Non-Mapmakers: Once installed, the AA Hellbender should appear 12.01.2010 244
BulletTime v1.5 : --------------- BulletTime v1.5 --------------- (by The Cursed Enterprises Inc.) This will install the mod "BulletTime". This adds a key (which can be set in the control configurations), which will take the game into BulletTime (when the mutator is activated). This uses up adrenaline, health or nothing, by an amount specified in the mutator settings screen. The speed that BulletTime can also be set in the mutator configuration settings. I dont yet know if this will work on a multi 12.01.2010 731
UTComp v1.6a Final : It is a nearly complete overhaul, and it is highly recommended that you update to 1.5 as a number of longstanding issues have been resolved and a number of features added or tweaked. Please note, you *MUST* add utcompv15 to your serverpackages, or serverside demos will not record correctly. As well, be sure to look over the readme included with your download, as many serverside configuration variables have changed names, or changed in function. v1.6a: Added Lightning Gun and Sniper Rifl 12.01.2010 309
UTComp v1.7a Final! : Please note, you *MUST* add utcompv17a to your serverpackages, or serverside demos will not record correctly. As well, be sure to look over the readme included with your download, as many serverside configuration variables have changed names, or changed in function. v1.7a: Significantly improved enhanced netcode accuracy. Added the ability to view other players stats on the server via the scoreboard. Added forward gametype as a votable option. Added server side option to fix Epic's smal 12.01.2010 5.337

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