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ForenBot 10.02.2020 19:45

New File Added: UT99_CTF-Iroha

+/- Klappen

Like I said in the description of CTF-Today, that was just proof of concept.
This is the real deal, the well built map I designed with this 90 degree angle concept.

This is my last UT map ever. I started to make CTF-Iroha somewhere around 2015, but never finished it... Until just today, in early 2020.
I've changed my creative focus and went all in into making art *cough* (hentai) instead. You'll find some of my illustrations in the secret room in this map!

Thanks for playing ;) , it was a pleasure to make these beautiful creations for you all who still play this legendary game! Cheers!
(The music is IROHA made by Rin Ginsuke (AKA: Ocelot) and sung by Hatsune Miku)

ForenBot 10.02.2020 20:34

UT99_CTF-Iroha has been updated!

evilgrins 18.02.2020 06:22

How's the bot pathing?

Chaos_Snake_666 22.02.2020 08:04


Zitat von evilgrins (Beitrag 44168)
How's the bot pathing?

It's decent. They don't go to the waters that much, they don't seem to go to the sniping tower even though the pathing is there (they only occasionally pickup U-damage), and they don't pickup the Super Health Pack neither sneak through the roof.
In my experience it's still quite enjoyable to play with bots 👍

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