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I_Paladin_I I_Paladin_I ist offline


Über mich

  • Über I_Paladin_I
    male aged 50. Pete.
    England. Scarborough.
    Sci_Fantasy and Sci_Fiction novels, psychology, Cosmology, Anthropology. Gaming and map making
    I Make Big Red London Buses. Specifically I Lay Gerflor Lino on the upper floor.


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  • Letzte Aktivität: 31.08.2019 13:40
  • Registriert seit: 06.02.2019


Dateien von Benutzer
Datei Datum Downloads
DM-(Paladins)Brymbo Canteen : This Scaled Sniper map of a Canteen, Players are Coffee Cup Sized. Plenty of jump pads, old school sniper rifles and a few teleport camping spots. Fun for 8 to 16 players. Zoom Instagib works well here as the map size is just barely overs its max range at longest views. Kommentare im Forum 15.02.2019 256
DM-(Paladins)Bus_Factory_2019 : Maps DM-(Paladins)Bus_Factory.ut2 into UT2004 Maps folder Music PaladinsMusic.ogg into UT2004 Music folder ReadMe into UT2004 Help folder ============================================================== ============================================================== Author I_Palaidn_I pbaker0312 at gmail.com This is a heavily meshed map. the over detail is because that is how the real factory actualy looks. it is a 3D repli 19.02.2019 281

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